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  1. Awesome! I love the way yoga makes my muscles feel. Definitely helps negate that I really need to work on my posture when sitting at my desk... What do you think of the Downward Dog app?
  2. Midweek Update: Challenge Goals: Body of a Agile Swordswoman - (STR/DEX) Strength and Agility: Bodyweight workouts (1/3) - on track - (DEX) Balance and Coordination: Yoga (2/2) - crushing it - (CON) Stamina: 15min+ walks (3/4) - crushing it - (CON) Nutrition: Post-holiday sugar detox, avoid processed sugar at least (3/6) - on track - (CON) Hydration: Drink 64 oz of water per day (3/7) - on track Mind of a Scholar - (INT) Intelligence: Read 5 books (started two more books) - on track - (INT/CHA) Career Knowledge: Complete Sk
  3. I mean, to be COMPLETELY fair, then 1/5 would probably be a foul or pop fly, 2/5 would be one base, 3/5 two bases, 4/5 would be three bases, and 5/5 would be a home run. IF we want to be literal/technical about it, rofl. So that would have put me at third base last week. I know that consistency is key to everything bendy (it is key to success in, well most things in life). I just did not realize how fast you can start to become bendy with consistency, haha. Especially with like touching my toes and then moving past that, because I have ALWAYS struggled with that, even as a kid I ha
  4. So, additional information tricking down about my dad is not promising. Still trying to hope for the best till he sees the cardiologist who will have a full assessment of just how bad things are, but it is not looking good so far. Other than that, today went pretty smoothly. I think I am starting to slowly get into the grove of things at work, and I am mostly adjusted to my new sleep schedule, so I don't feel exhausted all the time. Which means I actually have enough energy to do some stuff in the evenings. So, hoping for a somewhat less rough week than last week. Today felt like a
  5. Still staying strong here. Last night I was sooooo tempted to cheat on this challenge, because my brother was visiting and he and my husband were drinking. But, I stuck to my guns. It is amazing what a little accountability can do, haha.
  6. Whewwww, this week definitely gave me a run for my money. BUT, I survived, so, time for a recap. Challenge Goals: Body of a Agile Swordswoman - (STR/DEX) Strength and Agility: N/A (replaced with yoga this week) - (DEX) Balance and Coordination: 4/5 - swing and a miss. - (CON) Stamina: 5/4 - Woot - (CON) Nutrition: 7/6 - Crushed it! - (CON) Hydration: 7/7 - #winning Mind of a Scholar - (INT) Intelligence: 2/5 - on track for the challenge - (INT/CHA) Career Knowledge: 33% complete - got a little catc
  7. Thankfully today went more smoothly at work, because I am definitely feeling a little worn thin from this week. I am just glad it is almost the weekend. I could use a couple days to let my brain decompress. It was around this time last week that I dropped off with my goals, so I need to make sure I am staying vigilant this time around. Not that I necessarily want to at the moment, but I know that all of my goals are very helpful for me and are probably what is actually helping me not have a mental breakdown, lol. This evening I decided to make some more of that cranberry salad I m
  8. *sighhhhh* Can this week just be over? Please? Today was just a long, rough day. I found out today that my dad has been diagnosed with some pretty serious health problems. And he is trying to "protect" the kids, so he isn't being very forthcoming with the details...but I know it is bad. I don't even know how to respond. My brain feels so overwhelmed and tired and...ughhhhh. Sleep. I just need to sleep. Anyway, still managed to get a bunch of my goals out of the way earlier. I am finishing up my water goals before I go to bed, I did some reading, got a walk
  9. My husband and I were friends before we started dating, so we were able to determine that we were on the same page about kids even before we started a relationship. I apparently started telling my mom I did not want kids when I was around two years old. Which seems like a very strange age to make that kind of decision, but despite decades of being told "you will change your mind" I still have not changed my position on that. When I was around 15 or 16, I decided I would not get into a serious relationship with a guy who wanted to be a father. I did not want it to be an argument or an issue in
  10. I think I would die. I am no lightweight, but my tolerance never got that high. I find low to moderate is definitely optimal if I am going to be drinking at all, and wayyyyy better the next morning than heavier drinking, lol. My husband and I agreed to zero, lol. I do think four is a good number though. As a kid I always kind of wished my parents had stopped at three or four, not because I don't like my younger siblings, but because it got to a point where my parents were having to work so much to afford so many kids and there were so many of us that we never really got t
  11. So, I have decided to modify this week as well, to prevent/mitigate overwhelm and try to focus on forward momentum. I will allow exchanging yoga sessions for the workouts. I still have to hit the full number (plus the required two yoga sessions per week) for full credit. But if my mind and body are just not up for a workout, then I will let yoga count instead. The main thing is to keep moving and working on the habit of doing SOMETHING five days a week. Today was pretty rough. Definitely going through the growing pains of adjusting to new management styles and expectations (and th
  12. I tried to write a book about a decade ago too! lol. One of my best friends in high school was is a fantasy writer, and I married a guy who double majored in creative writing in college (and though he hasn't written fiction in awhile is extremely good at writing sci-fi/horror...yeah, I have a thing for writers), so I do not even pretend to be good at world-building. But I do find it fun. When I was writing to write a book, I loved planning out the characters and their histories/lineage, the naming devices and customs of the culture, the mystical creatures and plants...but then when it came tim
  13. I still find it enjoyable in the moment. Mostly because I have social anxiety, and it takes care of that real fast, lol. And just helps with my anxiety in the moment in general, regardless of the situation. But, it is less a treatment and more a trade-off, my anxiety will likely be worse the next day. Lol, it certainly was stressful at times. Especially when you really just need/want some peace and quiet and it is nearly impossible to get. But, you also never really had to worry about being bored. Personally, I felt like 8 was a LITTLE excessive, but I love all of my sib
  14. That sounds like a great complement. Good for you for crushing things at work!
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