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  1. its been a little while eh? JESUS FEBRUARY?!? wow its been a regular adult sized while but hey, apparently im back. so im resurrecting this thread too. hi hello, hows things? im ok, thanks for asking. presently avoiding doing dumb ass art school homework (seriously, this assignment is so first year, ohmygosh). ive done a number of things for my health in the time ive been absent, most notably i gained back all the weight i lost. so thats good. hooray me. but seriously, ive done some soul searching and ive come to the conclusion that i was here initially for the wrong reasons, and t
  2. can you see that im not wearing pants in this picture? nnnnnope can you see that my house is woefully under construction? YEP! what am i pointing at?? you really gotta check out that wall. so dry.. and wally anyways, i call this outfit my "ive never been to venice" ensemble. it goes well with my "ive never been to venice, but i inherited this mirror from someone who had" mirror
  3. id like to say that i have a distinct style. i have a 1920s steam locomotive conductor chic fashion sense that im rather comfortable with for daily wear (not steampunk.. lets just get that out of the way early). i also have a collection of fancy man hats, ties, suits and masks. masks for every occasion. formal attire masks. evening smoking and whisky sipping masks. going out clubbing masks. frankly, im flush with masks but i did something i always told myself i wouldnt do. i bought an ill fitting suit jacket (a really nice old man jacket in steely blue/grey. picture your grandfather,
  4. @zeroh13 im generally getting my junk in alignment. i think my biggest concern is that school is starting up, but im an adult (depending on who you ask) so ill manage that. plus im not waiting anymore.. school starts on tuesday! so theres one giant looming thing which wont loom anymore. ive been working to compartmentalize my life in terms of organizing and checking off tasks. im generally not very organized, but im using lists and deadlines now as you suggest. i also bought a swank new suit jacket that im in love with and which is entirely too small for me. so next challenges goal will
  5. sitting here like, how do i start writing a post again? this is harder than that time i tried to write a novel Enrique was sitting atop his sit atop lawn mower contemplating the events that lead him to this day. an entire lifetime worth of ill informed decisions and poor planning, and one homicide by sit atop lawn mower, had him convinced that there simply was no meaning to his existence. not no meaning in the immediate sense, as his attention was clearly drawn towards attempting to hide a body which had been messily diced and strewn across his and his immediate neighbors lawns, but rather
  6. frankly, it gets baked in a square pan..its only natural. i believe in respecting the autonomy of the pizza. i let the pizza tell me how it wants to express itself and then i dont get in the way of that. its only natural its clearly natural only a crazy person would go against nature.
  7. have you ever seen a more magical sight. a more pleasing vista? truly one of mankind's most pulchritudinous creations (yeah, YEAH! i used it in a sentence. finally.) im not a firm believer in cheat days but i am a firm believer in pizza, and my god.. fresh vine ripened tomatoes from the porch couldn't serve a better purpose somewhere in the vicinity of 500 calories. i can live with that.
  8. well heres an actual update! im trying not to obsessively weigh myself.. cause obsessivity is bad, and also tracking numbers that regularly is stressful.. especially if for whatever reason those numbers start temporarily going in the wrong direction.. like cause of water weight or whatever. i dont know. nutella probably that said, i weighed myself today and the numbers are going in the right direction. so thats a good start. im only tracking my weight once a week, but its nice to see things working. i ate well. had smoothies and some fish earlier. learned that pickles are 3 c
  9. not a lot to say today. i started tracking numbers again. i have a longer term goal what for between now and christmas where im going to see what discipline i have on this diet around school. so, theres... wheres my how many days till christmas calculator? 119 sleeps! thats a decent amount of time. and i started today. on my bathroom mirror, i wrote the date (yey, triumph over chronology), my weight (less of a yey, i gained 20 lbs since i was last on nerd fitness).. and thats all i wrote. thats all im actually tracking. the exercise, the diet, the macros and calories... its all pretty
  10. ugh. i had to go to costco today. at 7pm.. costcos rush hour. the time when all the parents come out and bring their scream monsters. its like, i get it child. i hate costco too. if it were even remotely socially acceptable id be running through the store shrieking and throwing shit on the ground like you do.. but i have a measured degree of composure which you lack. you dont have to rub it in my face. costco always puts me in a funk. triple washed organic vegetables aside.. year round asparagus aside.. assorted cheeses aside.. i just cant go to costco and have any enjoyment for th
  11. @juliebarkley usually im the fangirl! this is a bizarre turn of events. ive started up a challenge in rebels.. starting again from square one, but damn if this isnt the right place to do it.
  12. @zeroh13 thanks!! how have things been for you? did any of that craziness from the beginning of the year settle down?
  13. @fireandlight so far things are pretty good. ive been running around town a lot, so ive got my cardio in that way. this.. "diet" is always easy to get into. i feel resoundingly better on it. its like all the things those commercials promise, lots of energy, never feeling hungry, hair grows thicker.. whatever except it actually works well for me. not pushing the vegetarian angle so hard is also nice, as a piece of fish here and there certainly makes the day a little better. the school thing.. ill start on that. yepp. sure will!
  14. @fireandlight ooh no.. you are asking me to treat this with cogent thought.. thats gonna be a challenge for me. ok. goals clean up my eating. i was in a routine of 2 smoothies a day and a vegetarian something for the third meal (my smoothies arent regular people smoothies. tons of greens, yogurt, berries and hemp protein.. so its not some crash diet thing, but rather just a meal blended so i can finish it quick and get out of the house. i counted the calories and figured the macros at one point and was pretty a-ok with it, tho i dont remember what the numbers were now). im less vested i
  15. screw it SCREW IT i have no idea when this challenge started or when it will end (i presume its 4 weeks apart, im not entirely clueless). so though im jumping on in the middle, i am at least jumping on. how do you do this again? challenging myself for an indeterminate amount of time. setting goals. smoking bow.. uh i mean.. fighting trolls? yeah. who am i kidding. i am one of the trolls. GOAL SETTING! focus here. we got this. i goal-tend (its like intend, but with goals.. im fairly certain im clever) to finish writing this, dust off my trusty mechanical steed, and pedal myself no
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