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  1. Y'ALL. IT'S OFFICIAL. (^___^) By the end of this month, I will have a roomie and will be sharing an apartment with this awesome peep! This roomie- who I will call Sarebear- is one tough cookie. (OH. LAWD. IS. SHE. TOUGH.) We worked together for a year or so, and have a lot in common, though I would describe her as the barbarian-bard to my rogue. No worries about any peeps breaking into our apartment, because Sarebear will take her guitar and PULVARIZE the bad guy into smithereens. (Hurray~) My two Youtuber friends have told me their offer still stands, to live
  2. WHOO LAWDY. This MIGHT not be the best place to post this, darn it! And I prefer to be a positive 'lil peep. *Cheers, weakly* But um... I think sometimes everybody needs ta vent, ya know? It's time for some #TabbyTruths. There have been a TON of changes the past three months or so, folks! Everything from losing my main job (Which, eeeehhh- in the end- turned out to be a blessing in disguise, I think!) -To having a few health scares with some of my loved ones. ~ These incidents really SHOOK UP my life, ya know? One moment you feel like you're on firm ground, finally figurin
  3. WASSUP MY AMAZIN' PEEPS? *Staggers through brambles and brush, emerging from forest with sticks in hair and leaves everywhere* "It's one of the tree people!!!!" A local village man cries, "SHOOT IT. SHOOT IT NOW!!" *Cue me dodging bullets, still lookin' disheveled, and seeking shelter at a local tavern-because-that's-where-most-adventure-stories-end-up* Whew. LAWD HAMMERCY. Let's just say that um, retail life and my general habit of not sticking to things has-err- thrown a wrench in my goals. X D Peeps have been so patient with me, and have been encouragin' me
  4. *Sniffles, happily* AWWW~ you guys organized a search party? Y-ya shouldn't have! (^___^) -And as a matter of fact- *Withdraws an enormous jug from backpack, along the sides of which are intricately drawn symbols* I have brought a gift from the fair folk who helped me! Aye,' a toast to the party reunited, my friends!! WOOOOOOT! ~ You are so kind, heheh!! Thank ya for the compliments, Jean! And, If I may say, you have a knack for writing, as well! Duuuude, in all the time I've been planning this, I never even thought to see if that Channel name was already taken! But it looks
  5. (O___O) *Tilts Head* A-are those...? *Pupils widen* CAT TREATS???????? *SCOOPS THEM ALL UP* Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. (^__^) The cat treats worked, heheh! Thanks, Morty!
  6. *Pokes face out, from behind foliage* GOOD LAWD. *Approaches, looking as though I've trekked from mountains far, with twigs in hair and war-paint on face* Y'all...I'm so sorry! GAHHH. (>__<) This was supposed to be somethin' I was gonna remain consistent on, ya know? Reliable. Like some pipsqueak version of Gandalf. Life got...woah. Just WOAH. Life got busy. Not just with the main job and the side jobs, but with writing (Trying to get back into that) and with working on creating a YouTube Channel! OH! Aaaaand...I might have some new roommates, soon! (^___
  7. EH? What's THIS? Finally, a post about fitness, heehee! X D ~ Today...I did squats. And not just a few squats, no. I did...a whole lot of em'. So many- in fact- that I feel as though I've been hauling donkeys up a mountain...in the snow...over cliffs. So many squats that once finished, I sat down (Painfully) rolled over, and in a flash of pain I'm pretty sure I met Jesus. (And even he was all like "GURL... PACE YO'SELF") Or maybe that was my own mind crying out... In any case, I laid there for a while! (>___<) GAHHH. *Sniffles* To my more fit peeps out
  8. Heehee! (^__^) It really is mostly cream I guess! Or- as one of the employees said- "This is syrup!" Funny story, actually- I was hanging out with a friend of mine, and she accidentally took a sip of my coffee, instead of hers. All she said was, "JESUS." X D
  9. Had to call off of Job # 3 (The Other retail store I work at, ) today! *Blushes* Because of a conflict in..err... schedules, unfortunately! (>__<) They go by an automated system, and it's too bad there's no option to say, "Sorry, I'm calling off because I'm lame and I overextended myself! GAHH!" *In Marvin Martian Voice* Whelp...back to the old drawing boooard! I plan to leave this job at some point, anyhow- Have you ever had a job that was just filled to the darn brim with way too much drama? Toxicity? Now don't get me wrong, I love my peeps at this job, too! (^__
  10. It's amazing, the confidence that good lifestyle changes can give ya! *Cheers* (WOOT!) (And of course what a good hair curler can do) (^__~) I've been taking a different Profile Picture, each day (Doing this on my Facebook, also!) to kind of UP my confidence and see the difference working out has made to my skin. As well as certain job changes and a little more sleep. Y'ALL. *Spins chair around, takes sip of coffee* Committing to lifestyle changes....changes your whole outlook! The world seems even brighter and more beautiful than before. In the past I've been a little
  11. That's a good idea! (To gradually reduce intake) Thank ya both! : D
  12. YOU GUYS. I have a- um- confession. It's a coffee confession. A CAFFEINE Confession, if ya will. You see, most people put maybe- what- two or three creams and sugars in their coffee? …. I put...*Deep, ragged breath* FOURTEEN CREAMS. AND FOURTEEN SUGARS. In my coffee. *Blushes* I know. I know I have a problem. I know it, whenever I go through the fast food drive through, put my coffee order in, and listen to the crackling silence over the speaker. "Did you say," The cashier says, hopefully, "Four creams and four sugars?" And I hafta correct her, "U-um... Fourtee
  13. Right??I totes agree! I've decided not to mention this to em', in case they have a conniption fit, heheh! (O__O) But yeah (EEEEK!) The whole thing was really weird and uncomfortable! The items were actually food/grocery related, and they ordered lots of different wines and alcohol beverages, too. The good thing about this is that I can choose not to deliver to those folks again, and I'm thinkin' of maaaybe saying something to the HR team about the oddness of the whole thing...! *Shudders*
  14. At Job #2 on a delivery run, today... PEEPS. Lemme just say...sometimes I run into some funky people- and not in a dance-moves kinda way. I walk up to the door of one of the customers, expecting just a routine delivery. (I shoulda known better) In hindsight, I think the distant rumble of thunder was a warning from the Heavens. An omen, if ya will. The customer opens the door- AND SHE WAS WEARING ONLY A TOWEL. "I'm Busy," She wheezes, has that voice that's kinda crackly and metallic, from cigarette use. "Can you bring the food INSIDE, for me?" Well, fudge. I ALMOS
  15. YES!! *Raises sword in the air, staggering under it's weight* We- We've gotta gather the troops! Gotta spread awareness of the danger of ninja-spiders!
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