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  1. So, I completed my first NF challenge (questing with the Rebels) with pretty great success (97%), so now it is time to level up. I am back for round two, this time with a new guild and a new set of challenging quests. For my last quest, I chose very simple and easy goals to focus on building consistency and discipline. Now it is time to put some of that discipline to the test as I raise the bar with the level of difficulty. So, without further ado, I give you my quests: Fitness - Strength and Endurance [120XP possible] - Complete plank challenge (begins with 30 sec, ends with 300 sec) [2XP per day, rest days do not count] - Complete 12 bodyweight workouts, or about 3x per week [6XP per workout] Fitness - Balance and Flexibility [80XP possible] - Complete 20 sessions of NF Yoga, about 5x per week [4XP per session] Skill Quest [100XP possible] - Complete German Duolingo Tree (aim for 1 Module per day) [80XP] - Gold German Tree [20XP] Life Quest [100XP possible] - Study for GRE for 20 min 20x during the challenge, or about 5x per week [4XP per session] - Register for a September GRE exam [20XP] Total = 400XP Possible During these two weeks pre-challenge weeks, I am going to start working towards integrating these goals into my routine (so it is not a physical or mental shock come June 9th). As an incentive to work ahead, I get 1/2 point bonus for each pre-challenge workout/session complete.
  2. guild chat

    Hello Assassins, I am still a bit new to the forums. I just completed my first challenge with the Rebels, and though I am certainly a rebel spirit, I am interested in finding a guild a little more geared towards my specific interests, fitness style, and goals. I have been looking around at all the guilds, and I am thinking this may be the one most suited to me (since assassin/druid/adventurer hybrid is not a guild). My goals for the next challenge include bodyweight workouts, yoga, planks, and maybe beginner work towards handstands. What do you think, is this the place for me?
  3. newbie

    It took me a few days to get a chance to get on here and update (I was boating over the weekend, it was awesome), but here are my final results Walk or jog 5x per week (at least 15 min per day, but preferably 30-45) 100% I managed to get in walks 5 times a week, many of my walks an hour long. Sometimes they were shorter and broken up, but most were long. Do NF Yoga at least 3x per week 83% I managed to get in yoga 3x per week the first two weeks, and 2x per week the last two weeks. I really enjoyed doing yoga and totally plan on continuing with it. If I had not started incorporating some other bodyweight workouts during the last two weeks, I think I would have easily completed this part of the challenge. I think this area could have used a little more prioritizing and planning, but overall I am pleased with my progress. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning at least 6x/week (more specifically, before coffee) 96% I actually managed to do this 7x per week some weeks, during the last week I was busy with work and distracted and just didn't think about it during a couple days, so I only hit 5x a week instead of 6x, but all the other weeks I was at 6x or 7x. Study BOTH German and French on Duolingo at least 5x a week, but shoot for 6x or 7x I kept up a streak going the entire challenge, meaning I was on Duolingo 7x a week. I only just broke that the last day of the challenge, as I was on the lake and farrrrr away from signal. But, that still leaves me at 100% Woot! Bonus: Study GRE 3x per week I only completed this during one of the weeks (yeah, I really need to make this more of a priority), but I will give myself a bonus point back for completing one week of it. My final score for the challenge = 96% (+1 Bonus) = 97%
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    Haha, no, nothing wrong with that. I find it quite amusing myself. I am pretty tall and my balance is not great, so attempts at balance often involve sprawling limbs that probably resemble some weird circus act. I almost completely toppled over a couple times. I would just kind of laugh at myself and then try again (and sometimes fall out again, haha). I would highly recommend it for a challenge. Making yourself be consistent with it really helps you to figure out if it is something you really enjoy, or not really your thing. If you do it for a challenge, I recommend doing something easy to manage. For this challenge I do 20-30 minutes of yoga three times a week, and I started with very beginner stuff and only advanced when I felt ready. I would recommend focusing on form (since form is important to advancement and just health and safety in general), but not beating yourself up if you cannot fully do a pose or have to use an easier variation until you work up to it. I think the key to falling in love with it is relaxing and enjoying the learning process. It is a temporary move. I am only going for nine or ten months (or at least that is the plan at the moment), but it should allow me to really level up my language skills (and adventure quest), so I am excited.
  5. newbie

