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  1. Depends on what you are into really. Over summer is a great time to be here. There is always a lot happening at the various beach locations. Queenstown and Wanaka are quite popular around New Years, as are the Coromandel, Bay of Plenty and Bay of Islands. Middle of the North island has a lot to offer around Rotorua and Taupo, lots of outdoor and adrenaline stuff. Make sure you get out of Auckland as the rest of the country is quite different. Most people find the South island to be the most interesting in terms of scenery and tramps. Abel Tasman national park has a nice easy tramp along the co
  2. Welcome Spider-Doug, good to see the number of kiwi rebels is swelling everyday. Keep up the good work with running.
  3. Hey James, congrats on the life changes, really inspirational. I live in Levin but am often down in Wellington. Usually try to get in a session at the Powerhouse Gym with a mate, it's a pretty low key power-lifting place. How long have you been in Wellington? If you're keen to get into Live action RPG I know of a bunch of people down there who would be happy for fresh meat, I mean players .
  4. Back at work now so back into a routine. Got out running today and will do bag-work tomorrow. Running tailed off over the holidays but I did get in some mountain biking (with pack), rock climbing, LARPing and a lengthy hunt, so along with eating pretty sensibly I feel pretty good. Also, have not been near the canteen at all, win! Also, been reading up on Thorium reactors and other cool physics stuff, I count that as PD. Not long to go now on this challenge.
  5. Atomson - It is the final tenet in the Taekwondo oath. (fun fact, spell check thinks Taekwondo should be Wonderland). I have the year 13 workbook to go through, although it often finds itself lower in the list of priorities. However I have found watching YouTube clips on physics concepts to be useful. Short, entertaining, and easier to find. Only been home one day this week so have missed TKD training and only just gotten out for a run. However I have been out and active regardless, and will be hunting on the weekend and tramping or climbing next week.
  6. First week was great success, all goals ticked off and feeling good about stuff. These next few are going be the tough ones as on break so no routine to help me stay in line. Also, I need to put more effort into the professional reading goal. Also, I gave Staci's bacon and egg cups a go, worked great! Particularly the combo omelette with bacon slice.
  7. Remember Pete, intermittent fasting does not mean 'not eating'. Doh!

  8. So I nearly passed out at training tonight. Not because of my fitness level, but more the fact I forgot to eat any decent food all day. I need to realise intermittent fasting does not mean 'not eating'. Anyway, it was a good intense session apart from that.
  9. Hey, another teacher trying to explain magic to the masses! Welcome and good luck with your challenge.
  10. Hey mate, welcome and good luck bringer out the new and improved you.
  11. Hey Lenny, this is my first challenge too. Good luck on keeping up the progress.
  12. Welcome and good luck. Just a suggestion, it might be easier to cut one thing from your diet at a time, rather than trying to go all the way at once. Baby steps are much easier to stick with. Also, it is much easier to exercise when you are doing something fun, because then it hardly feels like exercise.
  13. Long time reader of NF but this is my first challenge, mainly due to my laziness when it comes to online forums. I have been doing Taekwon do for about 4 years now, although I took a 6 month break upon returning to NZ. Turns out that is a long time in terms of fight level and I am a long way off what I once was. I want to rectify that, which also increases my general fitness (bonus!). Main Quest: Be better at TKD sparring Goals 2 x sprint sessions a week. 1 x bag session a week (in addition to TKD training). Stop buying food at the canteen.Life side quest Spend an hour a week on profession
  14. Hi rebels, I am in Levin and am up for offering support, encouragement, etc to any who need it. Good luck with the goals and grok on.
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