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  1. Being a very analytical person, I like to know all the options and the pros and cons. I do a lot of reading and enjoy learning new things, and I like to discuss with other people. So if it were me, I'd ask the trainer about the different styles, and I would expect him to be able to explain it clearly. To me the question is not so much "which is better" because that depends on the individual, but rather, what is the trainer's reasoning behind having you start with this particular style of deadlift. And being a professional, he should easily be able to communicate that information.
  2. Reading through this thread, I've never heard of sumo being more beneficial to women. Actualy I've never heard of the technique of any lift being taught differently because of the gender of the lifter. That being said, the reasons I've seen people using the sumo style deadlift are: for competition, to reduce the range of motion and potentially allow more weight to be lifted (much like using an extra high arch in the bench press)because of mobility issues such as ankles, etc. which make getting into position for a conventional deadlift difficulthaving a body type which makes sumo more advantage
  3. Great to hear, congrats on your first meet and all the PRs!
  4. I remember a few things from back in the day. About 7 years ago I was doing the New Rules of Lifting for Women program. One of the stages involved front squats, which I had never done. I recall that I wasn't able to do even the empty 45 lb bar. I had to do it with one of the 20 lb preweighted bars. It felt like the most painful, awkward thing ever. Here's a photo of my all time front squat PR (150lb), this was 3 years ago. Most recent PR is 138lb, which is still over body weight. I also remember the first time I tried to overhead squat with a broomstick. This was probably 6 or 7 years a
  5. Actually for weightlifting I believe the opposite. Hook grip is essential for keeping the arms relaxed and avoiding early arm pull, which is something that pretty much all novice lifters need to be taught to learn good technique from the start. For the deadlift, hook grip is used for an entirely different reason by advanced lifters.
  6. Here's a cool video of Samantha Briggs doing 4 different CrossFit WODs against guys. And they have various "Day in the Life of" videos like: http://youtu.be/2eEaVh-DP0Q
  7. Yes, I care about Wilks and Sinclaire because that's how meets are scored. Also being 46 years old, the Malone-Meltzer Age Coefficient is near and dear to my heart.
  8. It's one thing for an advanced lifter to use it, more power to him. Quite another for a beginner who is just getting started, and hasn't even really developed much grip strength yet. So I still wouldn't recommend it for her.
  9. I disagree about using a hook grip on the deadlift, for a few reasons. Assuming she's using a 28mm "mens" bar (20kg/45lb) bar, then a hook grip will be difficult unless she has large hands. This is why in the sport of weighlifting, where a hook grip is the standard, that women use a 25mm bar. In powerlifting (which includes the deadlift) both genders use the same bar which is 28-29mm in diameter.The reason a hook grip is used in weightlifting is to maintain a solid grip on the bar but allowing the forearms to stay relaxed and avoid pulling with the arms. That is not an issue with the deadli
  10. Thanks! I'm not sure how long it took actually, because it wasn't something I really worked on, it just happened. I do remember back in college, I had a buddy, a smaller guy who was into martial arts, who could really knock out a lot of pullups. He and I went to a park one time and he was doing a bunch, and I recall being very surprised that I couldn't do one when I tried. I was pretty thin and I guess weak too. Then about 7 or 8 years later, I had started working out, and found I was able to do chinups, but not with full range of motion, probably 90%. Later when I started CrossFit then I was
  11. These videos are a couple of years old. I can still do them though. I tend to prefer chinups because pullups hurt my elbows. If I have to do kipping pullups in a WOD I will usually alternate between chinups and pullups for that reason. The first video is at the Warrior Dash (obstacle race) and the Marines had a booth there with a pullup bar. I got 10 chinups. http://youtu.be/yf-nyni0g38?list=UUV0JA7VcAzz2babadVxeW_w The second is a 1RM weighted chinup test at my gym, we had to start from a dead hang and then do a 3-4 second descent. I got up to 42.5 lb. http://youtu.be/VZVXagLQQdQ?list
  12. Oh I see now, the new weight classes were adopted this year and will be implemented starting 1/1/2015. http://www.usapowerlifting.com/usapl-record-changes-for-2015/ Edit: thanks to whomever cleaned up my duplicate posts!
  13. Yes, I think on the national level USAPL might have already switched, and local/state were still at the old weight classes. I know here in MN they have said starting in 2015 all meets here will go with the new weight classes. All existing state records will be retired and converted.
  14. I've discovered recently that I really enjoy EMOM lifting workouts. It really helps keep me focused. Not that have I have a problem with staying focused but I just like having a very specific structure around that. For examples a few we've done during our last 12-week strength cycle at my CrossFit gym are: EMOM for 16 minutes: snatch (same weight for all attempts). You get up to 5 misses for a possible total of 21 attempts. EMOM for 9 minutes: front squat 3-2-1. So the first minute do 3, second do 2, 3rd do 3. 4th minute do 3 at the previous 2-rep weight, 4th minute do 2 at the previous 1-re
  15. Interesting, so many different federations and rules! I'm used to kgs already from weightlifting, but it seems most of the powerlifters I talked to at the meet were thinking of everything in pounds. USAPL is changing weight classes next year. I lifted in the 60kg class (just barely made it at 59.9) but now they will have a 63kg which is nice for me, if I ever decide to lift in a PL meet again it will match my weight class for weightlifting. Anyway good luck at your meet!
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