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  1. Ahhh...I hate meds that make me feel loopy ...hang in there Valentine's candy is the bane of my existence lately... I go to the drugstore and there are tons of my favorite candies clearanced! ahhhh! I hope you start feeling better !
  2. Hmm interesting... sound like over all you have been doing great keep it up! And mind the dog breath! teehee
  3. I loved Practical Magic, I will have to look into Garden Spells. I need to follow your lead and detox from the internet If only I could drag my husband away lol You sound like you are doing great working towards your goals! Keep it up!
  4. Faline

    dna challenge

    Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing ! Hope everything is going well
  5. CONGRATS!!!!! wow you started fast! I need to look into the Yoga DVD! and and Congrats on the 2lbs down! You are doing great!!
  6. I always hate having to fix things...but it is always a plus to learn new things! I have been craving popcorn lately... and trying to stay away... we have an air popper but I can eat huge bowls of it myself without help lol Keep up the greatness
  7. Ahh Friday...Im am happy to say...I survived Found out I will not graduate at planned but will have to wait until Oct Went for a nice walk yesterday but today I have beeen lazzzzy... Did well with eating ...other than dinner (evil husband lol) I am looking forward to my 3 day weekend and hopefully will get some cleaning in and some relaxing!
  8. Congrats!! Awesome Job!
  9. Im glad your feeling better! Take it easy and don't hurt yourself but definitely get back into it!
  10. Sushi is amazing! I hope things get better...seems this week has been stressful for most people....hang in there!!!
  11. omg its been a week!!! Crazy..started back working and it has been non-stop...not sure if I thought they were going to let me take it easy but ...no they are not lol....I am on my feet for atleast 7 hours ...lots of walking..so Im not sure if that counts lol..but I did get a 35 min dog walk in with my hubby. I have been doing pretty well with food.. just paying attention to what what I eat more. Now that all the Valentine's day candy is gone I can not be tempted!! (I love sweets lol) .....Is there a Diet that involves cake and candy? lmao
  12. Wii Fit is soooo much fun I always end of playing the game...Hula hooping game is awesome ...Hmm I don't know anyone that thinks they are good at yoga lol...I know I always feel like some weird robot creature that is unflexable and ungraceful...The DVD people always look so graceful! They should do a section with their bloopers!!! So we can see them make mistakes lol
  13. Awesome pic!! Congrats on the pounds!
  14. wow even while sick you were rocking it! Great job!!!
  15. Yeah from the sounds of it you and your gym buddy have two different goals for the gym. That sucks but I would let her know how you feel. Sounds like you are still going strong even with her interruption. Keep it up!
  16. Oh pictures would be great (if allowed )..You are going to have to give us the details on the fab party! I bought my salwar kameez in Berkley CA with husband's family. The shop was amazing and I had such a problem choosing because they were all so amazing! I can't wait to buy another!. Keep up the greatness!
  17. That sounds like a wonderful Valentine's weekend, Hope you have a great time!! You seem to be working great on your goals, don't forget to get some nonproductive fun time in!
  18. Busy busy busy!!! Sounds like fun. Looks like you are keeping it strong. Lifting tables and chairs is a great workout as long as there are no injuries lol. You just reminded me that I need to get some cleaning done around my house lol (if I don't see the mess...does it exist?)
  19. Ahh...Finally...a productive day! Went back to part of my life (internship and school!) Long day but I am tired but in a good way Had no carb problems today! teehee... replaced cereal with plan yogurt w/ fruit in the morning and ate a yummy healthy salad for lunch and some veggie lasagna from Amy's for dinner..Cut all caffeine past 2pm because I have been having a very hard time sleeping since my surgery and I will do just about anything to get more than 4 hours of sleep tonight. But overall a Victorious food day Exercise was victorious too... Car broke(fail!) hubby had to take me around in the morning so in the afternoon I decided to walk home. I had a nice 45 minute walk...and the weather was beautiful!!
  20. Faline

    dna challenge

    I always tell my family when I go see them that I am not on vacation (teehee) They take it as sarcasm and laugh I love em buttttttt I am glad I live on the other side of the states Great job keeping up the exercising! It is always hard to have to sacrifice a goal when you get busy but maybe you could make your friend practice with you? Pick goofy phrases that will be fun for you both? Just a thought!!! Keep up the hard work!!
  21. Ahh viruses suck!! I hope you feel better!!
  22. you sound like you are on point with both your salads and exercising! Sounds like you are making good progress towards your goals! Keep it up!!
  23. Congrats on your 100th post!!!... My husband just bought on of those door frame pull up bars and he loves it. We tried the one you screw into the door frame but my husband is 6'4 and he kept running into it Teehee(sorry but its like a cartoon almost )...So when we moved I wanted it tossed. Good job on the cooking... I have so be trying to cook a meal but I always give up...SOON.. I tell myself
  24. Ahh another nonproductive day! LoL... I start back at my internship tomorrow and I am honestly not looking forward to it. After two weeks off of my busy schedule it seems very difficult to go back. All I can do it look at the light at the end of the tunnel!! While I did not do any working out today I did eat fairly well. My husband has been trying to coach me on cutting my carbs but it is getting frustrating!! When growing up I think every meal was pretty much the "bad" carbs. Now when I am trying to learn to how to live with less carbs I get stuck lol. I am a vegetarian and I know that has something to do with it because I think I just replaced meat with carbs when I started (about four years ago) OMG I think I am venting my carbs frustration sorry!! lmao At least I had fun doing it
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