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  1. Using an exercise ball seems like a great idea lol I have one sitting around the house that I don't use (other than to throw at people or animals lol) Yoga poses would be fun to try while gaming but I use a lot of concentration just to keep my balance I am going look up the poses that you mentioned Skirler and see how it goes. My goal for this weekend is to finish a book I am reading so hopefully gaming will be to a minimum. RIght now all I have for working on grip is the grip things? LoL I don't know what they are called....a V shaped with a coil that you open and close lol I should really get in the habit of using it more ...but it is so small it is easy to lose. Yesterday was ok, Did a small workout to wake me up because it was not a lifting day 5 sets of squats with two twenty pound dumbells and 5 sets of arm raises with 15s. Eating was good other than the cabinets being almost empty and having to use backup food for dinner (stuff we don't really eat anymore lol) Atleast I knew it was not a so good dinner
  2. You are doing great!! Congrats on another two pounds
  3. I hope you feel better It sucks trying to stay motivated when you feel like crap. Sounds like you are on point tho, Congrats on the 7 pounds!!!!
  4. Your workout looks intense! I never find the motivation to do long workouts, I envy you Keep up the awesomeness!
  5. Ah Week 3... I get a 50%? lol Skipped lifting for 6 days and suffered today..but I pushed through it. Eating has been good, I find I am way more mindful of my eating now and it is interesting, I kinda feel more connected to my body. I hope to finish the challenge with a bang and no more excuses to skip the gym!!! Got the end of term stuff coming so I need to stay motivated in everything and say away from Oblivion and Skyrim!
  6. @ bildungsroman That sounds like a good idea...No gaming unless I put in a workout first, I am good as saying, "I will workout afterwards" @ Skirler I should try to do it while standing, I am not sure how it would work out tho lol...could be a good challenge It might make me play less ..hmm Halfway through the week and I would say.. Kinda fail? Skipped working out again monday, arg Did get to the gym today tho Deadlifts 125lbs 5x5 Assisted pull ups... 100 or 105 assisted (ahhh memory bad) Both sets were low because 6 days without weights makes me a weak onel Still struggling with my grip on deadlifts I know I could lift more if my grip would improve but I guess I am limited until I can strengthen my hands. Eating was okay. Since the start of the challange I have been very good about being mindful of my eating and I feel I am doing great on creating better eating habits. So Win there Hopefully I can finish the week with a win
  7. Ahhh a week later... Ya know I realize that sometimes I am not too busy to do things just find slacker things to do. My week was good, skiped the gym on friday but got an hour walk in. Eating has been going well, I am really struggling with no going out to eat but I feel I am making good progress. I love my husband and don't want to punish him for my weight loss so I give in more than I should. My weekend was meh....Eating was mostly good (husband brought chocolate again but I made him eat some of it too) No working out ..sad I know. I thought it would be a good idea to start playing Oblivion again because Skyrim just came out and I am going to get it for Christman. I was like an addict all weekend lol. Atleast I had fun...Did manage to get Homework done for the most part. Counting down the days till this semester is over !! @Hrunter- I love all Indian food lol, My fav is Saag Paneer (sp?) I just started eating non-veggie Indian food but I really have not found anything I don't like (other than the pickled mango stuff that's name evades me). @Lyasya- Yep I threw my priorities away again lol.. thanks for the birthday wishes! Why can't gaming be a Priority?
  8. Hang in there you are doing great! Remember why you are doing this challenge not just how
  9. Congrats on the slimming, sometimes clothes being more lose is more fun than seeing the actual number Keep up the hard work!
  10. Second week went well for me. Got all of my lifting workouts in and did two small workouts over the weekend. Eating was a little more problematic, the weekdays went well but the weekend was a struggle. It was the weekend before my birthday so I had Indian food on friday (my fav yummy!) Fondue on Sat so those threw me off a little...but Other than those I have been doing well on eating. I am sure I have lost a few pounds but my scale is broken ahhhh. Time to focus on the week ahead Hope everyone has a great week !
