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  1. The Tavern

    “Well, Mr. Mutton sir, I’m ‘ere to make a name fer meself. I’m a bit o’ a scholar,” she began (meaning that she had read a lot of books), “an’ a good detective.” (Or, at least, she anticipated that she would be.) “I specialize in things uncanny. Word o’ yer town’s strife ‘as traveled wide, and I think me services could be useful ‘ere. It can’t be natural, so much tragedy in one place.” Josephine sighed, and gratefully touched the menu with her fingertips. “But first, I need a full belly, and a base of operations. That is,” she added, regretfully, “jes a place to lay me ‘ead. I guess I’ll figure that out later.” She shoved her disappointment aside. What was one more problem to solve, anyhow? One step at a time! She looked back at Mutton with a smile. “I’d like some stew please, sir, if ye’d be so kind.” There is little better than stew on a cold night. Except for maybe a shot of whiskey… but she thought it would be safe to preserve some of her coin for now. “After that, if ye think of a place I might be able to stay tonight, or someone who may be able to use me ‘elp, I’d appreciate the tip.” She perched herself primly on one of the barstools. She’d be near at hand, in case Mutton thought of something he’d be willing to share, and she’d be able to hear what else was said at the bar. Barkeepers often had conversations that were enlightening to strangers. The pianist changed tune, something graceful and lyrical. She thought she recognized it, but wasn’t certain… no one had picked up to sing yet. The gentle sound seemed at odds with the general energy she felt from the tavern; tension prickled over the card game (as often happens with money at stake), brooding and manipulative intentions wafting through the air as certain as the smells of beer and stew. And of course, over all of that, the foreboding that had brought her here; it blanketed the town like the best English fog. She knew there was something off. She felt it. She could almost taste it. But what was it? One step at a time. Stew first. Lyrics:
  2. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    How are your goals coming along? A little late to the party, but I'm very low-tech with my work tasking. I use MS Outlook pop-ups to remind me about meetings, as well as when to start re-curring projects (such as quarterly reports), and upcoming project deadlines. I use MS Outlook to flag and categorize action items that come in through my email box and I only delete them or move them after they are completed, so email box doubles as a to-do list. I use sticky notes like crazy... it is a little bit embarrassing to use so much extraneous paper in an environmental organization, but I have tried other methods and nothing gets my attention like a sticky note right in my face to remind me that I need to do something. I will even put the sticky notes on my monitor, on my phone, on my PC, on my field books, etc... and stack papers in order of priorities (with or without sticky notes on them) on my desktop. If things are really crazy, I'll pause for a few minutes before I leave work at the end of the day, and write a note for myself about what I need to do when I come back to work again, and put numbers next to the items suggesting what I might want to do first. (Yes, I have a BIG sticky note for this.) Sometimes I stack the sticky notes on top of one another, and only get to an item on a lower sticky note after the top sticky note has been taken care of and thrown away. I also have multiple calendars. I have a little one that I carry, a big desktop one, plus the electronic Outlook one (which actually has several different calendars stored in it). It is a bit amateurish, but I really need to have a physical, tangible reminder so it works for me.
  3. Leigh - Mostly Harmless

    Are you doing better? I want to see your yarn art dealies!
  4. Korranation Dances with Dragons

    Behold: Smaug, Old-school! <3
  5. Cannonfury's End of 2017 Challenge

    How's it going?
  6. Teros 39: [Hardcore Crusader]

    The former dancer totally relates. I don't know how many times I heard other dancers talk with horror about trying to get pedicures. "They tried to take off my calluses!! I'm like, STOP THAT! I need those! It took me a long time to build those!!!" :-) Anyways.... yay yay yay for you! :-D
  7. Lucky Streak

