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  1. Ahhh last few days have been weird. Exercise mon-today tail Eating: no too shabby ...finally broke the 170 hanging point weighted in at 169.7 this morning Things are crazy right now and I am having problems staying motivated Monday and Tuesday I am in class till almost 10pm and I could not manage to do anything productive for the hour I have between work and school. Today...had time but picked watching Dr. Who over working out. Tomorrow is always another day...Time to get back on the horse. Right now no improvement towards Zombie slaying 5 weeks left
  2. You appear to be one point!! that sucks about your friend, tell him to do the workouts with you!! lol Hope you get to use em until you finish rank 1A. I have heard great things about the Bodyweight Brigade tho. Keep up the awesomeness!
  3. LoL... I have an undergrad in Psychology and finishing up my masters in Counseling so that does not lend itself to working with electricity lol....sounds cool tho one day I will take all the sciencey, technical classes and sadly I think I will enjoy it!
  4. Awesome job with the improvised workout!!
  5. Oh Basketball is fun! I get a little too competitive although I suck at playing lol Your workout numbers look great! I hate side planks and you are doing basically four minutes of them...you are my hero of the day Keep up the awesomeness!
  6. Good job on the candy and pop(Soda lol) Don't worry about the set backs their are enuf Zombies to go around!! Keep working towards your goals!
  7. I miss carbs too ....but I hate how I feel eating them now that I have cut them so much...weird lol Good job on improving! I am doing the same workout and I like it...very quick but still challenging! Keep it up!!
  8. Last two days have been busy Eating: Not too shabby, did do greek yesterday for dinner ...yummy but too many carbs lol. Exercise: Did a 45 minute dance fitness DVD, spents 1.5 hours at the climbing gym and Workout A with The Basic Training set Push ups 12,10,8 for a total of 30 ....6 more than my previous best! Squats 30,25,26 Planks 55 secs, 32 secs worse day for plants yet Life: Interviewed to get a school counseling internship, of course they gave me a list of schools to call that are considered "bad" and I now have to figure out what to choose. Two weeks until I am out of the military and unemployed ...exciting!!! A little nervous but oh well
  9. Plants sounds cool......Plants vs Zombies!
  10. Training for a Triathlon sounds exciting!! The total body exhaustion is always a plus
  11. Good job on the water!! I am still working on that one lol Hang in there!!! You will get it ...you can try doing your chores and fitting the move in at every opportunity...or you can always dance thru your chores..that is fun Your doing awesome keep it up!
  12. omg...I carry one bag per "Life" A purse, a work/PT bag, a school bag, and an internship bag.. between them at least three changes of clothes lol Depends on the day of the week what bags I carry ..only one day has no extra bags...Wednesday lol Purse: cuticle cream, lotion #1, lotion #2, chapstick, lip stick, mini foundation, eye liner, mascara, brush, comb, mini notebook, two pins, green tea bags, wallet, cell phone, and gum work/pt bag bag: socks, running shoes, pt shorts, pt shirt, deodorant, headphones, sports bra, water bottle or ABUs and steal toe boots for work school bag: laptop or ipad (depends on the class) text books (again depends on the class of the day, two notebooks, pens and pencils, daily scheduler, if after work a change of casual clothing internship: Business casual outfit w/ shoes, ipad, empty legal pads, research books, and internship file Fun Fun I should add a zombie death bag to them
  13. I have never used ankle weights...I am uber clumbsey and I fear I will end up hurting myself or others lol Sounds like you are doing great tho!!! Keep it up!
  14. Death to Zombies....Ummm I am a social science person so diodes are like french to me lmao....die olds? maybe? teehee
  15. I love that game!!! I am not sure what plant I would be lol
  16. Basketball is a fun workout! I like playing because I am only 5'4 and people forget about the short people lol Keep up the good work!
  17. Congrats on the one minute plank!!! Keep it up!
  18. So this is the start of my Zombie slaying killer.... I like to think of myself as Faline...The Zombie Slayer (teehee Buffy never gets old ) Well overall Today we good...I hit 170.0 today!!!! yay!!!! Less meat for the zombies! Eating was okay...Only blah was that a friend took me to lunch...who can say no to free lunch? I got a green chile and cheese sub ..yummy...other than that it went well Exercise was day four of the Basic training It looked a little like this -Warm up - Pull ups (cant do rows) 9,9,7 - lunges 11,12,9 - Planks 1:36, 0:32 -Cool down Everything was good but I think I am going to add to my goals to cut caffeine..I have way too much.. Feel like I am using caffeine as a substitute to sugar, so I need to ponder that
  19. Hmm I think a razor blade would better show our zombie slaying skills =^..^= teehee
  20. Hmm I second trying to add in some dark chocolate...it can be just enuf to get the sugar fix...I also do a protein shake with fruit, milk, protein powder and almond butter than makes me feel like I am eating a frosty so I cheat with my mind not with my tummy
  21. Congrats on finishing college!!!! Family can be stressful blah Good luck on your challenge!
  22. Like your goals A Jewelry and smithy class sounds fun! I never seem to remember to take cool classes lol For me rain would be a daily plus ...gotta love desert climate lol..... keep up that good work!!!!
  23. Meow? (My monster roar? lol) What are you studying? I feel your pain on trying to change your life while having a busy lifestyle...hang in there...for me starting is the hardest part!!
  24. Yep...Day...Two Exercise: None...it was an off day and worked from 7-4 and had class from 6-9 so that walk I wanted to fit in....well....I am using that time to catch up on missed sleep from yesterday lol... Sad I know Eating: No too shabby... Breakfast was two egg muffins (egg, fake meat crumbles, and cheese) Lunch...forgotten... so grabbed a banana and some pistachios Dinner was steamed cauliflower topped with "chick'n" strips and mushroom gravy because I wanted sweets I made myself a protein shake with milk, almond butter, chocolate protein powder and frozen mango. Yep...not too shabby
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