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  1. I still remember the day my doctor told me I had Gloria Gaynor Syndrome. At first I was afraid. I was petrified...
  2. But what do you call ten Arabian lawyers at the bottom of a lake...?
  3. I tend to gravitate towards magic users myself in most RPGs, but they aren't the most obvious of fitness roles. I'd suggest, rather than focusing on magic itself, you consider the effects of that magic. Fireballs and the like are flashy but not really relevant to fitness, so I'd look more at the support magic. I'd also consider that mages gain their power through study and knowledge. So a mage in NF would be someone who focuses on learning and development, and develops spells (processes, guides, training videos, you name it) that can apply buffs to themselves or their fellow party
  4. Sure. There'd be quite a market for it. Though finding somewhere that would let me pitch it would be a bigger challenge. If it could be adapted for animals, however, it would be perfect for slaughterhouses and veterinarians. Ironically, places that conduct capital punishment (Texas, etc) would probably not be interested.
  5. I'm a maths graduate providing a copywriting/proofreading service. Trust me - neither of these will get you laid.
  6. Suits me. Between the constant misery of modern politics and the constant World Cup coverage, I'd rather like to spend the next few weeks in a remote cabin somewhere far away from everything. I'm not sure work would allow it, though.
  7. It gets a bit hairy in here sometimes. Especially the bits about beards. As for civil war - it's happened before. But I don't think it's likely at the moment - people don't follow movements. They follow leaders. At the moment, the left wing of the US government has nothing. It's fallen apart. There's a whole swathe of people out there with no-one to rally behind. Eventually they will find someone, and it may not be a political leader. Meanwhile, here in the UK, all this Brexit nonsense is continuing in chaos. I'm hearing rumours that Boris Johnson could end up the next
  8. I tried Adblock a long time ago and found it caused me problems, so I removed it again. Went back to it a few months ago and it's a lot happier now. I appreciate that a lot of websites need advertising to survive, but these ads are getting more intrusive all the time. I'd have adblock on my iPhone if I could. The adverts that ignore my silent settings and PLAY VERY LOUDLY are particularly irritating. I will never use the products these adverts are offering.
  9. I remember being on dial-up many years ago. Broadband was so much better (and still a lot slower then than it is now). The problem isn't the connection speed so much as the endless crap that pollutes the bandwidth. Ads, tracking data, background updates to pretty much any software on your device... none of this was feasible with dial-up.
  10. "Iron enough to make a nail Lime enough to paint a wall Water enough to drown a dog Sulphur enough to stop the fleas Potash enough to wash a shirt Gold enough to buy a bean Silver enough to coat a pin Lead enough to ballast a bird Phosfor enough to light the town Poison enough to kill a cow Strength enough to build a home, Time enough to hold a child, Love enough to break a heart." - Terry Pratchett, "Wintersmith"
  11. There are essentially two problems. One of them, which pretty much every other nation in the civilised world understands, is that giving people easy access to guns is not a good idea. It doesn't stop people going nuts and going on killing sprees. It doesn't always stop people from finding guns. But it does make it a lot harder for them to do as much damage. But that's an old and pointless argument. It's never going to change anything. What might start making a difference is to address America's other problem - news media. It'll take a while to start working but if you ban the media f
  12. How do you keep a Bad Joke Thread reader in suspense?
  13. I have spent the last week dying of the black death. Or maybe just a viral thing. Time to start getting back to normal.

  14. Wrong thread. Bad joke thread no aqui.
  15. I think this choice has already been made for me.
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