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  1. The name of the game here is consistency over duration. If it is five minutes of stretching, it counts as a session. If the workout is only 10 minutes long and I don't even break a sweat, it still counts. The goal is to get back into the groove of showing up after having to take weeks off. I know I am going to have some mental resistance because I won't be able to do some of the stuff I could a month and a half ago. I did a light workout last week, and I am definitely weaker and have a lot less endurance. But, that is ok. I can't change the past, and I cannot change the fact that I had to prioritize recovery over arbitrary strength goals. I can only control how I will move forward, and wallowing in frustration at my limitations is just a waste of time and energy. So, show up, do the thing, call it a win. Even if it sucks. Even if it is weak. Even if I only have 5 minutes.
  2. No, not that kind of axe. This kind of axe: Yes, this is going to be a do-over for my last challenge, because basically I got hexed and: 1) I dislocated a rib in my upper back and could not even take a full breath without a world of pain, which meant I spent most of my none-work hours laying on a heating pad. 2) It took 3 WEEKS of chiropractic work to get said rib back into place because apparently my spine curves in ways it is not supposed to. 3) My hormones lost their shit, probably due to the sudden drop to zero in physical activity for three weeks. 4) Minor depressive episode, probably triggered by all of the above. 5) A close relative of Aries passed away. So, we are going to try this again. Mostly as an excuse to use that pic again I am going to work on slowwwwwly incorporating some training back into my routine (the injury happened five-ish weeks ago), but this is gonna be a DEX and CON heavy challenge in terms of fitness. Goals: [STR]: Aim for light workouts 2x per week (optional as injury allows) [DEX]: Stretch/yoga at least 3x per week [CON]: 50,000steps/week during weeks in office, 30,000steps/week when wfh [INT]: Stay on top of work and MBA homework and don't die [CHA]: Practice guitar/bass for at least 5min/5x per week
  3. I don't know if this would be of any interest to you, so feel free to ignore it, but you reminded me that during my personal training course, we studied a variety of best practices for working with people who have a chronic illness, and I believe I remember covering POTS. You might be able to find a personal trainer who is specialized in working with people with chronic illness to help you develop a training plan. If that is not an option, a hospital here in the States created an 8-month tiered cardio and weight training program specifically for people with POTS, outlined in this document: https://www.dysautonomiainternational.org/pdf/CHOP_Modified_Dallas_POTS_Exercise_Program.pdf
  4. In other, less painful news... I have started my first D&D campaign!! We have only done two sessions so far, but I'm having a total blast with it. Makes me wonder why I didn't start years ago, haha. Also, this week is the start of my next MBA semester. I am still in the foundational courses (required for those without a business undergrad degree), but so far I am enjoying it. It is Finance and Accounting this semester. I think I am going to enjoy finance, but I am still a bit on the fence about accounting. We shall see.
  5. I am glad I am not the only one struggling to keep my thread alive
  6. Just wanted to say hi! I have been lurking and kept telling myself I would say hi, but then I would forget by the time I was at my computer again. I love your structured and data-driven approach to your goals and your challenge. It sounds like you have been making some really solid progress lately.
  7. It sounds like things have been crazy over in your neck of the woods. Sounds like that pup is quite the handful. Adjusting to new sleep schedules/returning to school year sleep schedules is always rough. I hope that you will all be able to slip into a better routine soon. I know running on sleep deprivation just makes everything feel harder.
