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  1. First I want to say this. It is unfortunate about your current living situation. I am glad to you are focusing on taking care of yourself and reaching out for help I know it can be hard. Also I am sorry that you do not have people that are immediately close to you that are supportive of your goals. Keep focus on your goals you got this. When your able prepare food for yourself I would agree focus on quality proteins and vegetables while minimizing added sugar. These are my tips for eating healthy and balanced no matter where your journey leads because situations can change and
  2. First, I would recommend to you please stop eating protein powder and oatmeal mostly diet. I would have to agree switch up your proteins/diets and embrace the rainbow when it comes to vegetables because they have a lot of the micro nutrients that you body needs to function. Please eat vegetables. Okay 4,500kCal is a lot for just about anyone unless you are trying to be Gregor Clegane from Game of Thrones. If that is your goal in fitness you have workout a least 1hr day to burn that many kCal (but that still is based on you base metabolic rate) but otherwise work up to it (30 min i
  3. Okay, I so far I feel that may a have bitten off more than I can chew even with though my quest are small. So, I have been walking, better yet wondering when I know that I won't be able to "excerise" the amount of time that I want. I have be trying to keep vegetables at every meal but it is hard for breakfast. (Ideas are welcomed). Soda is a little harder if I forget to bring a water bottle and it is the only thing offered in the space that I am in. Positive of not using the snooze button is that I learned about my rhythm about getting up in going in the morning.
  4. Okay I have to say that I have accomplished a lot of things that I did not know I a the ability to do after "all to define is to limit" I was able to start exercising more I lost 30lb/15.6kg and finally truly embrace this journey that I am on. But I still want to keep this going as I start to fully accept the person that I am. With that being said I want try to kick it up just a little more to start the new year. Diet/ Fitness Quest: I want to work at least 10-15 minutes a day Eat a serving Vegetables at every meal Minimize soda consumption by start with no more tha
  5. My is usually one of the following always with green tea with no sweetner. - Plain Greek yogurt with a small handful of smashed fruit and 1/2tsp of Vanilla Extract -Smoothie: Frozen Spinach, Frozen Kale, Apple, Banana, Mango(If I have some) and water - 1 egg with spinach and mushroom and a slice of toast or 1/2 potato oven roasted (weekends mainly)
  6. I know that I am late to posting but I would have to agree with what has been said so far. But I would also add; see if you can find a two piece NATO strap (cheap nato straps sells them) I like them for there ruggedness and I would purchase a nickel testing kit (I have one for when I want to know if the is any nickel in a belt jewelry etc.)
  7. I did not know where to put this but here goes I need your help. Summer is coming around the corner I am looking for people to join me on my mission to become Rebels with a cause. The mission is the spread some nerdiness, some geekiness and a whole lot of weird to defeat the mundane. I am participating in GISH (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt) and looking my friends and I are looking for teammates. We call ourselves the Federation of Weirdness Even though I live in Wisconsin for this you do not have to live any where near this cheese loving state to particip
  8. Thank you, who would have thought a simple act would change so much.
  9. Weekly update. Despite the fact that I have out of the house working late all week it has went really well. I had the urge to hit that snooze button a couple of times because of late nights but choose not to. And so far my I have noticed that I am a not as rushed as before. But also the desserts I have started to make my tea before I get to work which I have noticed that by doing so it has slowed down my hurry to kitchen at my office first thing in the morning (which is when all the sweets first arrive in the office from our vendors and clients) this in turn allows me to avoid a lot of tempta
  10. I was more is saw of it and wonder if I could do it but I knew it would be a lot of hard work and practice to get there.
  11. A ) At max level: I would be able to move through anything that comes at me with ease because I would be mentally and physically prepared for it. So overall health would be important for me. My greatest strengths for an adventure party would my endurance the work through tough situations, my focus on the details, my ability to learn/retain new information and my creativity/ingenuity. I really would say that I would be the support that has the ability to lead when necessary. B ) Goals: Most of the goals on my list are things that I yet to complete off previous goal list
  12. Hey, to everyone here. As the progress one I am trying to maintain the focus on things that I tried to do in the past but failed a see through to the end. One of those things is my health and focus on journey to become a better version of myself. With that being said I am ready to be more focused on this challenge than before. So here are my Quest to complete during the next 4 weeks: Fitness/Health Quest Only have dessert one per week. I have realized that over the past few years I have indulged to much at work and with friend. Which has lead me to not work o
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