  11. Friday went great...eating went well and lifting was fun ..as usual Squats 5x5 with 115lbs Push Presses 5x5 with 65lbs random 20x5 crunches. The squats felt good but the Push Presses are not getting any easier. I feel like all the arms exercises are plateauing and I have barely started lifting. More work I guess lol Ahhh the weekend Exercise went okay...Wanted to go jogging but School work got in the way..No Gym but I did a 5x5 for squats and push ups yesterday and a 3x5 for squats and push ups today... with some ending yoga poses for relaxing Food... evil food... I made most reasonable attempts to eat good lol... This is the weekend before my birthday so Friday was Indian food with friends. (my fav) Saturday was Fondue with some family. Today I tried to make up for it but... my husband is too sweet for me (literally lol) and he bought me a piece of my fav cake from the store lol. We had agreed that I did not want a cake for my birthday but he found a loophole lol. I ate half of the slice and stuck the rest in the fridge for later guilt lol. Other than that I have stayed on track...Only one birthday celebration dinner left then I am in the free! Life goals...None! I really need to focus on this, sad that my life goals get put aside for silly stuff... Priority check needed!
  12. Looks like you started off strong!! Hope you second week is going as well
  13. Congrats on your weight loss!! You seem to be doing awesome, I feel your pain on not people judging you as jog by, I use to always run at dusk or dawn with the hopes that no one would see me. I eventually quit because I felt too self-conscious, It took a while for me to get the nerve up to try anything working out again but with my husband's love and support I am determined to not care what others think. Good luck with your challenge and keep up the awesomeness!!
  14. Hang in there! Your wife seems like a smart woman. Hope your second week is going well
  15. Hang in there!! Good job with staying on track, can't wait to hear how you have been doing
  16. Hiya Squadmate..just wanted to stop by and see how you are doing!! Hope everything is going well.
  17. Looks like most of your goals are going well. What kinda music do you play? Keep working hard!!
  18. DBT is so fascinating...I have had a few clients enter into DBT groups and it seems very effective. Hope your week is going well
  19. Yep 115 5x5 is 115 lbs 5 sets for 5 reps... weight lifting is so fun...at first I did not think I would enjoy it... but after giving it a chance I am addicted
  20. The workout looks great!! Good Luck with the concert..don't forget to give us all the fun details
  21. I love date nights!!! Looks like you are working hard and having fun too!!
  22. Looks like your first week went well! Gotta love the Halloween treats lol Keep up the good work!
  23. I feel your pain avoiding the candy lol. I love Halloween but I always fall into the habit of "just having one". Great job resisting!!
  24. Awesome Job on your workout! I hate planks...every time I do them its like time stops while I am in exercise and speeds up between sets! (I since a plot against me lol) Keep kicking butt and forget about all the negative people, you rock and they are jealous because of it!
  25. I am doing great! Plugging away Tuesday... lazy day with only walking Today was WO#1 ~Assisted pullups ... the bane of my existence... Still sitting at 100lbs assisted got a 5x5 in ~Dead Lifts ...My new favorite lift ..... 115 5x5 for my new best .... Despite being able to lift the weight correctly I feel that my hand grip is going to hold me back. I need to look up ways to improve it ~Benchpresses....second favorite.... 70lbs 5x5 for another new high...Yay....they got pretty difficult towards the end but I struggled through it. Got a nice long walk in around campus today along with climbing as many stairs as I could find. Eating has been going well too... Funny thing... I am having more problems with people feeding me...I have a supervisor where I intern that is constantly feeding me....I try to politely decline but she is always doing it! Killing me with Kindness. lol I don't want to be rude so depending on what it is I might have a taste but yesterday she was trying to feed me a cinnamon bun. I politely took a small piece, thanked her telling her I had just ate (because she had just fed me), and I found a task to do that took me away lol Life goals...I am trying to find time ..really I am (excuses)....My house still needs organizing and this weekend is going to be a full one so we will see. Overall I feel great and think I am doing well. I feel stronger and am starting to have "skinny" days as I call them. So pending there is no zombie apocalypse ..Life is good
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