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  1. Poking around after a long hiatus, feel free to say hi!

  2. Eek, I just called my first 3 politicians' offices and I MAY have freaked out a little... I only got their office aides, but I got a promise of a message or an email response later. So that's exciting and hopefully next time I won't be so freaking nervous. I'm going to complete my challenge as written (probably calling during my lunch hour), but I'm thinking that calling politicians' offices isn't going to be long-term feasible for me. I work a full-time job during normal business hours, but that's when they would be able to talk to me. Luckily, after this challenge, there's more ways I ca
  3. In our case, we decided we wanted a significant trial period before going through the paperwork and having to deal with legal ramifications if we can't live with each other. Plus the financial aspect of just being out of college and moving to a new city. But I know those people that live together and never get married and are perfectly happy. I second the Kanye shrug.
  4. I feel you pain on the Chipotle front. Veggie pizza also doesn't really count as a vegetable, haha. You're doing great though!
  5. Getting money out of politics, giving everyday people the same legislative and lobbying power as wealthy people and corporations, and trying to reverse the Citizens United decision. Specifically, I volunteer for a group called Wolf-Pac which is looking for a Constitutional Amendment. Frankly, I think it's the only cause that could move me enough to volunteer on my own time; although I do support a lot of other causes, they lack the wide-reaching implications of this one. Thanks! I took my flashlight to the gym last night, which helped alleviate some of the worry. Don't think it's goin
  6. Well week 1 went fairly well, everything got done except calling senators. I got distracted by books So I'm going to call 6 this week to make up for it.
  7. I'm jealous of your pull-up ability! I'm working on it, but progress seems slooowwww.... You can always get one of the bars that go over a door frame, that way you don't need to put holes in the wall of an apartment.
  8. Nice work! I'm excited to see how your goals go! And welcome to your first challenge!
  9. Hey WinterBreezy! Your goals sound like they'll be a lot of work, but doable. And I LOVE your level-up goal. I had a very "meh" attitude about makeup through high school and about half of college. Not to say I'm THAT much better now, but I usually do manage a little makeup in the mornings I'm excited to see how your challenge goes!
  10. Well hello! Your goals sound awesome and measurable and since you found me, I decided to find you to see how you do and cheer you on!
  11. Hey rbudding! Your goals look good to me, just don't beat yourself up if you do everything right and miss the 5 pound mark. Excited to see your progress the next 6 weeks!
  12. Hey, nice work so far! How'd the past couple of days go? I had a bedtime goal a few challenges ago and I loved it. I set an alarm on my phone to go off a half hour before I wanted to be in bed. That was when I had to finish whatever I was doing, get off the couch, and get ready for bed. Good luck!
  13. You sound freaking busy! Go get em! I stayed in one of those extended stay hotels when I moved out here without an apartment lined up. It was pretty nice to not have to go out to eat every night.
  14. I'm just about to finish The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing: The Pox Party by M.T. Anderson, which is technically a young adult book, but still really engaging, talking about slavery in a really different and interesting way. Also listening to my first Stephen King, The Shining, in the car, I'm close-ish to the end (please no spoilers, I've never seen the movie) and loving it, although I've never read horror before. The Great Gatsby is next on my list, but I have to take a trip to the library after I finish my book-on-cd, meaning I'll end up with god knows what like always, haha.
  15. Hey thanks, Brutesquad! I'm already glad I joined, I feel a little more motivated even if nobody posts here Because I can kick myself and say, "You HAVE to go, it's part of your challenge," which feels easier than, "You really should go..." Thanks Laureleye! Like I said, nothing exciting, but all necessary. Thanks Meiori! It's something I've been meaning to do for a while now, but haven't managed very well. I'm weirdly nervous about talking on the phone. Going well so far! I've had my veggies, done a RFG workout, and jump roped (because it was dark outside and I'm overly cau
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