  8. Thank you for your well wishes! Unfortunately the injury was a lot worse than I thought, so the challenge has not exactly gone as planned Who would have thought it could be so dangerous? lol. ----------------- So, kinda dropped off this challenge. Ok, majorly dropped off, but I am back. What I thought was a healing issue turned out to be a worsening issue, as whatever was out of place in my back was bound and determined to not go back to where it was suppose to be. I was getting increasingly difficult to breathe without stabbing pain. Or walk without pain. Or exist without pain. Finally got an x-ray of my shoulder and back. Apparently my spine is doing some curvy things it is not supposed to. Not to the severity you see in like scoliosis or something, but a similar curve thing, that is at least reversible. Because of the curve, it was not allowing my rib to return to its proper place, and is also crowding my left lung...fun times. I am about a week and a half into chiropractic work, but my treatment plan is supposed to be about 3 months So, for the past couple of weeks my schedule has pretty much been: grit teeth through work, go to chiropractor on treatment days (currently 3x a week), have dinner, lay on heating pad and watch Netflix trying to forget I can only take half-breaths. Thankfully I am starting to see some improvements. My breathing is getting better, which means I can now add in more walking (I would get winded instantly before), and I can stand and sit without pain. I mostly just feel the pain when I take a deep breath, start exerting myself (requiring a lot more movement in my ribs), or if I have to lift something. I have been doing some mild stretching. Nothing too crazy because I don't want to over-stretch/strain things while also going through treatment. I had intended for guitar playing to be a bigger part of this challenge, but I am only just now reaching a point where I can start using my left side enough for that. Most of my goals for the rest of this challenge are: Gentle stretching 4-5x a week Getting in some light movement/walking at least 4-5x a week Sticking to my treatment plan I am HOPING by sometime next challenge that maybe I can start doing some bodyweight stuff again, even if it is only lower body, but I gotta stick to getting better now if I want a shot at that. So no being dumb and trying to push myself even though I am itching to get back, now that the pain isn't AS bad, lol.
  9. I have said it before, but congrats on the new job!! So happy for you. Oh, and pro tip from someone who has worked multiple jobs at a time in the past: be sure to review your tax withholdings and medical and whatnot at both jobs as soon as you start to reflect two income streams so you don’t get slapped with bills and late fees come tax season. Your jobs don’t update that information on their own, you gotta do it yourself I know, so annoying.
  10. Aww, I have a fan!! Haha, thanks It really is one of the tougher starts. Clearly getting it started wasn't quite the initial push I was hoping for Good to see you back around the forums and fairly active here again! -------------------- So, about that challenge...I don't want to be overly dramatic, but it apparently cursed me. I was doing just fine, minding my own business, and then I start the challenge and BAMN, everything goes nuts, lol. I created this two Saturdays ago, having every intention of putting something together the following Sunday. But then I had a headache that Sunday. All. Day. By the next day, the headache was gone, but I had not slept well and was quite tired. Last week was also finals week, so I start trying to cram in studying, since a good portion of my Sunday got wiped out. Tuesday rolls around fairly uneventful, but then Wednesday... Wednesday, everything seems to be going well until around 11am, when I start feeling dizzy. At first I figure I just need to eat or something. Food, caffeine, fluids, and putting on my glasses, and I am still dizzy. So, I take the rest of the day off sick. After being dizzy for hours, I manage to take a nap and sleep most of it off, though when I woke up, I felt a bit sick. Aries came down with a head cold, so my best guess is that my body fought off the cold, and for some reason made me dizzy in the process (maybe sinus pressure or something?). Crisis seemed to be averted, until early Thursday morning, I wake up with a mild coughing fit, and happen to sneeze at the same time as a cough. Do not try this at home, folks. When it happened, I heart a popping sound in my up back, right in between my spine and scapula. At first I didn't feel anything aside from that, but as the day progressed it got worse. I don't know anything for certain, but I am pretty sure that popping/crunch sound was one of my ribs moving. I am HOPING the whatever moved is back in place and the pain now is just strained costal cartilage. I am going to play it by ear, but might get it checked out if it isn't improving. Thankfully, aside from the pain, the rest of the week was fairly uneventful. I finished my finals, caught up on chores, and got some grocery shopping done. Also just got my grades back today and passed my classes with flying colors I finally got some mats down in my garage and started my home gym, and I got an AWESOME workout in on Tuesday, but I am now pretty much benched because of aforementioned injury On the guitars front, as I promised guitars, earlier this week I got Aries to help me put up some wall mounts for my guitars, so they are all now on stands or mounts. I also ordered and restrung four of the guitars, including a 12 string. So, now my fingers hurt, but the guitars look good and sound better. Now I just gotta start actually practicing/playing them again, lol.
