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  1. Teros 39: [Hardcore Crusader]

    That is ok, German can be written without special characters. "ü" becomes "ue" and "ß" becomes "ss." So, "Grüße vom Krampus" is spelled out "Gruesse vom Krampus." Doesn't look as cool, but it is equally correct. I think a lot of vegans fall into the trap of thinking that if they are avoiding animal products, they are automatically healthier. The truth is, veganism has a health spectrum. When done right, vegans can be very healthy, energetic, lean, and even muscular. But, to achieve this, it takes a lot of work. You really have to cook most of your own food and really pay attention to your nutrients. I was a high-carb, plant-based vegan (75-80% of my diet was carbs and almost none of it was processed) when I took a 3-month-long weight-training class a couple years ago. I was vegan for almost all of the course, and I doubled my strength and endurance, built some muscle, and dropped body fat. I am no longer vegan, but I know it can be healthy when you put the work in. Regardless, I can see your issue with accountability, since veganism is not very compatible with paleo (unless they are a paleo vegan, aka Pegan, but even that is a little more flexible with grains and legumes due to the lack of meat in their diet).
  2. Teros 39: [Hardcore Crusader]

    Way to go, @Teros, you are killing this challenge! ...but your German could use some work =P The spelling is actually either "Grüße vom Krampus" (translated, Greetings from Krampus) OR "Gruß vom Krampus" (translated, Greeting(s) from Krampus) The pronunciation is as follows: "Grüße vom Krampus" = 'grui-suh fom 'krahm-puhs "Gruß vom Krampus" = groos fom 'krahm-puhs Initial 'v's sound like 'f's in German. Also, "von" becomes "vom" because of the grammar (Krampus is masculine singular, requiring "vom." If it were plural or feminine, it would use "von.") ...not that any of that really matters if you are in the States. BUT, if you ever happen to go to Germany in December or interact with Germans, this might be helpful.
  3. Teros 39: [Hardcore Crusader]

    Congrats on powering through such an insane month. So glad to hear you have been able to reconnect with both your Bestie and Lyn and finally get some answers.