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  1. Well I've been really busy over the past three weeks, and haven't been posting like I should have, but I was still working towards my diet and fitness goals. I reduced my trend weight a total of 1.8 lbs. out of the 2 lbs. I was aiming for (from 133.4 to 131.6) and successfully completed all my bodyweight workouts for the challenge. My waist measurement also decreased 1.25" and my hip measurement decreased 0.5". Unfortunately I didn't keep up with my life goals. I completed the CPA application process and two of the free trials for CPA review courses, but I still have
  2. Week 1 Update: I managed to complete my three workouts for the week. Wednesday's was difficult as I had no strength, especially in my arms, and had to move back a progression on my pulling exercise for the day. I also had three wisdom teeth removed Friday but I got up early and still got my exercise in before hand. Fortunately, my strength was back to normal and I could move back up on my pulling exercise. My weight loss is still moving along, I decreased another 0.6 pounds this week. I'm down 1.1 out of 2 overall so far. And I'm still on track with te
  3. The first cycle in the program is a full-body workout that is done 3 times per week with 3 sets of 6-10 for each movement. The sessions are about 30 minutes for most people. I need extra resting time between sets due to my asthma or my autoimmune disease (or who knows, really) so it takes me about 40-45 minutes. I used to try and force myself to do exercises with the standard rest periods in the hope I would eventually improve. Even after three months on a steady routine I never did, and would just make myself miserable and sick, so I gave that up years ago.
  4. Hi Kuawen, I know I coming in to it a little late, but I just wanted to say good luck and I’ll be following along!
  5. Hi Chris, My husband is in the Navy too. He just got back to sea duty three weeks ago, in fact. As far as your budget goal, you might want to look into You Need A Budget (or some of the similar programs). It has a 30 day free trial the I used to find overspending in our budget. Even that single month really helped us. If you search for reviews you should get some good comparisons between it and other budgeting programs. Good luck with all your goals!
  6. Week "0" went really well. My deficit was on track for .5 lbs. per week and my trend weight decreased from 133.4 to 132.9 accordingly. I got my three workouts in for the week and am still at the point where things are moving quickly. I moved up two progressions in pulling and squatting movements, three progressions in bending, and one in pushing. My initial CPA application has been submitted so now I’m waiting on the board for a response, and I tried one of the five review trials on Thursday and Friday. This next week I have another (five-day) trial set to go, and j
  7. Hi Spherik, I checked out a lot of different bodyweight routines when I was choosing my own. I know NF has a free bodyweight circuit available BBWW, and the more traditional Start Bodyweight strength program is also freely available. Other than that, there are the books Convict Conditioning and You Are Your Own Gym, and I've seen posts by a few NF members using a program called GMB Fitness that looks very intriguing (and expensive). Good luck on your challenge! I'll be following along.
  8. Thank you! Yes, I've narrowed it down to five. Two of them have much shorter trial periods than the others, so I should be able to give them all a fair shot over the next 4.5 weeks. The first is only two days long and I'll be testing it out tomorrow and the Friday. I do have to fight the urge to continue searching for a cheaper alternative offering everything I want. I've already spent enough time researching these programs to know that doesn't really exist.
  9. Hello all, I’d previously completed about one and a half Challenges here at the end of last year. Then my final semester at university and my health challenges got the better of me. I didn’t really backslide from anything that I had accomplished, and I successfully graduated in May, so I wouldn’t really say I’m respawning. I guess I was just falling through the world for a while. Anyway, I’m excited to be back and to pick up where I left off, but thought I would post in the Level 1 Challenge section while I get back into the flow of things (if that is all right). Me: I’m a
  10. Sorry! I was reading these throughout the week, but by the time I was done with all the stuff I had to do on the computer I just needed to get away from it. Things are going OK so far. The first two days of school were snow days. One would think that would make the week easier but it seemed to throw the professors into a frenzy, which they kindly shared with us students. But now that I have all the detailed schedules for my classes I can actually plan my time more easily. Hopefully this next week will be a little more relaxed. I have a full load though, three Acco
  11. Yeah I did the same, while reading a textbook. I think I only bumped into the furniture a couple of times.
  12. @Nedwin @Guzzi Thank you both and sorry I didn't see this sooner. I didn't follow my own thread for some reason! The Crohn's is fairly under control at this point, as long as I avoid certain foods like peppers and don't eat too much insoluble fiber. However, the biologics used to control it cause their own issues. Like Nedwin said, I have to be carful to not push myself too hard. It is most difficult when I have tests coming up. No more all night cram sessions for me! I am doing another challenge this month. Mostly continuing the changes I've already
  13. I've added a small walking goal to my 4 week challenge, and after checking out the (amazing) spreadsheet for this group I'd really like to join in. My goal is currently only 6,000 steps per day which works out to about 2.85 miles a day. So it looks like I can expect to reach Lothlorien by the end of the year!
  14. Hi, I had my very first challenge last month and managed to get really sick during the final week. I still did pretty well overall, but hopefully I can do a little better this month. I’m starting my last semester of college on January 9th so I need to factor that in to this and the next three challenges. Me: I’m a 38 year old female with about 10 more pounds to lose to get to my goal weight. I also really need to improve my fitness and rebuild strength lost due to serious problems with my Crohn’s disease. Diet Goals: 1. Log all food for the month in MFP.
  15. Week 4 results: I just finished typing this all out and then it deleted itself! Oh well . . . All my food was logged in MFP for the week but I only managed to get one of my three workouts in. I just had to get a horrible chest cold on the 27th that lasted through the 2nd. I couldn’t even lay down in bed or stand up without getting disgusting and painful coughing fits, so exercising was out of the question. It would have been nice if the lack of exercise had allowed my weight to drop a bit, but I just maintained this week. Still, I have a total loss to
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