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  1. First week went good for me. Got all my lifting goals done, missed all forms of sprinting but I am trying to focus on lifting so I go with a B overall. Eating has went relatively well, a few lapses but none too bad. So an overall B. Life goals, well I have spent the last week addicted to playing old PS2 games (mainly Kingdom of Hearts) so I failed lol Hopefully the next week will be better but atleast I had fun doing it! Hope everyone else had a good week!
  2. omg your meals look great lol...I need to model my meals after yours... Mine are almost the same thing everyday!! Looks like your first week went great!
  3. Weekend was good overall, eating was on point and got some 10 push-ups and 20 jackknife thingys for three sets on my exercise ball while playing video games lol. I wanted to start adding sprints into my week but for some reason It never happened... So maybe not so good for fitness. My weekend was filled with replaying Kingdom of Hearts #1 on PS2 lol... My determination to beat the game overtook my weekend and I still did not finish it! Arg Today was WO#2 105x5 5 sets for squats....Personal best 65x5 5 sets for push presses ..would be a personal best but I really struggled with set four and five, I consider this a failure overall but it was fun 65x5 5 sets for bent over barbell row...these were tuff...I am having trouble keeping my elbows in close to my sides. I am not sure if I need to reduce the weight and just work on it or if I can just keep trying with the weight I have. Ponderings Eating was okay, Normal breakfast...had some awesome BBQ for lunch but killed it with two slices of green chilli pineapple pizza for dinner ...Fail. Hopefully less of a fail tomorrow, we will see
  4. I love your costume!! What kind of music do you play? Sadly I am not a musician but everyone loves music lol Good luck with your second week!
  5. Your weeks looks great! I think I need to track my sleep too, that is a great idea. Hope you next week is as good!
  6. Sounds like a great first week!! Congrats. I am sure your second week will be as good too!
  7. Wow looks like you are doing great. I have always been excited to practice pull-ups. Have never quite been able to do one but I pride myself in trying lol. Keep up the awesome work!
  8. I don't think anyone (me) can make you do anything... You liked it!! Good lifting tho!
  9. Good luck with your weekend!! They are always difficult for me too...the structure of the weekdays keeps me in good habits mostly but weekends are a free for all. Just remember your goals and you will do great
  10. Alrighty, days four and five Yesterday was okay, It was girl's night and that equals...carbs. arggg but today was on point with eating so I am even? lol The weekend will be the challenge. No workout yesterday but Today I did Workout #1 Assisted pullups, 3x5 with 100lbs assistance, Deadlifts 5x5 105lbs, and barbell bench presses 5x5 65 lbs. So increased my Deadlifts and presses and slid back a little on assisted pull ups (they are the bane of my exsistence lol) Hopefully I will find something fun to do this weekend that does not involved Youtube or Video games lol.
  11. I am proud to say that although I had the go ahead to get lunch at a fast food place, I stuck it out waiting a few extra hours till I got home! working out is going great too.. I am having soo much fun weightlifting! I always feel like I am the only woman in the weights section and it kinda sucks but its okay. Seems like a good start to my challenge! How is everyone else starting off?
  12. I love Fitocracy! You workout looks intense. Awesome job!
  13. Days two and three Yesterday was good overall, did not get to sprint but eating was on point Today I did workout #2 with 95lbs 5x5 Barbell Squats, 55lbs 5x5 push press, and 45 5x5 on bent over barbell rows. Eating was overall good, substitued a Pita sandwich(paleo fail) for lunch but everything else was great.. So I consider is a success Tomorrow is suppose to be my off day for exercise but I might throw something in there because tuesday was a fail, hopefully something fun!!
  14. Spain is amazing. I am jealous! Your goals look great, I have done a few challenges when I have been a little over zealous with my goals. Gotta love those learning moments Have a great challenge!
  15. Great goals!! Seems like re-organizing of houses is a common goal this round lol That is going to be my hardest goal lol Goodluck!
  16. Good luck! I love the budgeting goal..I might have to steal that for next time!
  17. Your goals sounds very indepth. Don't forget to have fun with them too!! Good luck!
  18. This is going to be a great challenge. Could even be...challenging muah ha ha!! =^..^=
  19. First day of challenge was on point for me! Eating went well...only off menu item was half a Tuna sandwich on Rye. Working out was fun! I love lifting for some odd reason. Did workout #1.. Pull-ups 5x5 Assisted on 19 (need to figure out how much that is lol) Deadlifts 5x5 with 95lbs (My fav exercise!) Bench press 4x5 no extra weight added because I am trying to work on balance and form. Tomorrow hopefully will be my first sprinting workout.... scary!!!! Got 40 minutes of walking in and four extra flights of stairs climbed! So overall an A+ workout day!
  20. for me...the #x# means (# per set) x (# of sets) 5x5 = Five pull-ups per set for five sets (25 pull-ups) Thanks for the Welcomes
  21. Well I fell away for six months, gained ten pounds, and now I am back. After radical life changes I am ready to get focused start alll overrrr againnnn! Diet: One of my radical changes was my diet... I left the world of vegetarianism and am now working towards an 80/20 Paleo diet. I want focus most of this challenge on my eating habits. Eating meat again has been easy but I feel like when I started eating meat again I started eating all the other stuff I had cut too. (too much sugar and carbs!!) Fitness: Another change for me has been cutting my cardio and Yoga DVDs and replace them with weight lifting. I will be focusing on two weightlifting workouts, rotating them Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and also rotating their set #s 5x5 and 3x5. Also, Tuesday and Saturday I will start a sprinting workout. Workout one: Pull-up: 5x5 or 3x5 (assisted for now) Deadlift: 5x5 or 3x5 Bench Press: 5x5 or 3x5 (optional) Workout Two:Push press: 5x5 or 3x5 Barbell Squats: 5x5 or 3x5 Bench press: 5x5 or 3x5 (optional) Workout Three: 8x2 sprinting workout Life: Oh life, how you confuse me! My life goal is to figure out what I want to do with my life!! I officially finish my Masters in Dec and I have no idea what I want to do!! Also, I want to organize my apartment and let go of the items that I have horded over the years. This challenge will be a tuff one but I have had a 6 months break and I need to recreate good habits!!
  22. Hang in there...Being a military wife is hard work! I am trying to learn to cook and it sucks..it is soo much easier to beg my husband to go out(and no dishes!) lol Oh to dream.....
  23. How is everyone doing? I am trying to get back motivated..Yay...too much homework..two weeks and it is done!!! Hope everyone is doing great!!
  24. Alrighty...getting back on the horse...Weekend was good...eating was alright...went to the climbing gym and had a blast...decided to switch to Body Weight Brigade so we will see how this goes
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