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  1. Challenge cancelled. Full details in Rooks' Battle Log: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/38849-rooks-tracking-the-daily-grind/page-30
  2. P.S: That super-rad pic of both of us looking super-sexy was one of our real engagement pics a few years back.
  3. Well, at the very least, I will win by default in 5 years . I need to loose 10 pounds and add 60 to my lifts. But, my squat is so lackluster that a little work might get the job done. I don't know how close he is to his numbers.
  4. I am ridiculously competitive. Recently, my husband (Rooks) declared his intent to qualify for USAPL Nationals in August. Because I'm me, my response was, "Well, how hard is that anyway? I could do that." And a challenge in our household was born: Who can lift enough to theorectially qualify for nationals first. Hint: Now, I'm not going to actually compete, because paying to lift weights and wearing a singlet isn't my jam just yet, but I will follow the same rules in my in-house competition. So, this is the Nerddanika Beats Rooks in Qualifying for Nationals Challenge. MAIN QUE
  5. Summary GOAL 1: Get Stronger [sTR 3 | STAM 2] Lift 3 times a week (even lifts that I don't love, but that are good for me) Add weight to each of the big 4 Workouts: Week 1: 3/3 Week 2: 3/3 Week 3: 2/3 Week 4: 3/3 Week 5: 3/3 Week 6: 1/3 Total: 15/18 | 83% Goal Successfully added weight to each of the Big 4 | 100% Goal We'll call is 75% points for this goal [+2.25 STR | + 1.5 STA] GOAL 2: Eat Smarter [CON 5] At least 50% of meals will be paleo No office candy. None. 73/126 = 57.9% paleo. Success! However, office candy was consumed a few times. 75%
  6. Week Six Day Four To be honest, after achieving my last lifting goal, I sort of stopped. There were other factors too, but suffice to say that I did not finish strong. Workout: None. Eating 3/3 paleo-ish: Breakfast: Yogurt Lunch: Taco Salad Dinner: Buffalo chicken meatballs with carrots and celery Office candy: None Mobility: Forgot about it. Week Six Day Five Workout: None. Eating 3/3 paleo-ish: Breakfast: Yogurt and almonds Lunch: Salad and pork Dinner: Met a friend for happy hour. Ate a boatload of chicken wings. Office candy: None Mobility: Did a little foot and an
  7. Week Six Day One Workout: None Eating 1/3 paleo-ish: Breakfast: Avocado and hot sauce Lunch: Lentil stew and biscuits Dinner: Had dinner with friends. Pizza. Beer. Ice Cream. Office candy: Office Candy has dominated me...for the following days too. Yuck, Mobility: IT band. Yuck. Week Six Day Two Workout: None. Eating 2/3 paleo-ish: Breakfast: Sausages and blueberries Lunch: Lentils and biscuits. Dinner: Pork and broccoli Office candy: Stil, jelly heart....yum and yuck at the same time. Mobility: Neck, lats, shoulders Week Six Day Three Bench: T
  8. Oh...good mornings. I don't know why more people don't do them. They are crazy on my hamstrings. Light good mornings can wreck anyone.
  9. Week Five Day Six Workout: This workout is brought to you by silence....because a baby was sleeping 5 feet from the squat rack. Squat 10 @ 45 10 @ 45 (pause) 5 @ 45 (front) 10 @ 45 15 @ 45 Calf Raises 10 @ 48 10 @ 48 10 @ 48 10 @ 48 10 @ 48 Ring Pushups: (Since they were still set up) 3 5 2 (set deeper) 2 2 Eating 1/3 paleo-ish: Breakfast: Blueberry waffles, eggs, sausage Lunch: yogurt. Dinner: Nachos. Office candy: None. Mobility: Wailed on the lats and neck. Week Five Day Seven Workout: None.
  10. Week Five Day Four Workout: None Eating 2/3 paleo-ish: Breakfast: Avocado and hot sauce Lunch: Sausage, peppers, onions, and a grapefruit Dinner: Coconut shrimp soup, with a baguette Office candy: None. Mobility: Didn't happen Week Five Day Five Workout: None. Eating 2/3 paleo-ish: Breakfast: Fasted Lunch: Went out to eat with an old co-worker. Sausage on bun, covered with the innards of a reuben sandwich, with a side of onion rings. Dinner: Still full from lunch. (And the dish of office candy that I gorged on) Fasted? Office candy: Failed! Someone brought
  11. Week Five Day Three Workout: A real workout! Overhead Press 10 @ 45 8 @ 65 8 @ 65 8 @ 65 8 @ 65 8 @ 65 Lunges 10 @ 0 10 @ 30 10 @ 30 10 @ 30 10 @ 30 10 @ 30 Then, for fun, I played around with some: Ring Pushups: 1 3 3 3 3 Eating 1/3 paleo-ish: Breakfast: Yogurt and donut. It was the office puppy's first birthday, so puppy's mom brought in donuts, and they were fresh and delicious looking. I fear I am loosing willpower Lunch: Monthly staff meeting pizza day. So, pizza and garlic cheese bread. Dinner:
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