    Week 2 rundown: exercise plan: As mentioned in the previous posts, I had to adjust my workout plan to walking only, and I missed two days in a row (Tuesday and Wednesday). I've carried on fine since then, but I miss my rewards for the overall achievement (massage), checking off my NF Academy quest, and coffee shop fun time. My trail walk for last Sunday was one I had frequented as a teen; it was much as I'd remembered it. I did do my trail walk today; again, this trail had expanded quite a lot since I'd visited several years ago. It had one short trail, now it has three short trails plus an access road. I looped all three trails together (barring the part that was closed for construction), and was delighted to find that some of them were not paved. They had nice crushed granite, but I could still feel the ground moving under my Chucks, which I love. I'll be back to this trail. I have noticed during this challenge that the trails in my city, in general, are more trafficked than they used to be. I remember being the only nature geek out alone much of the time (except for the cyclists), and now I arrive to packed parking lots at the trailheads and well-populated trails... including entire families with wee ones. It's quite a change. And because I've been avoiding the city trails for a few years, I don't know which came first: increased usership or expanded trail systems. I'm keenly curious about this; I wish I knew. It's a good, healthy cultural change. I prefer being alone on the trails, but this makes for a healthier community. I'm all for that. I'm reaching the end of the shorter urban trails. The average length has been 2 miles. Upcoming trails are 10 miles or more; I'm going to have to consider how to handle those. Do I schedule them in as big chunks, or do I break them up into loops? It may have to depend on how my schedule and my health is going (I once injured myself pretty well doing 13 mountainous miles in the February cold; live and learn). Meditating is going well. Maybe 1/3 of the time I get around to it for the last thing at night, and then fall asleep... but I'm still doing it. I'll get better at it. Sometimes I like doing it at bedtime, just to tame the mental circus that happens when I'm trying to go to sleep. I haven't scheduled my crafting reward for organizing my office boxes. At least that is one thing I've succeeded at. I've made headway on prepping my external frame backpack. This weekend I took it apart, and therefore have a good idea of how to put it back together. I also hand-washed and rinsed it in the bathtub and hung it out to dry. The hubby eyed me dubiously while I soaped and swished in the tub, and chuckled when I told him: "I don't mind if my pack is dirty, but I want to earn my own dirt!" Sadly, some of the plastic pieces which hold the straps to the bottom of the pack shattered when I washed it. I think the pack is probably 25 years old, so I guess those plastic bits had just expired. It is better I learn this now than on the trail. Now I have to figure out if the shattered pieces are vital, if I can repair or replace them, or if I'll have to replace that entire portion of the pack. In my googling about this pack, I have learned a few things. Most importantly, there are a couple of military backpack systems that are compatible with this frame, so it will be easy to buy replacement pieces. Secondly, external frames are so out of style right now that it is difficult to find any type of care, repair, or usage tips at all. I do have a hiking book that details where to place loads in such a pack, and I've found a couple of websites that also detail loading an external frame, but as far as any other useful information goes, it looks like I'm mostly on my own or else I'll have to seek out tips via word of mouth. As I was washing this pack, the bathtub turned a yellowish brown (dirt in my home state is usually RED), and a lot of it was so fine that it did not wash out of the equipment. It reminded me nostalgically of playa dust, and made me wonder where this pack has been. I think it would be cumbersome to take an external frame to Black Rock City, buuuutttt... that doesn't mean this pack hasn't ventured in similar places. (Or maybe some burner out there was dead set on not leaving their pack behind.)
  8. Wolfen Becomes a Warrior Elite

    Thank you! And you're welcome! And hey, did you see this story? I thought about you and your SoulCon activities when I read it. He does make a good point (as popes tend to do...): Pope wants to change Lord's Prayer:
  9. Lucky Streak

    I have fallen into the holiday sweets/alcohol trap again. I've easily at least doubled my consumption of both. The worst part is that I kind of care, but I kind of don't. I'm really not sure what to do about it. Obviously I need to not go into the danger zone on the alcohol, but other than that... Also, I let the day slip without going on my walk on Wednesday, so I'm out for my overall win reward. I was on the road all day for work, then went out for a happy hour, then came home, had dinner, and fell asleep on the couch. During dinner. (This is the other affect winter has on me. I think I may be part bear, because when the sun goes down early, I either start gobbling carbs or I go down with it...) So boo on me, and then boo again. Meditating is going ok. I haven't started working on my framed backpack yet. I had a big to-do at work on Tuesday (a large public meeting about a high profile, big-dollar project in which a reporter showed up, and I presented, and I dreamed about it a few nights in advance (sadly, no one was naked in these dreams), and had to wear grown-up clothes). It went very well. Better than I expected, honestly. And now we continue marching onward with the biggest project of my career thus far. I am trying to tunnel-vision this into baby steps so as not to give myself hives, convince myself that I am not in over my head, and remind myself how fun it is. Yippy skippy! I admit to counting my work day as my walk on Tuesday because I do not feel as though I sat down much at all, but if I'm honest, it wasn't a mindful walk for my health so I really skipped two days of walks in a row. Holidays and winter do make me feel kind of drained, so maybe that has something to do with my workplace doubts. It is pretty unusual for me. Maybe I will feel more confident in the spring; there is plenty of time for my confidence to turn around. This is the kick-off of a ten-year project. A project that goes on for this long hurts my brain, but that is where we return to baby steps. It's also been a while since I've had to do heavy analytical work... my project management and report drafting skills have gotten very good, but I feel rusty on analysis. I can delegate some of it, but I still need to do a chunk on my own and be able to doublecheck the delegated bits. It will be fine and even healthy. I just need to get out my oil can. Meanwhile, there is Christmas. I have at least five unavoidable social gatherings in the very near future, and there are usually also surprise visits. Sometimes I think I am only pretending to be a friendly person, but I'm actually not. That seems terrible... :-\ (Disclaimer: If you like fuzzy feeling Christmas songs, you may not like this one...) PS - The happy hour I went to on Wednesday... the bar had housemade chai rum. They infused rum with chai tea! How genius is THAT? I have GOT to do that. They made mules with it; they were incredible, and it totally did taste like a holiday in a cup.
  10. Wolfen Becomes a Warrior Elite

