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  1. The 'What Have I Gotten Myself Into' Challenge

    Hi, everyone! What a week this has been. I've been working on kayaking and organizing travel adventures, keeping up with typical workload, and have discovered that one of our two dogs has bone cancer. But one day at a time, right? Progress updates: Fitness Goal 1: No more than 1 non-paleo treat or alcoholic beverage per day, except when travelling, 6 days out of each week Success! The only day I had more than one non-paleo treat was during our Tuesday AD&D night, when I splurged a little on wine and chocolate. They were certainly calories well spent! And lucky, because my wee little rogue/druid didn't even get to 0 hit points that day, and we killed a dragon and leveled up. Yay! This is a hard challenge because I love my sweeties and drinks, but I'm feeling good about it. Fitness Goal 2: Grab-bag Exercises: Exercise 3 days a week for a 30 minute block of time (not including walking or chores), doing anything at all During the first week, I had two kayaking sessions with a light at-home stretching/yoga session in between. So far, so good! Fitness Goal 3: Complete “Stay Away Until You are Ready” and “Study Your Enemy” quests from the NF Academy. Working on it. Level Up Your Life Goal: Go to whitewater kayak class once a week. This is on track-ish. Next week, my schedule and my instructor's schedule do not mesh up, so I instead had two classes this week: one on Saturday and one on the following Thursday. The Thursday class will have to count for next week's class. I have a lesson scheduled for the week after and will be back on track. The Bonus Goals have not been accomplished yet; working on those, too, little bits at a time. So, during my most recent whitewater lesson, I still failed to roll. The more I think about it, study it, and try unsuccessfully to copy it, the more confused I get! It seems like it would be instinctual or at least not that hard once you have the concept down. It looks simple, like: just roll over. I'm not even sure why I can't do it or what exactly my body is doing underwater. I have a suspicion that maybe being underwater with the extra muscle resistance and being upside down is confusing my muscle awareness altogether. I try to do the hip snap upright on the pool side, and it's fine. I try to do it upside down, and I feel my muscles firing but nothing seems to be moving anywhere. It's so confusing. My instructor only allows that we work on this for so much at a stretch so that I don't imprint bad muscle memory but in my frustration I just want to keep doing it until I flip myself back up. The very first flip or two is still a little bit nerve racking, but after that the nerves go away, I get very annoyed at my performance, and find myself asking if I can please try it again? Again? Again!!! Arg. Well, maybe next time. The GOOD news is that I actually got to go down one of the rapids channels, even though I can't roll yet! He put me in a thing he called a duckie, which is like half raft, half kayak. It is wider (requiring me to reach the paddle farther to the side) and more stable. He told me to follow him closely, I told him I had no idea what to do, and down we went anyway. 4 of the 6 pumps were on; I'm not sure what that means, whether we were on Class II or Class III rapids? Guessing Class II because the course maxes out at Class IV when they're all on. On the first run I made it almost all the way through the course, and on the very last rapid (one of the largest ones) I went over it, started to go forward, then got sucked backwards against an obstacle and flipped. I could tell the flip was coming but actually swimming in the rapid was very startling! Even more startling was that I was actually totally ok. I had a few nanoseconds of: ack! rapids kill people! Someone will have to save me! What do I do? Will anybody see me? And then this awkward and completely unnecessary, ineffective swim where I kicked with my feet and just reached my arm straight up hoping it would poke above the water so someone could see my hand and help me. But then, ta da, I soon popped back up and the water pushed me and my boat on down the stream. I think I had the biggest grin on my face because I flipped and... it was ok. And fun. And also my arms were getting really tired! Ha. I had to get help to get out and recover my boat and paddle. We did the channel at least twice more, and I flipped over at least once on each run in different places, usually because I had a difficult time maneuvering the boat into the right angle and spot for a rapid pass - getting stuck behind a barrier was common. After the first flip I was able to recover the boat and reset on my own mid-stream. During the last run, I obviously think that the reason I did not make it all the way through without dumping out was because my arms were tired. I knew exactly what to do and moved to do it, but wasn't quite fast enough, and had lost the fear of falling out so was missing that extra adrenaline pump to make up for fatigue. I don't think I could have done another pass. My little noodle arms were beat. It was SO MUCH FUN! I felt great! It also requires so much constant focus and speed that it put me pretty instantaneously in the zen flow mode (but only when I was able to tamp down the nervousness), similar to when playing a racing video game, sparring, or in a complex choreography performance. I don't know if I'll acquire the aptitude needed to go down the channel on my own before the end of the season, but it's definitely a someday goal now. I wish I had started learning earlier in the season. I was honestly too scared. Oh. But! BUT!!! My instructor said that I am learning the rapids more quickly than most, and dumping out less often than most. So that makes me feel really good! Kinda makes up some for having such a hard time on the rolls. I have been thinking that whitewater kayaking is more of a just-for-fun skill rather than a practical skill, like regular kayaking. I mean, from a stable flatwater boat, you could fish or get from point A to point B or carry loads... but whitewater is pretty frivolous. You certainly wouldn't want to fish from a whitewater playboat or try to carry much of anything on it or in it. Generally, I like to feel that my fitness ventures have some sort of practical benefit, but I haven't decided if I care that this one doesn't. Just one of the musings that happen AFTER you dump yourself into a series of rapids. Adventure!
  2. Better Than I Once Was, Better I Intend to Be

