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  1. So, today I joined a Mantis Style Kung Fu school. I'm a little hesitant about the monthly price of the school but I'll consider that at the end of the month (do I stay or do I look for something else). Other than that the school seems nice. I will say, two hours of class and I'm ready to crash.
  2. Nice, more Warmahordes players! I'm a newish Legion of Everblight player myself. Did you end up catching any of Lock and Load?
  3. Thanks! At the moment there's a Mantis style school I've been looking at, I tried a lesson a while back and liked it. I'm open to other styles but as impractical as kung fu is I really like the Chinese arts and learning the history behind them.
  4. I'm Sanjh and I'm new to the Monk class here. For about two years in my early twenties I lived a kung fu centric lifestyle. I spent 16 hours a week at my kung fu school. It seriously changed my life; I started doing better in school, met my now wife, and was somewhat healthy for the first time in my life. But due to time constraints during my final year of undergrad/my first year of grad school, I had to drop it. I always had the intention of picking it back up in the future but over half a decade has passed. Well, I now have my first kid on the way and if I don't start now it'll be a while before I have the time to find try to start again. So my four week challenge is this: 1. Find and join a new school. 2. Keep up with the Academy workouts (Bodyweight Level 2) and get to the next level. 3. Go for walks on my rest days. In addition, I have a couple other goals for this four week challenge: 1. Push the in progress papers out the door. 2. Write 15 pages in my dissertation document.
  5. Hi everyone, my name is Sanjh and I have two main goals for this challenge: 1. Resume losing weight. About six months ago I had my first checkup in about a decade. The blood work came back with high cholesterol and fatty liver disease. At the time I was about 240lbs (I'm about 6'2). I've lost around 25 pounds. I'm currently stalled and floating between 213 and 215. I need to loose 15 to 25 more pounds, to hopefully repair my liver and bring down my cholesterol. 2. Survive the week from hell. Next week is a big week for me, I have a presentation for work, a comprehensive exam for school, and a major paper deadline all within 7 days. So, for this challenge I have a couple habits and a few goals; 1. Keep up working out in the morning. I've been using Fitstar's Daily Dose bodyweight workout program because it's easy, I can do it every day, it shows progress, and I don't have to think while doing it. I'm about 40 workouts in, and I plan to get to 100 before I evaluate if I want to switch programs. 2. Log food. I was good about this for about a week and it helped me recalibrate and loose the weight I've lost so far. It may be good for another recalibration. 3. Pick my path. I have been recreationally playing volleyball in a work league for the past 6 months. The season is over so I need to figure out a replacement. Perhaps martial arts? I dunno. 4. Finish reading Level Up Your Life. 5. Survive the week from hell.
  6. I'm here to try to start rebuilding the momentum that I've lost. I've been basically sedentary for the past few months and have had trouble with constancy for the past few years, so I'm going to try to take a few small, consistent steps to make this work. #1 - Exercise On my bucket list is the 100 pushups program. Right now I can do 5. I'm aiming for consistency but to make it measurable; I'll consider this a win if I can do 30 by the end of the 6 weeks. It's simple and quick, which leaves less excuses for me to make. Bonus: Take my dog for a walk on rest days. #2 - Diet I haven't been drinking as much water as I should, so my goal is to drink the equivalent of three water bottles a day (I have a permanent one stashed at work, that I refill) Bonus: Cook twice a week. #3 - Work I need to start working consistent hours, my goal is to work from 8:30 till 5 (Ideally 8 to 4:30). Every Day. Bonus: Get a draft of my dissertation proposal done.
  7. Battle Log 2014-09-22 Warmup Body Weight Inverted Row 8 reps (1 more than last time)5 reps3 repsPush-Up8 reps5 reps (1 more than last time!)3 repsBody Weight Squat15 reps (3 more than last time)10 reps10 reps Cool Down/Stretching
  8. Thanks y'all. I'm just occasionally bothered by the fact I don't have the energy or motivation to do more. But it's one step at a time.