    I've heard motivational speakers talk, and they rarely make a lasting impact on me because I am a stranger in a crowd to them. They don't care about me because they don't even know my name. Their broadly applicable messages and personal struggles were interesting and temporarily inspiring, but did not speak to my own life. The most I hope for from these strangers are some good stories and maybe a new idea or two. On the other hand, my teachers have ALL made a lasting impact on me, in one way or the other, often in ways that I didn't even realize until I was much older. I remember every one of them. I couldn't even tell you the names of the motivational speakers I've heard at conferences and similar events. (Except for the road trip I took to see the Dalai Lama, cuz, duh, it was the Dalai Lama...) Sometimes I valued them for teaching me things, sometimes I valued them for treating me respectfully and making me feel worthy (teenagers don't get a lot of that - at least I didn't), sometimes they inspired me, sometimes neither of us knew it but they were giving me the shot of kindness or humor that I needed to get through the week. A couple of them, I considered secretly to be surrogate parents but I could never tell them so. Sometimes kids listen and learn, but it takes a while to figure out how to put it into practice. There was at least one case where I only realized what the teacher was trying to help me with years later, and I could have kicked myself for missing out on it at the time. Even teachers that I did not like were still teachers; if I learned nothing else from teachers I didn't like, maybe I learned in retrospect that I should have been kinder to them and tried harder to respect and learn from them, or maybe I learned how to learn on my own when their methods didn't work for me. But it's all part of growing. I am going to shadow Annyshay by saying that the simple fact that you are there, and trying your best, and care about them, can mean the world. I can't say thank you to all of my old teachers. But I CAN say it just as meaningfully to you, because I know you are carrying the same torch and there will be students, like me, who only realize the value of your lessons and support after they leave your classroom. So thank you from me, on their behalf.
  11. Lucky Streak

    I am feeling rejuvenated and motivated after last Challenge. Taking it easy is a bummer, but it’s nice to have an excuse to be less achy. I don’t mind hurting so long as I’m not creating or exacerbating an injury, but it’s still a relief. I’m also reminding myself of the light exercise I can safely do, and there was more variety than I thought, which is cheering me up. I succeeded at adapting to the new 4-day, early-rise workweek. I even woke up early on Sunday without an alarm clock set. I actually prefer working longer days because I get bigger blocks of time to concentrate without interruption, and the “secret” day off for nonsocial time is perfect. I’m prepped and ready to conquer whatever. I’m going into this challenge feeling extra thankful. The Thanksgiving holiday is, honestly, just a coincidence. Much to my relief, my favorite cousin was sent home early from deployment, safe and sound, from a war zone. My roommate just returned from his overseas mission trip. My nephew has finally started doing well in school, and may get to move up a grade after all. My uncle has a new home. Dad has new teeth. My best friend (my dog) is recovering from surgery and has a new knee. I have some new treatment options to explore for my gimp joints. I have no complaints and I’m going to enjoy the sh@$ out of this lucky streak while it’s here. Lots of fresh starts. Lots of energy for the new challenge. I'm attaching a portrait of my bestie. She’s beautiful and perfect. Her tail is blurry because it is ALWAYS WAGGING. I'm not sure how to insert it, so attachment it is. I’m ready to start it early. I will just call this WEEK ZERO. And, since I was not prepared to go hiking Sunday, it will start Monday. I’ve done enough challenges in a row both here and elsewhere that they are starting to feel dull, so I’m adding a reward for each one. For this challenge: Fitness/Diet Quests Stick to exercise plan: Saturday: 30 minute yoga, body weight, or stretch Sunday: 30+ minute outdoor hike Monday: 30 minute walk Tuesday: 30 minute walk Weds: Free Thursday: 30 minute walk Friday: 30 minute yoga, body weight, or stretch Reward: Check off “Don't miss 2 in a row, for 1 month” (NF Academy). Schedule some leisure book time at a coffee shop. Meditate every day Reward: After 2 weeks, check NF Ac. Quest. After 4 weeks, go to a public session and learn a new meditation. Level Up Your Life Quest Organize office boxes full of random stuff Reward: Do woodburning or other craft Epic Quest Prep framed backpack Reward: Schedule a half-day hike I also win special loot if I complete every quest: I get to take money out of my fitness savings account and schedule a massage! *squee* That will be a great treat. (It will be a major award)