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  1. Good work!!!! How you finding the Smolov programme?
  2. Update. Following the plan pretty well. Had to work yesterday so did yesterday's workout today, and my 50 dips and pull ups too. Mobility is getting there, need to get my Thorasic looked at, it's still quite stiff and immobile. I have however pretty much finished goal 4. CF endurance course is booked up for the end of August, which is all good. Just got to sort transport now
  3. Nah, I'm down in Southampton, about 2hrs on the train, so not far really
  4. Today's update. Rest day whoop! Eaten well, 1500m in the pool nice and steady, mobilising. That was it, chilled and funky. even watched Iron Man this evening, and I haven't watched a movie in about 3 months! Also, my first set of snatches yesterday. Only 30kg as I was warming up (thought tbf i only went up to 50kg!) Mainly put this up because i was wearing my NF captain america tee https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152960988220615&l=5025661063326562087
  5. Sounds awesome, let me know, we'll squat and drink beer!
  6. You do not look fat in that pic, you look mutha F'ing strong and powerful, it looks good!
  7. Nice work on the PRs! You liking the Romalos then? Heard good things about them, might have a look once my U-Forms die (if they ever do!)
  8. Right, dammit finnaly caught up! First off, Nice shoulders! Second Woot for pace of recovery, you are some sort of Ninja-Beast machine! Third Sorry about work, I think we should send them all to the arctic to be mauled by bears Finally: You're awesome, end of!
  9. I know, it was great fun, really liking the CF Anywhere principle at the mo. I think we're planning a trip to the beach this weekend, which will be fun In other news decided I need to get a bit more structured with my goats, although I'm getting them done, I'm leaving the more painful ones to the end of the week and having to cram them in. This structure does seem to help me most of the time, so I'm gonna try it again. Mobility every day. Monday: Pistols Tuesday: Handstands Wednesday: Oly Lifting Tekkers (not in my goals here, but my snatch especially needs some TLC, so I figured it cant hurt.) Thursday: Usually a rest day so just mobility today, and a swim as i recover better when make it an active recovery. Friday: Rings Work (MU, false grip strength work and L sits) Saturday: Row Day (need to improve my rowing) Also 50 Strict Pull ups and 50 Ring Dips Sunday: Rest day
  10. Oh and we did the last WOD of our current Metcon phase today, finished with a swim WOD, and it was awesome! 20 min AMRAP: 50m swim 5 down and ups in and out of the pool (going from head underwater to full extension of arms) 7 Air squats 9 KB swings 24 KG Managed 16 rounds and 50m, was pretty happy with that!
  11. haha amazing! I did actually go out and buy hello kitty band aids, and wore them proudly with shorts! Right crazy couple of weeks, have done a lot of overtime at work as loads of people have been off on hols or sick. Between that, coaching and training my time has been destroyed. Goals update: I have mobilised every single day, multiple times most days! Also continuing to work on the goats, Hand stands are getting there just need to get my left shoulder a bit more mobile still and i wont have problems with ROM to kick up. Pistols have been fun, working mainly on squatting down to a stack of plates, trying to use less plates, each time. Seems to be working, but slooooowly! Muscle ups has mostly revolved around working strngthening the false grip, and working towards decent strict MU's, as i have been talking to my gymnast friends and they all recommend going this route, before worrying about repping on kipping MU's. Life goal, I have booked and paid the deposit for my CF Endurance course, just have to pay off the balance now. Final goal for now, catch up on other's progress!!!!!
  12. Looking good there dude, solid first week. Well done on the other PR's as well!
  13. 300DL? You'll smash that easy in a few months. What's your PR at the mo? Enjoy tonight's session at MT, pics look badass!
  14. Haha I'll definitely have to get some now! I carried on and finished the workout, still had 3 jumps from the set of 15, and 9 DL's and 9 jumps to go, wasn't gonna be beaten by a bit of wood!
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