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  1. Hello all, and welcome to my little corner of chaos. As those of you who were following along last challenge know, I a new job, which I am starting tomorrow, and I have just recently returned to working out after a mild back injury (yay!). That being said, I am stripping my usual challenge wayyyyy back, because I am going to be BUSY. I have some busy weekends coming up, a lot of catching up to do with my new job (using a system I have not used before), and I have a personal training certification exam in mid-November. So, those will be where most of my focus goes. Someday I will learn not to o
  2. There are certainly times when my anxiety is caused by over-thinking, phobias, catastrophizing, bipolar episodes, etc. But, just as often it seems to be triggered by something more physiological. Like I have noticed that I will experience waves of anxiety that seem to be triggered by: a drop in blood sugar or blood pressure, eating foods my body does not like/I am sensitive to, not getting enough sleep, not eating enough, and not eating carbs with breakfast (which I suspect is an energy and/or blood sugar thing), and deyhdration. In those cases, I don't feel anxious about anything in particula
  3. Yes! All the broccoli cooking tips. My husband has refused to eat vegetables for most his life, but is now starting to try a few. He recently expressed an interest in trying broccoli, but I don't have a steamer (I usually just add broccoli to a stirfry or pasta sauce or eat it raw). I am trying to find a good way to cook it that is picky-eater friendly that also does not require steaming it.
  4. So far my back is still feeling fine the next day, which is very encouraging. Last time I tried to jump back into fitness, it was hurting by this point, so I am taking this as a very good sign that I will be able to begin my slow ascent back into working out again. ...Just in time for the challenge to end 🤣 Not a very successful challenge as far as fitness goes. But, c'est la vie. Better luck next time around.
  5. Ummmm, life? Seaspiracy. I thought I was prepared for it; I mean, I knew that the way we fish and treat our oceans and all was bad. But, I WAS NOT READY 😭 Lol, some days are just like that. You are still able to get your point across effectively, so it works.
  6. Finally ventured into a VERY SHORT (15 min) and VERY SLOW/LIGHT bodyweight workout. But, it was still a workout, nonetheless. Fingers crossed that my back feels fine tonight and tomorrow, which will green light starting to slowly incorporate workouts into my regular schedule again. My attitude towards working out has changed so much in the last year. In years prior I would have just been like, "meh, oh well, guess I have a good excuse not to work out." But now...now it is, "UGHHHHHHH, this injury needs to go away NOW so I can get back to my workouts." In other news, I
  7. Wow, I am just really failing at this whole updating thing in the back half of this challenge. Anyway, I am late to updating this week because I decided to be #dumb and drink multiple nights in a row, which impacted the effectiveness of my medication while also freaking my body out, which triggered a panic attack yesterday....So yesterday was rough. I know, I am a genius (but seriously, let's not do that again). So, the recap is a day late, but here goes. Week 4 Recap? What week is it now? Bladesinger - Martial Arts, Dance, and Bodyweight Training - (STR) Strength
  8. She sounds like a really good friend. I hope it is a good chat and helps both of you move forward and repair things I am glad to hear things are improving again! It is crazy the way that learning is everything but linear.
  9. At least in this case, it is not due to like putting it off. It is the first job I have worked where they actually use Salesforce, but it is going to be like one of the primary parts of my new job, so I kinda need to know it ASAP. They know I don't have any prior experience with it, and I don't think they are expecting that I will learn it in the two weeks before they hire me, but I want to get a running start on it because I hate feeling like I don't know what I am doing. It is more like:
  10. *Me trying to come up with a good excuse to bail on a social commitments this weekend* ^^perils of an introvert feeling stressed and extra introverted. Happy Friday, everyone!!
  11. I think SNAP was the program my family was on, and yeah, when you have ten mouths to feed with very limited funds, it is definitely about quantity over quality.
  12. @Tanktimus the Encourager, I see you over here lurking on our nutrition conversation 😆 I hope you are finding it interesting
  13. Yeah. I was in high school when the 2008 recession hit the US. It hit my family hard, and we were on food stamps for awhile. And yeah, it made it where we could put food on the table, but in that situation there was not a whole lot of thought into how balanced and healthy the food was. It was about whether or not there was enough to make sure everyone was well fed. And we were still way better off than someone living in a food desert (which come to find out, I only lived like two towns over from one).
  14. There is also the assumption that the average individual will actually pay attention to the guidelines or be in the socioeconomic position to be able to follow the guidelines. I have learned quite a bit about the American guidelines, and even experimented with following them myself (my diet actually does fall pretty close to the guidelines, but with fewer grains and instead more starchy veg), and they seem pretty solid. But most people don't pay attention to them. And there are also a lot of people who live in "food deserts" here in the States, where they don't have easy access to a grocery st
  15. Yeah, when I was a kid, the food pyramid with grains on the bottom was still in use. As for the recommendations about eating around 70% plant foods, that seems pretty reasonable for the average person. That is something that is really important to keep in mind with these dietary recommendations. These dietary recommendations are for the average, healthy individual, and are not designed to be used for medical treatment. Same with the exercise guidelines for a country - they are designed for average, healthy individuals. There are other guidelines for people who need to rehab an inj
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