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  1. Here are two articles from RW re: in which scenarios run/walk is beneficial. It seems to be geared more toward distance running, and is situation specific rather than habitual. https://www.runnersworld.com/training/a20862651/why-you-should-take-walk-breaks/ https://www.runnersworld.com/training/a20818428/walk-breaks-for-faster-running/ As for Loubie's question about whether 10/3 is the ideal split, it seems like you've already determined the answer is no (or, at least, it isn't satisfying you). I suggest either taking Sylvaa's advice and speeding up during the 10 min running po
  2. I've done 3 of this weeks workout so far! I did my interval & hill training (why choose one when you can combine and do speed work up hills!?!?) on the elliptical though.... which genuinely feels like cheating. I also did some arm strength stuff at the gym. I would mention what I did, but I don't know the names of the exercises (other than push ups and curls, I dunno the others!!) It's a little embarassing how ignorant I am re: strength training. Anyhow, I think i'll do my long run tomorrow!
  3. Hello scouting friends! I participated in my first challenge last month, so I'm back for round 2. The focus of last month was building a base, and this month I'm pushing endurance. My end goal is to run in my city marathon on May 7th. Here is my training plan: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pF85O4oxcCQdn5yC-GpKGy32w-JjTM58t51G2GwZJNo/edit?usp=sharing As you can see, it's pretty lax. I was a lot more structured my last marathon training season, but I can't be arsed to stick with tempo runs, structured speed training, etc. I just made day 2 either hi
  4. Hi Sam, I cannot comment on the diet stuff because that's outside my area, but it sounds like 1) you know what you're doing, and 2) you're off to a good start. Good luck. Your 3 x running and 3 x ST weekly plan sounds solid, achievable, and very beneficial re: your goals. Good luck! I look forward to reading about your progress! Re: the long hikes- are you planning to start those post tax day, or just log more running miles? I love hiking but it's not something I get to do often.
  5. Hi All! I'm in Toronto, and will be until at least summer 2017
  6. Big moves are always stressful! Hopefully focusing on running for the love of it will bring up those shiny endorphins and make you associate happy thoughts with your new home. Good luck!!
  7. That is the greatest reactionary sentence I have ever read, and you better believe I am going to say this 10 times per day now when faced with inconvenience/having to change plans. I love it. I don't know much about the highland games, but since it's all natural movements I imagine it's great cross training for your running. I know I've seen your running plan before, but I can't remember- you've run a few marathons before, right?? I think you said your focus is on running, and the lifting/highland stuff is supplemental? I'm really excited to see you progress through
  8. Good luck! Building a strong foundation is always smart... don't want to... 'choke on your aspirations' .... (<--- finally saw Rogue One, can you tell?). You even lotioned on day -5: you're already surpassing your goal!!
  9. Hey, Canuck by osmosis- I'll take it! And I've applied to Berkeley, Northwestern, and NYU. Any overlap!? I have a strong feeling I'm going to end up in Canada, but Northwestern is my #1, so we shall see what happens! ---------------- And a wrap up for my challenge: I finally tried snow shoeing! I was definitely not as challenging as I had hopped (really only a little more taxing than walking) but nonetheless it was wonderful to clomp through the forest and take in 'the nature'. --------------- Final Grades: Running Go
  10. Yeah, that's my dilemma! I'm expecting a solid month in late January and throughout February where the temperature is around -15c/4*F (or worse, they're calling for a bad winter) so I would like to be able to run outside (and people do!! I see it!!). I just want to be safe about it. Frostnip, I've never heard that! Such a cutesy name for what I'm sure is actually quite terrible.
  11. hahaha i can see I've asked the wrong audience. I'm more worried about frostbite than aesthetics (I'm on the lake so wind is an issue), but thanks for trying?? I can honestly handle the cold better than I can the dark! I lived in Prague for you year and was basically depressed from Nov-March because I didn't see the sun for more than a couple hours per month. Could not do permanently!! But pros and cons to each, eh?
  12. Hi, I don't know you and I'm sorry to jump in if I'm not welcome, but I can see you're in a lot of pain so I just want to help ease it a bit if I can... no obligation to respond, you can read and ignore, or message me privately if you'd like. I really like what Owlet has said. Dealing with something like what you and your mom are going through tends to put things in perspective a bit. It makes sense why you're worried about hurting her for not telling her sooner, and you're a lovely person for worrying about it, but she'll probably (hopefully?) just be grateful that you'r
  13. Your assumption is correct. Good catch! Are you a fellow Canuck, or was that 'eh' facetious? I'm applying to 2 Canadian programs, and 3 American. The American schools I've applied to seem to release first wave acceptances in late Feb/through March (depending on the program), but I'm gunna have to wait months longer for the Canadian programs. The anticipation is already killing me! Fingers crossed for your LSAT results! I suppose you're applying for Sep 2017 entry? In the States, or....? And thank you for the kudos, but I'm not sure the praise was deserved- I haven't
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