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  1. I tend to gravitate towards magic users myself in most RPGs, but they aren't the most obvious of fitness roles. I'd suggest, rather than focusing on magic itself, you consider the effects of that magic. Fireballs and the like are flashy but not really relevant to fitness, so I'd look more at the support magic. I'd also consider that mages gain their power through study and knowledge. So a mage in NF would be someone who focuses on learning and development, and develops spells (processes, guides, training videos, you name it) that can apply buffs to themselves or their fellow party members - or hinder our enemies. For example, a mage might study various websites, books and so on, then carry out numerous experiments to create a potion (e.g. fruit smoothie) that reduces fatigue after a workout. Mages aren't on the front lines like the warriors. They're the research teams in the back, weeding through all the conflicting information we see about our fitness journeys so the rest of us can do better. You can always mix classes, of course - a warrior mage would be a formidable party member; while not as purely strong as a full warrior, they know a lot of tricks that can make them just as effective. And just maybe, if they specialise in the right areas, they might cast the odd fireball.
  2. I have spent the last week dying of the black death. Or maybe just a viral thing. Time to start getting back to normal.

  3. PR is unusual. Wouldn't that normally be PB (personal best)?
  4. I go for (slightly faster) runs around my neighbourhood once a week. I do not eat anything and only drink water for about 2-3 hours before this; I tend to get stitches otherwise. If possible, try to avoid eating for at least an hour before you run. Save it for afterwards, when your body will want to absorb some calories. Have water ready (you don't need isotonic sports drinks unless you're attempting a marathon or running in particularly hot conditions). Finally, if you're really struggling after your run, you might simply be pushing too hard. Slow down, do a little less. You should be feeling sore and a tired after running, not collapsing in a soggy painful heap.
  5. So I've been getting back into my 5km runs again, first after back issues and having now been away for three weeks. But I've got a little bored of them, and I don't seem to be progressing much. Tonight I tried something a little different. Instead of 5km steady, I would do one mile at a fast pace, take a short break, then do another mile. I had no idea that would be so brutal. First mile was HARD. Cut my time down from 8:15ish a mile to 7:16, then had to walk a while, and then had to quit the second mile a few minutes in with a rampant stitch. I am definitely trying this again next week!
  6. Agreed. Wall pushups are fine - when they get too easy, you can move on. And "my round problem" - I love that phrase!
  7. Interesting. I do know, once I was brave enough to touch the area, that I could feel a swelling in the area. My best guess is that was the cause of the pressure. The pain eased off as the swelling went down, but I don't know enough to say whether the swelling caused the pain or the two were both caused by something else.
  8. Guys, I'd appreciate some advice. A couple of months ago I somehow (still don't know how, but I blame those one-legged Romanian deadlifts) managed to put my back out. I woke up one morning unable to stand up straight or walk without pain. The doctor declared this to be sciatica and prescribed plenty of rest and some strong painkillers/anti-inflammatories. I was upright and walking again in a couple of weeks, albeit slowly and not too far, and eventually I've been able to start running again. I'm taking it slow and I'm nowhere near the 5km I used to do every week, but I'm building up. The main aim is "Don't Injure My Back Again". It aches a little these days but I have mobility and it doesn't hurt like it did. I think my muscles need to build themselves up again. I have a couple of questions that I'd appreciate some advice on. Is this a good idea? My heart says yes, and I do want to get some more running in before winter seriously sets in, but would I be better with walking until my back recovers fully? Or is running the best way to build back up? These back problems also scotched my bodyweight routines (I haven't dared try a push-up since). I'd like to start introducing some back strengthening exercises but I don't want to push too hard and injure myself. Which ones would you recommend? I was thinking of starting with squats and then perhaps easing back into push-ups with wall/knee variants. Thanks all!
  9. I get the same dread pattern, not with running, but with writing. It's the same pattern - I can get absorbed when I start, and then I love it, but actually starting is a struggle. Maybe I need to employ the same approach as for running - I go out for a run at the same time every week. Only illness, injury, emergency or VERY bad weather will stop me. If I don't feel like a full run, I can just do a little and stop (as Dilnad mentions) but (as he also mentions) it seldom stops there.
  10. Was it cold and/or windy up there? I find my jaw can ache a bit when I've been running in very cold, windy conditions.
  11. That sounds like a medical condition to me. I'm no doctor, so I'm purely guessing things here, but I'd look into getting yourself checked out. Even at 23 it's possible to come down with thyroid issues, liver disorders and other such lovely things - and there's a plausible case for you contracting a virus when you were ten that's remained with you ever since (I know that stuff like hepatitis can do that, though again, I'm no doctor and I'm not saying that's what you have). It is possible to become dizzy and throw up through over-exertion, particularly when you're very unfit, but the rest of your symptoms suggest to me that there's something more going on. Get thee to a doctor and ask them to run some blood tests.
  12. Yuck, feeling ill. Thanks, work. And thanks, stupid doctors from thirty years ago, for pointlessly removing my tonsils.

  13. The pills, as with many fad diets, are a short term fix - and, as you've discovered, once you stop taking them the weight comes back. Your eating habits before the appetite suppressors came back once you stopped taking them. You need to amend those habits for a long term effect; take it one change at a time. For instance, cut out sugar from your tea/coffee (that was tough for me at first, but now tea and coffee taste weird WITH sugar).
  14. Just checked my emails. I got a reply from Noel to my original email just an hour or so ago! Hurrah! Thanks, guys!
  15. So I sent an email to contact@Nerdfitness.com on 26th February (five days ago) and I've not heard anything since. I'm now wondering whether emails from this account are being sent but not arriving - if so, Hotmail is apparently blocking them entirely as they aren't even hitting my spam folder. Strange, as the blog posts have been appearing okay. Can anyone confirm (Noel? Spezzy?) whether an email was sent?
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