    Sounds like you are doing great so far! I also second the request for cat pictures.
  6. Wow, it looks like you are really killing it this challenge. Way to go!
  7. Hey y'all, we are in our last week! You all ready for the home stretch?
  8. Time is just flying by. How is at already almost halfway through 2017? How is it already 2017 for that matter? Anyway, without further ado, goals for June... June, "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor: Exercise Be able to jog 1 mile by June 30 or begin C25K Complete 30 Day Plank challenge Be able to do 10 sequential pushups by June 30th Do NF yoga 3x per week and level up to Fire Series at the end of the month (complete 6/20) Travel Save $400 for Eurotour Purchase ticket to Germany Language Complete 30 Duolingo Modules for German Complete 30 Duolingo Lessons for French Education Read at least 4 books Study for the GRE Research 4 grad schools Lifestyle Go to bed at least 7 hrs before first alarm at least 5x/wk Don't drink coffee after noon Purchase or make a new planner Journal at least 1x per week Mindset Come up with more specific and measureable goals for this section Plank challenge for June. Anyone with me?
  9. Last updated 6/27/2017 Welcome to my battle log. I have decided to start a battle log because I am finding that publically tracking the progress of my goals really helps me to stay on track. Because My NF journey began about a year ago, I want to give a bit of a recap of the past year, but starting with June 2017, each month will represent goals, not hindsight. I was a vocal performance major in college, and I adore music. So, I thought it would be fun to include a musical element. And yes, it is also a reference to Guardians of the Galaxy. For the first year, I am just providing highlights (major achievements) and a little background, but going forward, I will post a list of goals for each month. Mixtape, vol.1: Darkest Before Dawn (June 2016 - May 2017) June-Dec 2016: The best way to describe this is time "censored content." I started NF in 2016, but a series of unfortunate events led to some hard times for me, and fitness got pushed to the wayside. January, "Demons" by Imagine Dragons Highlights: Started working on my first significant role in a college opera February, "Superman" by Five for Fighting Highlights: Performed my first significant role in an opera March, "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz Not many highlights this month. I was mostly just muddling through personal stuff and working towards graduation. April, "Living on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi Highlights: Performed my senior recital - an hour of solo voice music. Yes, sonic is my superpower. May, "Dare You to Move" by Switchfoot Highlights: Graduated debt-free from college, moved, began actively using NF Academy and Forums. Mixtape, vol. 2, TBD (June 2017 - May 2018) June, "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor Goals for 2017-May 2018: Exercise Run a 5k 5 Handstand pushups 100 sequential pushups 5 min. plank Complete Star Series A&B for NF Yoga Travel Obtain Passport (6/12/17) Go to Germany - 2017 Plan for a Europe trip for 2018 Save $3000 for Europe trip Buy Plane Ticket to Germany Language Complete German Duolingo Tree by 10-1-2017 Complete French Duolingo Tree by 5-2018 Be fluent in German by 2-2018 Education Complete GRE by 9-25-2017 Read 20 books in 2017 (read 50 in 2018) Apply to grad school Get accepted into grad school Lifestyle Strive to sleep at least 7hrs per night Get up with first alarm Purchase and use a planner Journal at least 3x per week Mindset Stop making excuses Stop complaining Develop a daily gratitude routine or journal Obviously it would be really hard to achieve all of the above at the same time, so I will be breaking those things down into smaller monthly goals, which I will post as I come to each month (with a corresponding song, of course). These goals will also tie in with the monthly challenges that I do, so feel free to check those out, linked in my profile signature. I will try to also post progress reports frequently.
  10. Hello fellow Rebels, I thought I would join you this challenge. I have been a member of NF for...ohhhh, probably close to a year now, but it has been a bit touch-and-go and I am just now starting to explore the forums. "So, why now?" you may ask. Because I really want to make some changes this summer, but everything is in flux (I just graduated from college), and I just do not have the opportunity for accountability in my area right now. So, I thought I would join you all on your quests, and hopefully keep myself more accountable in the process. So, my goals for the upcoming challenge are as follows: Mission 1: Walk or jog 5x per week (at least 15 min per day, but preferably 30-45) Do NF Yoga at least 3x per week Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning at least 6x/week (more specifically, before coffee) Study BOTH German and French on Duolingo at least 5x a week, but shoot for 6x or 7x BONUS: Study for the GRE at least 3x a week, even if it is just for 5-10 min (ughhhhhhh). I plan to officially start this Sunday, but I wanted to post this now, before I convince myself that I can just push it off again. I will try to update frequently. I look forward to questing with y'all!