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  1. My apologies, I realize I've been MIA for awhile. Workout wise, I haven't been doing everything on core days.(Tuesday and Thursday). I felt Ill yesterday and didn't work out. Other than that the workouts have been consistent. The workouts help me deal with stress, and I've had a bit of that lately. Oh, and I watched a movie yesterday. And I'm watching the Superbowl tonight. That said, I need to cut computer time in the evening as well. The thing that I've realized is that when things are going bad, It's easy to distract yourself until it's time to go to bed and start all over the next day. So I've either found a new distraction or dwelled on the negative. I've also found, I need to start riding my bike to work. Not so much for the exercise, but to pray in the morning and to unwind on the way home. It's not that I don't pray in the house or can't in the car but, something about being outside with no walls around me just seem's 10 x better. I've gotten a little fuel efficient car and have got lazy about riding to work. Which I think has affected my mood a bit. Thanks for asking. I knew I needed to post something, and that question was just what I needed.
  2. Hey, maybe I could be the old guy on your team.
  3. I think you are doing fine for a human. (Which I will take over AI any day)
  4. Thank you two for the encouragement. There were two things going on here. My company wellness bio metric screening was coming up. That probably brought up the weight concern. Actually we did it today and I was 188 lbs 5'9" and my numbers were good. The other thing is other than not watching tv, I'm tanking at the challenge. It's either too noisy to have a quite time in the evening and it seams like I've been unusually busy with other things. I've done alittle of both here and there. But nothing consistent. That said. Last Sunday I came across a scripture that kind of speaks to time management, and believe me, I wasn't looking for it. To end on a more positive note, I haven't watched TV since last year.
  5. That sounds like a blast. I don't know if my knee would take 69 miles. Is there any chance you are going to take photos on the course? I bought a cheap action cam and mounted the remote switch to the handle bars. I wore the chest harness and got a lot of photos on my bike overnighter.
  6. So other than not watching TV, I'm not doing so hot on this challenge. And although my workouts are normal, my weight isn't to good either. I weighed 193 today. Well, tomorrow is a new day, and I'll have another opportunity to do better.
  7. Thank you. I would like to get up to 4 sets of 25. The only other thing might be to join a gym so I could bench press.
  8. So far, the it seems like I'm doing the best with the not watching tv. Need to step up the other two. Today was push up day. I was playing around with how to do push ups and today landed on 7 sets of 14. At some point, I would like to increase the reps and decrease the sets so the total equals 100, but at 53 years old, I will take what I can get. I will probably do less reps of some close handed push ups now that I have the 7 sets out of the way. I went skating last night but it was so hot out, I almost melted. It looks like it is suppose to rain all day. I'm having a hard time getting motivated. Oh well, tonight it will change to snow and I will shovel tomorrow.
  9. Just remember, "I get knocked down, but I get up again You are never gonna keep me down" and keep singing.
  10. It's mainly the right one, and I can still feel a very slight pain. Doesn't bother me skating or riding bike. I'm hoping the squats will strengthen the legs making the knee pain go away. I went skating last night and I think I can skate much harder when it's cold out. I seemed to get tired much quicker than normal last night and the only thing I can think was it was really warm out. I think it was 55 degrees. But I did sweat, so hopefully I got a good workout. I guess I just like breathing the cold air.
  11. Agreed, and I should know that based on my morning reading. I guess sometimes I'm just looking for that mountain top experience. Fortunately, God's promises aren't affected by my feelings. Thanks, I'm really thinking cutting TV watching will be a great basis for goals for the rest of my life.
  12. So I've done well on the not watching TV. As far as meditating on God's word in the evening, so far it's felt manufactured. It's really hard to have a quiet time in the evening. Still working on the decluttering goal. I've decided to start working on doing squats. I always neglect working my legs. Usually because I Skate or ride my bike. The time I tried to jump rope recently, my knee hurt. So I'm hoping that by strengthening my leg, I can get rid of the knee pain. I think I will add it to my core days and see how that works. I went skating yesterday and have rode to work all week, but that will stop tomorrow. It's suppose to be rainy and windy and I'm not feeling it. So I probably won't skate again till Sunday night.
  13. The bad thing is I haven't really started. I'm thinking about buying a mat and trying that. Otherwise the jump rope may go.
  14. Hope you feel better before I finish typing this.
  15. Kind of like a cyborg, that malfunctions sometimes.
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