  11. I am still trying to figure out how I actually survived for 3 years without real cheese though…
  12. Same. I had to cut out dairy for 3 years because it was causing headaches, which caused a temporary lactose intolerance (your body stops producing adequate amounts of lactase, which is required to digest milk) when you don’t consume it, but starts producing it again when you start consuming dairy regularly). It stopped causing headaches, so I was able to work dairy back in. But now cheese and ice cream are my kryptonite!
  13. Okay but then what do you do with all of the spiders that are now alive inside of the vacuum cleaner? Put poison in the vacuum beforehand?
  14. I'm confused here - surely 15 workouts in 5 weeks is 3 per week? 2.5 x 5 weeks would be 12.5? I have also been struggling with this math for the past couple minutes. Is this the new common core?
  15. I am loving to see all the personal growth and you having a chance to really find yourself. Also love the goals!
  16. I am sorry the last few weeks have been such a challenge for you. Hormones being crazy from meds sounds quite annoying and frustrating to experience. I love the straightforward and measurable approach to your goals. Sounds like you have an awesome plan for success!
  17. As someone who isn’t necessarily a fan of spreadsheets but is a huge fan of calculating cost for food to finance efficiency, I like your approach to finding protein sources. Also, as someone who has experienced repeated long bouts of depression, I commend you for pushing through even when it is really challenging, I know it can be really hard to stay motivated to do stuff during times like that. I hope you feel better with these changes.
  18. I relate to this so much. I struggled with anxiety for years and years, refusing to get any kind of help. But I finally did, and it has been immensely helpful. Taking that steps to acknowledge you need help and to ask for it takes strength. I commend you for that.
  19. No, not that kind of axe. This kind of axe: Goals to come. I just got done with a bunch of Econ homework and a case study for my business law course, so I am kinda brain dead. But I needed to get this thread started before I spent the whole challenge not starting my thread like I did last time (for any of you who perhaps some me lurking but noticed the absence of a thread, lol). And no, my theme is not just an excuse to use that awesome pic, there will actually be guitars involved in this challenge because someone (being me) has been deprioritizing some things for way too long. And it is time to change that.
  20. Good luck! Hope all goes well and you get even answers you are looking for finally!
  21. Ok, um, wow. I am in a relationship where both of us deal with mental illness/traumas and I have had to cut off communication with family during certain points (though not permanently), so I have a fairly realistic idea of just how everything you are doing right now is super challenging. But you are freaking crushing it with personal and emotional growth this challenge. Like damn, go you, girl!
  22. That is definitely a lot of emotions to work through, but good for you for pushing through anyway! Pursuing what is meaningful is always going to be scary, but that is how you know it is really important to you. Reward always comes with risk, meaning and passion always come with the potential for loss and frustration. But you got this. You are taking the important steps. You are doing the things that scare you. That is how you break out of the pattern of “in six months…” and actually live it. Keep up the good work. I know this is a confusing and uncertain time, but you are doing great. Also, it is totally ok and normal to feel stressed and a little overwhelmed at starting a career. There are a lot of unknowns and it can feel daunting and intimidating. I know it was for me.
  23. Short answer, yes. Eating more carbs than you are accustomed to in one sitting can cause a rise in body temperature. It can happen for a number of reasons to do with the thermogenesis of digesting food or metabolism and homeostasis. Sometimes it has to do with the energy and heat created as a byproduct of breaking down food, and sometimes it is the body kicking up metabolism, which ties in with energy conversion, again, with the byproduct of heat, to burn off excess calories faster than usual. And other science-y stuff, lol
  24. Leigh! You are back!! I love the clever format for this. You always have the most clever titles for your threads.
  25. I have been pretty consistently getting in at least two solid workouts a week with a more conscious effort to getting in a little more movement throughout the week for a few weeks now. In my bodyweight workouts, I have gone from being SO sore for like 5 days after my first workout, to barely feeling it the next day and have made big jumps in the intensity and duration of the workout, so things are coming back on nicely. I am still nowhere near where I was a few months ago, but I am probably double where I was a few weeks ago…so, progress. I haven’t added any weights or bands back yet, but I feel like I have reached about the place I want to be to start adding them back in, so I gotta get those mats soon…
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