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  1. My first reaction was that you had a lot of ambitious goals, and could that be part of the fizzling out. For example, if you already play guitar 2-3 times, 4 may not be a big deal. If you seldom do, that goal alone is huge. It sounds like things are going well though, and it's great you can do so much together with your son.
  2. Way to go with the strength training! It's great you had the option to postpone the exam and prepare more.
  3. The hydration is going well. I haven't done the cooking, aside from packing some lunch boxes for my family on 2 days (since getting the boxes). So maybe that counts as a meal. I tried some prep the other day, but my daughter pulled down the bowl and broke it, so that stuff had to go. Exercise was good until Saturday. I did push-ups, lunges, and rows for RH, dance class with my daughter, and a lot of walking. I did a lot of routine housework and none of the deep cleaning. In non-challenge news, my husband got laid off. I've had several huge sched
  4. It has definitely improved since the beginning, and a lot of changes are coming in May. I've honestly had mixed thoughts on it. The community is great! Missions are sometimes better than others. No doubt, if someone kept all the changes going forward, it would be life-changing. I don't think the existing platform supports that well, but they are experimenting. To be fair, I've had times where I phoned it in instead of giving it my all. I feel more critical at the price point, and I probably could do a lot on my own for free--but do I?
  5. Hi, Rebels! Kaosangre here with a respawn challenge. I've been more focused on Rising Heroes, and while it's a great program, it's been easy to drop the ball on some of my goals. Food 1. 100 oz hydration daily 2. Cook 3 meals/week Exercise 10 minutes exercise a day LUYL 2 hr/week non-maintenance housework I'm also trying to keep up with most of the RH missions, and it's hard to not try to change all the things.
  6. So that "starting to feel sick" from the last check-in turned out to knock me down for the past two weeks. Now I'm in bed with pneumonia. So the new goal is healing with medicine and rest, and staying out of hospital. On the plus side, I did make it to "Rogue One" when I thought I was improving. Since I had shortness of breath leaving the movie, I went in to urgent care. Some good stuff has happened though! The 18th was my birthday. We received an Instant Pot as a gift, which will help with cooking healthy meals faster. I got to enjoy my two year old play
  7. U 12/11/16 check-in The past week went pretty well. I met or exceeded each goal on every day but Saturday. I did Saturday's workouts along with today's. Having a bad day showed on the scale, but I need to just keep going. Food: 8 fruit/veggie points on Lose It each day ***every day except Sat Cook/prep 3 meals a week ***pumpkin oatmeal, lentil curry, shrimp pasta Exercise 10 minutes a day (not counting housework or walking on errands) ***every day except Sat Level Up 1 hour a week of non-maintenance housework ***almost 3 hours
  8. Food: 8 fruit/veggie points on Lose It each day Cook/prep 3 meals a week Exercise 10 minutes a day (not counting housework or walking on errands) Level Up 1 hour a week of non-maintenance housework
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