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  1. Push ups - 20 on 18 June, 22 on 20 June, 24 on 22 June Negative pull ups - 2 on 19 June Wed 19.06.2013 DWU Run 5 mi in 55:56 - hill workout Stretch 12x30 sec Thu 20.06.2013 DWU (mow lawn) Run 3+ mi in 39:31 ez Stretch 12x30 sec Sat 22.06.2013 DWU Run 6+ mi in 80:03 ez - avgHR 132 Stretch 10x30 sec Sun 23.06.2013 DWU (mow lawn) Run 3.77 mi in 38:47 - Progressive (after 1 mi, run progressively faster until last .5 mi) Stretch 4x30 sec Weekly run total: 18.4 mi / 3:34:17
  2. Push ups - 16 on 14 June, 18 on 16 June Fri 14.06.2013 DWU Run 5.33 mi in 62:29 ez Strides x1 Stretch 12x30 sec Sat 15.06.2013 DWU Run 5 mi in 49:55 - Tempo for middle 3 mi avg 8:45/mi Stretch 10x30 sec Sun 16.06.2013 Noon Warm up with knee raise, single leg dead lift, donkey kick Mix in skipping rope every +/- 5 exercises, 60 skips until last time, then 150 - about 8(?) total Mobility 1-10 Lunge Matrix - 5 pos, 5 ea leg Stiff leg dead lift w/ Olympic bar - 5 very slow Push ups 18 Crunch Matrix - 8 pos x5, side x10, back x20 Superman 20 Bridge 10x5 sec Metronome 20 Plank 1 min Side plank 30 sec ea Stretch 18x30 sec (add upper body, plantar fascia and wide stance leg) Evening Walking warm up Run 8.3 mi in 1:46:17 ez pace - very tough run, very fatigued and it was a bit warm - difficult but good! Stretch 4x30 sec Weekly run total: 24.5 mi / 5:02:52
  3. Weighed myself on Sat 8 June - home scale says 216 lbs. Goal - 196 by 13 Sept (Wedding Day) Push ups - 12 on 10 June, 14 on 12 June Tue 11.06.2013 DWU Run for 84:11 ez Stretch 4x30 sec Planned on running Wed and Thu but life shook it's head 'No'. Maybe this weekend!
  4. Tue 04.06.2013 DWU Run 4 mi in 48:22 ez Strides x1 Stretch 10x30 sec Wed 05.06.2013 DWU Run ~5.5 mi in 54:23 - tempo 2x1 mi - 8:00, 8:20 Stretch 12x30 sec - added ab and back stretches Sat 08.06.2013 DWU Run for 1:43:05 ez Strides x1 Stretch 12x30 sec 10 push ups Sun 09.06.2013 DWU Run for 71:42 ez Strides x1 Stretch 12x30 sec I am working on strength training again as my bicep pull from last fall and the shoulder injury from the winter seem to be healed. The plan is to do push ups every other day, adding 2 each time until I hit 30. Once I hit 20 push ups, I will add negative pull ups on the other days beginning with 2 and adding one every other time up to 10.
  5. The last week of May was a wash...I was busy updating my resume and producing a CV, which was a first as the US does not generally use the CV. I'll get caught up with the Ultra-quest asap! Sat 01.06.2013 DWU Run for 85:37 Strides x1 Stretch 10x30 sec Sun 02.06.2013 Mini DWU Run for 16:39 - over a hill and back again Stretch 4x30 sec
  6. Last week will be a recovery week, though not originally scheduled for it...I missed a couple of runs due to work and car repairs...what can ya do? I did manage a set of 12 push ups on Thursday, shoulder felt OK. Sun 26.05.2013 DWU Run for 80:30 ez/mod - AvgHR 137 - walked a bit to keep HR down Strides x1 Stretch 10x30 sec Tue 28.05.2013 DWU Run 4 mi in 43:32 - 1 hill @ 1 mi, fartlek from mile 2.5 to 3.5 7 fartleks, one block fast, one block slow Stretch 10x30 sec
  7. Wed 22.05.2013 Walk Run ~4.5 mi in 48:51 - intervals Jog ~1.4 mi to and from track 4x400 m, rest +/-100 sec 2:20, 2:05, 1:55, 1:55 Stretch 10x30 sec Finished reading 'The New New Deal' by Michael Grunwald. It took me a while to finish as I was often 'interrupted' by other books. Interesting-but-heavy, fact-finding book filled with DC insider interviews on the post-Great Recession stimulus, where it went, how it was spun, and what was really accomplished (which was a ton!). Good read and a big thanks to President Obama, he did good.
  8. Thu 16.05.2013 DWU Run for 51:22 ez Stretch 10x30 sec Sat 18.05.2013 DWU Run for 1:52:16 ez, some walking to keep HR down AvgHR 138 ~77.5% MaxHR Strides x1 Stretch 10x30 sec Sun 19.05.2013 Walk for warm up Run for 47:45 mod/hard, included faster 2nd to last mile Strides x1 Stretch 10x30 sec Week 2 Total: 270:31 ~21.5 mi Success at slowing down, doing strides, adding time. Reduced mileage and no trail run. Week 3 Goals: Remain slow on easy days, 4 strides total for week, one trail run, 1 set of push ups on 3 days.
