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  1. I am sure you will do great and make the team!! Then you can kick butt and take names! I am not familiar with roller derby but it sounds awesome
  2. Sounds like you are one busy woman... Don't forget to take some time to relax ..... Awesome job on burning the 1100 calories!!!!!!
  3. Day one!!! Eating: On point, no mess ups Workout: Did the Basic training workout A. Which consisted of -Warm up -Push ups 10,8,7 -Squats 25,20,20 (on a side note, I am use to doing squats until my thighs are parallel, I have been trying to go until my butt is almost on the ground and they are hard, I have only do half of what I would normally be able to do!!!) -Planks first: 1 minute second: 37 seconds -Cool down On a naughty note, I need to drink more water! Until a week ago I was drinking over a gallon of water a day and now I am lucky if I get one water bottle !! A strong start tho YAY ME!!!!
  4. Congrats on the baby! It exciting Seeing that you already have two boys are you looking for a girl or do you wana stay with boys ? I have washed a few IPODS in my day and normally they do work out Awesome things they are....Good luck with your challenge!!
  5. I would so put off shopping for the beach too!! Looks like you started off great!!
  6. sounds like you are off to a exciting start!!
  7. I am jelous of everyone's garden! I live in an apartment and am known for killing plants lol..somehow my animals survive tho
  8. This six week challenge is going to be epic. Zombie killing training time =^..^= I am a druid who now has to develop zombie fighting skills to stay alive! Brief Overview of Goals: Fitness 1. Follow Rebel Strength Guide...starting off with basic training but will work towards body Weight tier one. (one must have strength to fight zombies) 2. Go to climbing gym at least twice a week (to help evade the zombies) 3. Yoga twice a week (flexibility to help hide from and fight the zombies) 4. Lose 6 pounds...one pound a week (currently hanging around 172 maybe zombies will find me less tasty if I am skinnier? lol) Eating: Paleoish...vegetarian style ...no set meals this time. It worked ok for the beginning of the last challenge but I am trying to make it a life style and not a diet plan Lifestyle: 1. Complete Last two classes for my Masters 2. Find second internship 3. Start researching basic survival skills
  9. LOL my husband said something similar Maybe a B+? lmao
  10. Hmm this sounds fun... Count me in...I might regret it tho lol...normally a Druid type but have been looking into worlds to see what else it out there
  11. You are ahead of the Game!!!! I like how you have how many of each you will be doing in the next six weeks, I could use that so if I get lazy I would be required to make it up lol. Great stuff!
  12. Name: Faline Brief Overview of Goals: Fitness 1. Follow Rebel Strength Guide...starting off with basic training but will work towards body Weight tier one. 2. Go to climbing gym at least twice a week 3. Yoga twice a week 4. Lose 6 pounds...one pound a week Eating: Paleoish...vegetarian style Lifestyle: 1. Complete Last two classes for my Masters 2. Find second internship Team or alone? Hmmm Team me Please!!!
  13. Overall for this challenge I would say I earned a C Fitness: 1. Walking I would say a B+ ... I starting fitting walks into any place I could..and anytime there were stairs to be taken I took them 2. Strength seems to be the bane of my life ... I give it an E (teehee I was raised on an A-E grading scale lol) 3. Weight ...well I went from 176.6 to 171.4... so lost 4.2 pounds (YAY!!) But no A for me... but I give it a B+ 4. Meditation was another E for me...fail! Life Goals: 1. Class reading.. well.. I have senioritis? Ok so I do my reading when I am interested in it but I have 5 weeks left in my classes for my Masters and I find myself not interested! D+ 2. Computer time... I have been trying to get away from the pc more... but not an A.... focuses on hobbies that I have no done in a while...making Soap and lotions so B 3. Yeah forum posts... I once again fizzled out towards the end ...so C- Eating: Well I started out following a strict meal plan... over time I fell away from it however, I stated that I was trying to relearn how to eat and I believe I accomplished that. I might have cheated a few times but I am not dieting and I feel great ....Sooo This would be my only A.
  14. Well I did okay ... C- if I had to grade myself....I lost 4.2 pounds but need to work on exercising more... so plenty of room to grow But overall not a bad challenge Sounds like everyone did well too...Yay for us !!
  15. Hmmm.. well overall I would give myself a C- for this challenge My working out was varied and I once again dwindled my posts towards the end of the challenge But I am currently at 171.4 so that is a loss of 4.2 pounds My eating was okay... I am am really working on not being on a "diet" I follow my meal plan alot but if I find myself out in public I am learning how to find food that will not kill my plans, so that I consider a success
  16. Well today was okay. Breakfast was as the menu states....Dinner was as the Menu states....however...lunch is always the hard one lol...Was at my internship so all I had was McDonalds and Whataburger lol...Choose a salad at McDonalds..and...well....a snack size M&M Mcflurry...ok so I only ate maybe half before I was taken over by guilt but yep it is going to prevent me from making it to 170 by Sunday oh well..It was very tasty I am having guilt on not following my menu for every meal but two out of three is not completely bad...work in progress lol Exercise was just a 30 min walk with the dogs ..but I am still tired from my workout yesterday lol...need a break sometimes
  17. Oh when you graduate will your wear the cap and gown ? j/k lol... Congrats!!! I might try to start that program for the next challenge. You seem to be kicking butt! Keep it up only a few more days until the end of this challenge
  18. So far this week has been so-so Food: I have been doing okay maybe a 50/50 on the menu and stuff (work and going out to dinner is difficult lol) Workout: I am not trying to fit walking in any chance I get Today's exercise was 25 minute walk during lunch and 20 squats ...then at the gym did 20 mins on the stationary bike.. I finally got some strength training in after dinner I did 28 sets of 2 pull ups, 4 push ups, and 6 squats ....not too shabby I guess... the first 11 sets I was able to do normal push ups...then after the 11th I went to my knees lol Sadly I have not made it to the climbing gym yet ... I had planned on going today but I had to work from 6am to 6pm and I was just too tired and needed to go to the store so I had no time ...Now we have planned it for Saturday lol...Hopefully that will work out..its been two months since my surgery and time to go back to the climbing gym!!
  19. It is great that everything worked out!! It is amazing that even with all that you kept up with your workouts!!!
  20. Hmmm Time to stop feeling the need for a victory cheat and get back to the goals!
  21. I hope you feel better....Being sick always halts my progress...I always feel "entitled" to spoil myself because of feeling bad lol... Great job keeping yourself in line
  22. Happy Birthday!!!! you will have to let us know how the vegan cake is! Cake is my weakness ...I am not allowed to bake cakes because I will eat cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...seriously! Hmm now I am craving cake lol... sad indeed....maybe someday there will be a low carb yummy cake lmao
  23. I have a love hate relationship with timed running. I always want to know how long I have been running lol...I started putting together a music playlist that I knew the time of each song. So after each song ended I knew exactly were I was at and did not have to keep looking at the clock
  24. Well, I would say I have been "taking it easy" since my last PT test and I bad because of it lol. I have been trying to stay away from carbs but I have not been following anything else on my menu. Today has been somewhat good on food but I know the bottle of wine I am drinking tonight is no help lol Working out has been a bust however, I have done a good bit of walking today at least. My husband and I have agreed to go back to our plans as of tomorrow because we are both blah from eat not so good lol Fun Fun
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