    Sorry you've had a rough time. You sound like you're in the right mindset to push through it and make positive things happen despite it all. You can do it!
  3. Kalitraz contemplates consistency

    Glacier park sounds beautiful. I'm glad you had a good time, and good job meeting your goals even while you were on vacation/travel status!
  4. Noddy enters the Historic Ruins

    Oooh, what a lovely castle adventure! I'm glad you were able to turn that slip-up around. I'm sure you'll get to Stonehenge another day. I am on Academy level 3 also! That was the one I stalled out on... I could not figure out how to do chin ups at home. :-( The hubby is sure I'll kill myself or destroy the house if I buy one of those friction mount things, and our house is too old to actually install something permanent (it is hard to find studs and even if you do, it may not work... I punched two holes in the ceiling back when I was doing pole dance/fitness and trying to install my pole! So his concerns that I will break something are legitimate.) It's been so long now I may have to start over at Academy level 2... Anyway, GO YOU! Good job working on the 3A! :-D You'll get better at it for sure. Oh. I DID see some kinda steps you could do chin ups at home... like getting under a table and doing them from the bottom of the table, or doing them on a doorknob was another. I found them on YouTube. I tried the table one for a while, it was better than nothing, and my little noodle arms were up to the challenge.
  5. Brogo's adventures of the starving artist

    Congratulations on the raise - that's sweet! I liked your warehouse workout post, btw. I am sure the wage is well earned and helping along with fitness goals. I was lucky enough to see the HR Geiger museum in Switzerland a couple of years ago. SO cool! I had to zoom through it, though, because toddler cousin was waiting outside with her mother for me to come back out. I'm not sure if your toad reminds me of his work, either... but I do really like the toad! I'm sorry you had a crummy week. I hope the next one will be better. It helps me to remember that weight tends to ping pong up and down, but it's the end point and overall trend that matters...
  6. Wolfen Develops Mental Toughness

    Wooohooo! *toot toot* Hooray! Congratulations! What program?
  7. Korranation Gets Spirited Away

    Good job on cooking healthy meals. They DO look good! What about a mini-fridge? Could you get a mini-fridge off of Craig's list and keep it in your room? This works in cubicle-farm land to keep people out of your stuff...
  8. The 'What Have I Gotten Myself Into' Challenge

    Thank you guys so much! I have been busier than normal this week and haven't been able to engage in the forum much since I posted last, but I've really appreciated your encouragement!
  9. My love of boats and boredom of recreational flat water paddling led me to excitedly sign up for a 5-lesson whitewater kayaking package as last challenge’s bonus goal. It has slowly sunk in just exactly what I have gotten myself into. I am going to be upside down, underwater, probably a lot. I have tricked myself into playing around with two of my three phobias simultaneously, for fun! (If a wasp lands on me during my lesson, there you go. All three phobias.) So I expect that I am going to grow my mental fortitude quite a lot during this challenge. My next class will be rolling in the kayak. So for 90 minutes I will be doing NOTHING BUT poking at my phobias with a giant stick: The very strong phobia of not breathing, and the lesser phobia of being upside down. I’m paying for this. What is wrong with me? Clearly I was not thinking too hard when I signed up for this or I would have talked myself out of it. (So: yay, me, good job for signing up!) It’s going to be fun, dammit. And I really feel like an Adventurer in training now! Yes, I usually refuse swimming in deep water because you never know when you might have an asthma attack and drown (swimming out to the buoys in lakes always takes some courage, and then I hang on to them when I arrive). And yes, I quit gymnastics when I was a kid and went back to ballet because I was scared to flip upside down. And yes, I full out panicked during my HAZWOPER class in college because I was terrified of the limited air quantity in the SCBA, and swore to never need HAZWOPER certification again. But this kayak roll class will be fun, dammit. FUN. After last week, I’ve already been upside down under water a few times and had my initial freak-out… so that’s the hardest part… right? Right? … (insert nervous, crazy laugh here) FUN. And I am going to finish All. Five. Classes. And I will freaking like them. And I will go through the rapids course and not die, at least once by the end of this 4-week challenge. Even if I go through when it’s on the easiest baby flow, I will do it… RAR! All of the Hobbits back home at the Shire and in Buckland will be so scandalized when they hear about it! Besides, one might need to paddle up the Brandywine in search of mushrooms (or adventure)… someone has to do it, or else Granny Took won’t be able to make her famous mushroom gravy. _______________________________________________________________________ That being said, here are my goals for the next 4 week challenge: Fitness Goal 1: No more than 1 non-paleo treat or alcoholic beverage per day, except when travelling, 6 days out of each week Fitness Goal 2: Grab-bag Exercises: Exercise 3 days a week for a 30 minute block of time (not including walking or chores), doing anything at all Fitness Goal 3: Complete “Stay Away Until You are Ready” and “Study Your Enemy” quests from the NF Academy. Level Up Your Life Goal: Go to whitewater kayak class once a week. Bonus Goal 1: Finish re-arranging household furniture in the wake of the Great Roommate Shuffle of 2017. This has been in the works for some months now and the delay is aggravating. I want my organized house back and the furniture dodging is growing tiresome. Bonus Goal 2: Schedule a trip to Yosemite: This is in the works, but the dates are coming up fast and it still might fall through, so I need to stay on top of it. We don’t have the vacation time to be gone for very long, but I hope for at least 3-4 solid days of day hikes and other outdoor adventures with out-of-state friends.