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  1. A website for wizard training sounds fascinating!!! You sound like your having fun with your challenge!! Having fun is always one of the most important parts of life (well to me lol)
  2. Wow your motivation is inspiring!! Feeding 13 people and working out... it seems to be a task only fit for super woman lol. Chasing pigs could be a good workout too!! Good Luck!!
  3. Dancing at work would be awesome!! Its great that you are working your goals into life even with work getting in the way.
  4. March sounds like a goal .... Not too far away but not too soon. I am sure you will have a lot of fun...I am Jealous!! J/K OMG I loved Robert Jordan's Books..well the first five anyways... they are epic but also epically long.. I swear the man could describe a teacup in three pages lol. Amazing stories tho Enjoy!
  5. Last two days have been crazy!....Went to a rock climbing gym yesterday and It was so fun!! I could only get half up before I started getting really nervous and wanted to come down but I hope to go back and get further! My eating habits were not so good yesterday but Today was better. I did not work out today but I am planning to meditate before bed. Hopefully it will be better outside tomorrow so I can go for a jog or something different The holiday season is officially over now and it is the time for life reflection. I don't want to make a new years resolution however, I want to make a point to appreciate what I have this year. When looking at all the things we don't have it can be hard to take a step back and recognize what we have. I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration of the new year!
  6. Thanks Gem! I will definitely have the check those out! I am going to do some Youtube surfing today to see if I can find any good videos but I have not really found any in the past. I think it would be cool for us druids to have access to a list of videos and DVDs and stuff. One day I hope to go to Yoga classes lol but I find I feel intimidated just thinking about going LoL Right now I am looking into belly dancing classes but I have had the same info in my purse for at least two months lol Silliness
  7. Trapeze sounds like a fun goal! I have never even seen a place around me that does it but it would even be interesting to watch others do! I am not sure I would have the mental or physical strength for it but its always fun to try new things at least once
  8. I love the Yoga poses game going!!!! Does anyone know of any good Yoga or even Dance DVDs (or even online videos)? I have been using one that I do not really enjoy and I predict that it will not get any better with time lol!
  9. Second day down! Did my Yoga this morning and did very well as far as diet all day. I am going to try a climbing tomorrow at a climbing Gym with my husband and a friend. I have never tried any climbing so I am a little nervous! I have problems imagining a climbing gym? Do you climb into the gym and then have to climb out? J/k lol We will see how it goes and hopefully I don't embarrass myself and fall or hurt myself. Started looking into getting a pair of Vibram FiveFingers for jogging. I have a pair of KSOs that I wear around but I do not run in them. I love the ones I have and I have heard great things about their Bikila ones for running. I realized I have not been jogging in weeks because I am spoiled and hate the cold lol (it does not really get that cold in NM.... once it hits below 50...Its "cold" lol) Going to look into jogging in cold weather and try to get motivated!! Got to love the easy access to information on the internet
  10. OMG Holiday cookies are evil... I have been trying to get rid of the ones in my fridge by not eating them (feeling them to the husband =)) You have amazing willpower to bake cookies and give them away lol
  11. First complete day of my first challenge was great! 30 minutes of Yoga in the morning along with small amounts of free weights. I did learn that I do not like the DVD I chose.. three minutes of talking before she begins, going to have to find a new one lol If anyone has any recommendations please let me know mine is from Gaiam. For dinner I decided to make Veggie Pho soup, fresh ginger, garlic, Bok Choy, mustard greens, carrots, with yummy spices. The soup was amazing. One day down....many more to go!
  12. I was doing good with the Supported Shoulder stand until my husband decided to tickle me lol Evil Elf Rangers My favorite pose is Downward-Facing Dog http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/491 I love it because it helps me to feel any tension in my body. Amazing for doing to help wake up!
  13. Thanks For the Welcome! I am a Newbie at dancing too... Right now I am learning some Hindi dancing but I am looking to take a class in belly dancing or what ever I can find at the University near me. Teehee I am still trying to figure out what I will do. I am sure Break dancing is not an option because I would do more breaking than dancing. As of right now the plan is Cardio (eather something from YouTube or a DVD) and Yoga. I have some of the P90 series DVDs and they are always interesting to do at 5am May The Force Be With Us All!
  14. *cue eerie music* This is scary but seemed like a great way kick myself in the butt!! I am a Druid Dwarf with Scout needs too! Fitness/Nutrition Goals Goal 1. Workout for 30 minutes before work! Goal 2. Incorporate Dance into weekend workouts. Goal 3. Eat only what I earn...IE balance my food intake with my workouts. Life goals Goal 1. Preform all the required reading for classes.(no skimming!!) Goal 2. Search for new Internship opportunities.
  15. I am an ultra Newb but this exciting... Count me in!!!
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