  9. Great job...you rocked it. Thanks for the post too!
  10. AWESOME JOB!!! Thanks for the play by play too...it was great, and I feel your pain...I missed a turn in the Sunburst Marathon (only one I have ran so far) and ended up running about two blocks before someone let me know...not as bad as a mile plus though. Good job!
  11. Congrats on the Tough Mudder! Thanks too for the write-up.
  12. Mon 13.05.2013 Walk about 15 min, stretch hams and calves well Tue 14.05.2013 DWU Walk 4 mi, minor stretching afterward Walked with J. so did it at her pace Wed 15.05.2013 DWU Run for 59:08 ez - AvgHR 119 ~67% MaxHR Strides x1 Stretch 10x30 sec Finished reading 'Break Through - From the Death of Environmentalism to the Politics of Possibility' by Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger. Good ideas on what the current state of environmentalism is, what's wrong with it, and how to change the message to fit the times and compel people to change.
  13. Last week was a great week. 5 runs including a +90 min. Feels good! Wed 08.05.2013 DWU Run 3 mi in 31:50 easy/mod Stretch 10x30 sec Thu 09.05.2013 DWU Run 4 mi in 40:08 mod Stretch 10x30 sec Sat 11.05.2013 DWU Run ~9 mi in 1:36:37 mod (I had to walk due to discomfort from gas...ran again once it passed) eww! Stretch 5x30 sec Sun 12.05.2013 DWU Run 3 mi in 31:47 mod - off road at a park, grass, fairly flat, first run NB Minimus Stretch 4x30 sec Week 1 Total: 237:38 ~23 mi Week 2 Goals: Increase time/mileage about 10%, add 1 stride after 3 runs, slow down on easy days
  14. Mon 22.04.2013 Walk for ~30 min Tue 23.04.2013 Walk for ~30 min Wed 24.04.2013 Mobility 1-10 plus knee and ankle circles + DWU (Dynamic Warm Up) Run for 34:09 easy/mod Stretch 2x11 for 30 sec Thu 25.04.2013 Mobility 1-10 plus knee and ankle circles + DWU Run for 46:29 mod Stretch 10x30 sec Sat 27.04.2013 DWU Run for 78:54 easy Stretch 10x30 sec Sun 28.04.2013 DWU Run for 41:40 mod Stretch 10x30 sec Tue 30.04.2013 Walk ~20 min Wed 01.05.2013 Mobility 1-12 + DWU Run for 19:07 easy for 8, mod for 3, hard for 8 Stretch 7x30 sec Woot to my fiance Jen, she earned her first promotion in Aikido today! Sat 04.05.2013 DWU Run for 70:08 easy/mod Stretch 10x30 sec Sun 05.05.2013 Feliz de Cinco de Mayo! DWU Run for 35:53 mod Stretch 5x30 sec Mon 06.05.2013 Walk for ~30 min with various arm exercises (9 total, twice thru 7 + 2 extra) Tue 07.05.2013 DWU Run for 37:16 easy/mod - got some gravel/grass time in! Stretch 5x30 sec Yes! Finally caught up! Time to get serious about running again. I am making a commitment to run at least 4 days/week, preferably 5, while increasing weekly time and/or mileage as I am officially preparing for a 50k at the end of the year...The Huff. I plan on running a trail half marathon in August as well to gauge progress and have a race to work towards in the near term. In the lyrical words of Henry Rollins - "Hero time starts right now. Yeah!"
  15. This was a travel week. We went to Washington DC for the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference and to Annapolis, Maryland to decompress for a day and two nights. We used public transit as much as possible and walked our butts off, including a day of lobbying congress on Capitol Hill and walking in the National Walk for Epilepsy 5k on the Mall (we raised over $200 for the Epilepsy Foundation!). Amtrak rocks!...and so does Rock Creek Runner for tips on running in DC. Tue 16.04.2013 Warm up Run for 41:24 - hills, DC is hilly! Ran Embassy Row, which was awesome...crazy flags everywhere and a bronze Gandhi. Stretch Lots of walking for the conference. Wed 17.04.2013 Warm up Run for 34:23 - yep...hills again. I managed to find Rock Creek and ran a bit of the recreation trail...wish I had had more time! Stretch More walking! Thu 18.04.2013 Walked all over the Capitol, back and forth to Senate and Congressional offices. Got to meet up with my Congressman, Pete Visclosky and met one of my Indiana Senators, Joe Donnelly in the hallway. Good day. Ran/walked dragging luggage to make sure that we caught the commuter bus to Annapolis! We made it on time...whew! Fri 19.04.2013 Warm up Run for 45:33 in Annapolis, MD. Our inn, Gibson's Lodgings, (great place, 5 stars for sure) was adjacent to the US Naval Academy, so I ran about half of the run on campus, and was passed by the Soldier Ride, part of the Wounded Warrior Project, there as well. Then ran past the third oldest college in the US, St. John's College, circa 1696! Running in the historic district provided a difficult, rolling, brick-paved path for much of the run. Fun stuff for sure! Stretch Sat 20.04.2013 5k National Walk for Epilepsy on the National Mall back in DC. We walked past the Washington, Jefferson, FDR, and Dr. ML King, Jr. Memorials. Nice time! Run/walk to catch the train on time to get home...made it by 5 min...whew again! Slept really well on the train ride home! What a great week for a nerd out east!
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