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  1. StarlordPhoenix: The Journey Begins

    Hello Adventurers, I am a bit of a wayfaring recruit right now. A few months ago I started as a Rebel, which was great, but I was interested in finding a more focused group to work on specific skills. I quested with Assassins for a bit (my fitness goals match well with them), but then my summer got super crazy and I kinda fell off the map for a little while. Anyway, I am back again, and because the next 10 months of my life are going to focus almost entirely around travel, I thought it might be best to quest with the Adventurers. Anyway, my quest this challenge is going to center around preparing for my trip and leaving the country. My goals are going to be fairly flexible this time around because halfway through the challenge, I fly to Germany, where I will have a new home, routine, and life to which I will have to adjust. I will also be pretty busy as I prepare to leave, as I still have allllll the packing to do. Anyway... Fitness Quest: Do yoga at least 2x per week Strive to get 8,000-10,000 steps per day Lifestyle Quest: Week 1: Study for, and take GRE, Build a Travel Blog Week 2: Pack up my entire life (either to go into storage or to go with me), create introductory content for blog Week 3: Focus on sleep (pre-trip), choose video/chat resources for staying in contact with friends/family, focus on sleep (recovering from jet lag) Week 4: Post content to my travel blog, begin a personal travel journal