  9. Battle Log 2014-09-19 Warm Up Body Weight Inverted Row 7 reps5 reps3 reps Push-Up8 reps (2 more than wednesday)4 reps (1 more than wednesday)3 reps (1 more than wednesday) Body Weight Squat12 reps (2 more than wednesday)10 reps10 reps Cool Down -- I know the routine is simple and not the best program I could do, but I'm taking this challenge to just get back in the habit of working out.
  10. Battle Log 2014-09-17 Warm-up Body Weight Inverted Row7 reps (1 more than monday)5 reps3 reps Push-Up6 reps (1 more than monday)3 reps (1 more than monday)2 reps Body Weight Squat (setting a baseline)10 reps10 reps10 reps Cool Down/Stretching -- I'm hoping to take my dogs for walk later, if the weather clears up.
  11. Good luck on the LSAT (though it looks like you've got that covered)! Also, on the subject of food, I have to stay true to my roots and suggest adding green chile; it makes everything less bland.
  12. Thanks! I have everything except for the problem picked out. It's just a matter of getting an idea that has some sort of cohesion between my advisor and my work.
  13. Hi everybody! I haven't done a character sheet yet but will update here when I get one done. Main Goal - A Pull-up (I've never been able to do one before) Current Status - I'm able to do roughly 6 inverted rows (I'm 6'4" and roughly 220 lbs) Sub Goals: 1. Strength Training MWF. (I'm mainly trying to form the habit of setting aside time to work out - Should help me ) 2. Drink 2 Liters of water daily. (This has the side effect of limiting the soda/coffee I drink, without actually restricting it) 3. Track protein intake. (At a minimum, I should be aiming for 110 grams/day) Life Goal - Draft Dissertation Proposal (Get Data, Read Related Work Papers, Pick a Problem) Bonus Goal - Finish JustinGuitar's beginner course. (I'm currently as stage 5)
  14. I had a weird weekend. Within that weekend I wrote and recorded song #2 (song #1 is not currently at sharing quality) http://soundcloud.com/gdmf/zombie Missed a couple days of going to the gym, but I'm going to pwn this next week (I hope).
  15. Week 2 Update I've been having a rather rough time the past half week or so. I did alright with school, but I skipped the gym a couple times, and I have just felt very unmotivated. Hopefully next week will be better. Sorry guys.
  16. It looks like you bring the weight forward before putting it down (it was much more pronounce in the later reps) when it's supposed to be directly over the middle of your foot (at least according to my information). To correct this, imagine trying to place it directly on your shoelace knot. Other than that; good job, keep at it!
  17. So, I added a percussion track and a lead bass track to Song 1. There are some mess ups in the lead bass track, that make me debate about redoing it. Next up is re-recording vocals.
  18. Sanjh

    Fall Frenzy

    Just do what you can, safely and comfortably. If my understanding is correct, it's averaged based on how many people have threads, so every little bit counts.
  19. Quick Exercise Log Update (Ignoring warmup sets) 3x5 @ 105 - Squats 3x5* @ 70 - Overhead Presses 5x3 @ 70 - Power Cleans * - I failed after rep 3 on my third set. So next time, Ima try 70 again.
  20. Mini-Update: I have recorded the rhythm bass and vocals for the first song. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to add some percussion, lead bass and re-record the vocals (perhaps adding back-up).
  21. For the internet thing Lifehacker had an article on a program called stayfocused I'd just set the bounding times for the time you should be sleeping. I think windows at least used to have a setting for automatic sleep and wake up, but I'm an OSX/Linux guy myself and haven't used windows since early 2008.
  22. Nice work! For sleep, I'd say automate. An hour before bed have your internet, computer etc. automatically turn off (there are various programs you can use for this).
  23. There is, sadly no power rack in my gym. The squat rack's fail safes are are a little to low for that as well. The upside I almost always have a spotter available but the weight room was empty sunday morning. I guess I'm in the rock camp as well. I'm a bassist and I'm trying to learn to sing, so when I write it tends to be bass centric. I'm still kind of new to it, so I haven't actually posted anything anywhere. I'm hopping to have something by the end of this challenge that is worth sharing.
  24. Nice Job! Out of curiosity, what are you studying?
  25. Good job! But, you should have added a pair of 2.5 plates to get the weights even.
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