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    Ellestar - Training for Adventure

    Welcome to the adventurers! So glad you decided to join us. That is an amazing goal. I have never done any kind of mountain climbing, but that sounds like an incredible experience. I love your SMART goals for this challenge. How is your challenge coming along?
  2. Nova Aquarii

    Nova Aquarii: By Any Means Necessary

    I have been dealing with a lot of stuff lately. At the beginning of January I started at a new job, where I find myself constantly outside of my comfort zone. It is an exciting opportunity where I get a more hands-on opportunity in content creation, but overcoming the impostor syndrome and dealing with the anxiety of navigating a new workplace with new policies, new people, and new tasks has been draining. I am also taking four courses online (full-time course-load)...which in hindsight may have been a little TOO much. I find myself either doing homework or feeling guilty for not doing homework all the time I spend outside of work. Though I am so excited for all these new opportunities to learn and grow, it has definitely taken a toll on my mental health. I have identified some ways that I am making things harder on myself. I often resort to scrolling through social media as a form of procrastination and distraction from the stress. I have not been prioritizing time for exercise or eating properly. Because mindless activities and procrastination eat up my time, I am never DONE with homework, so I haven't taken time to do things that I find relaxing, like reading a new book or a self-care night. So, my goals this challenge center around taking back my time and deepening my focus. I am also making some diet adjustments to experiment with some things. Lately I have wanted to start incorporating more plant-based meals into my diet. I have experimented with vegetarian and vegan diets in the past, and I enjoyed them. After dating and then marrying my husband, I now eat way more meat than I used to, even when I wasn't vegetarian. I highly doubt I will ever go back to full vegetarian or vegan, but I do want to reduce my meat intake, and be more conscious about my meat choices. Nutrition: My goal is to be more conscientious and intentional about the way that I eat. All the Veggies: Strive to eat meat no more than once per day, incorporate two meatless-days per week Timing is Everything: This is an experiment with mild Intermittent Fasting. My goal is to do 12:12 on weekdays and 16:8 on weekends. Magic Potions: Take my supplements...everyday. I know I feel better mentally and physically when I do, and there is really no good reason not to outside of forgetting or being lazy. Workout: My goal is to eventually work up to weight training 3x a week and cardio and body-weight training 3x a week, and do yoga every day, but I am starting slow. My goal is to put on weight in the form of muscle, get stronger, more flexible, and gain endurance. Weight Training: Aim for 3x a week, but get at least 2x in per week. Stretch Goal: Bonus for every yoga session I can get in each week. Mental Health: My goal is to increase my ability to focus, take back my time, and prioritize relaxing activities. Social Media Detox: Stay off of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for a month. The only exception is if my work requires me to get on. Relax: Read two books this challenge. Strive to read for at least 15 min each evening to help unwind. Self-care: Dedicate one night each week to self-care. This can be an oil treatment for my hair, a salts bath, or some other self-pampering activity.