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  1. Adventure Prep - Fall Baby!

    Yay, dance class?! How fun!! Good luck to him. (I get super excited about all things dance. And male tappers - gee are there some great ones out there! Have you seen Tap, with Gregory Hines? That was a good one.) Happy anniversary! :-) So many exciting things happening in your life. And you're welcome. Thank you for mentioning it; that's nice.
  2. [Sylvaa] Hot Mess

    I did a good chunk of these in phases a little over a year ago. I thought they were a good exercise and resulted in several months of good habits and momentum, but they started to wear off. I found it helped if I reviewed the most pertinent ones as reminder, but I am now reaching the point where I have run out of fuel. Some of them are beginning to seem dated and I think I will need to re-do them. I haven't worked up the gumption yet, but as my life and circumstances change, it stands to reason that all of the answers to those questions change, too. At this point I feel like I'm kind of just floating along. So the moral of this story... is that I thought they were worthwhile, but to achieve best effectiveness are more of a starting point than a one-and-done.
  3. Soulcon, Spartan, School, and Stranger Things

    I've read a lot of Stephen King, but not that one. It does match the theme also in that IT was popular in the 80s, and Stranger Things takes place in the 80s. I swallowed Stranger Things whole last year and loved it. I have a lot to say on it which is really TMI here, but with Halloween coming... As a nerd, I thought the most hilarious thing about the popularity of Stranger Things was that people (non-gamers) were setting out D&D games and leaving them out on their table as Halloween decor. So... basically... these houses were decorated like what is a normal house to me and how many other nerds, for Halloween! Bwahahaha.... ok. Ok ok ok. Moving on. Good luck with your challenge, your masters, your life. I believe in you!
  4. The Trading Post -- Where Adventurers Gather

    Hi, Annyshay! So, two things. Thing number one. There was a bake sale at work today. I visited so many times that the security guard thought I worked there. ... Thing number two. The forums give me a little bit of heartburn for this in-between work. Because you can still post in the old forum, but it's basically dead and people will be reasonably hesitant to respond, if they even still visit the old forum. And the new forum isn't actually active yet, so the same thing applies but to a lesser extent. I almost feel like I should post my last challenge summaries or anything substantial in the new challenge forums, even though I haven't designed or posted my new challenge yet, because of how quickly the old forum dies out... This totally sounds like a newbie problem so I'm really hoping some of the more experienced of you could provide some unspoken guidelines or tips as to when to make the switch and for what.
  5. StarlordPhoenix: The Journey Begins

    We nerds, we look things up. That looks DELICIOUS. And Christmassy.
  6. Who the F*** is Vincent Van Bro?

    but but... you made cool music art! :-D
  7. Adventure Prep - Fall Baby!

    Well, you're re-calibrating, right? You'll be back on top of it soon. Good luck to all of your little ones. I have asthma also. And yeah, treatments have advanced a lot!!! I'm 90% cured at this point after going to the asthma clinic. And wow, there is even such a thing. I'm sure it will help them that you've been through it, too.
  8. Teros 37: Reclaimed Crown

    I don't know what to say, other than: I did read it. And I'm sorry. And regardless of whatever you wind up accomplishing, or don't, I really admire you for trying, on multiple levels.
  9. The Plot Thickens

    Yosemite: Sorry, the photos are still top secret and held under lock and key on the husband's phone. We have our best spies working on uncovering these pieces of evidence, but until then there is only word of mouth to go on... So we got to Yosemite around dinner time and took a little walk around the hotel. We found a stream nearby and had a great time hanging out there for a couple of hours. The husband took to skipping rocks, and our other male friend decided to start building a bridge of rocks across the stream. (Don't worry, he did not actually make a dam out of pebbles, it was more like a little peninsula.) I skulked up and down the shoreline searching out every critter I could find and sticking my toes in the water, and other lady friend stacked rocks. There is so much to be done on a stream! We drove into Yosemite the next day, which was, of course, breathtaking. We picked a hike that had been recommended and rated "challenging" - to the top of Vernal Falls and back - and headed straight up. All four of us learned that we are not as young as we used to be, so there were a lot of breaks on the way up and down. Two of us (me included) irritated our knees in the process and we were all super happy at the end of the hike to have Not Died. I did feel a little better that the other person in our party who hurt themselves was a super-fit rock-climber adventure-sports type of person, soooo... maybe I'm not *too* broken down yet. We were all sore so on Day 2 we wound up staying in the valley floor, poking around in museums, gift shops, and art galleries, and took a bus tour. We went back on the trail on Day 3. We started the day with a warm-up hike walking to the base of Yosemite falls, and the boys went bouldering to get a closer look. We ate protein bars and watched them, making up stories about pirate squirrels that live in the caves. After that we all decided to take what turned out to be a kind of long drive to see a different part of the park in the higher elevations. Up here there was snow! So of course there were tiny snow men, and snow ball throwing. We hiked around Tolumne Meadows, and I was so excited to be so near the John Muir Trail and the Pacific Ridge Trail. Everyone else was underwhelmed. I was like, "But these are famous trails!" Oh well. I carefully tasted the soda springs, which was interesting, and we then took another short drive and hiked to the top of one of the nearby rock domes. I think this was my favorite place of the trip. You could see so far, and it was quiet, and it felt like I was alone on top of the world. We intended to spend a fourth day in Yosemite, but apparently I did not time our flight well, and we had to leave a day early to go back to San Francisco to make the plane on time the next afternoon. Since we had a surprise free day, we detoured to drive through Napa and Sonoma. We had lunch and a few wine tastings. We bought three bottles of special occasion wine to take back in our luggage. It was a relaxing beautiful day with some nice conversation. Then dinner in San Fran, and home. The day after we got home was the day the first big rockfall on El Capitan hit the news, and another one the day after. And of course, a week or so later the fires started in Napa/Sonoma. I'd never been to any of these places before, and now they will never be the same. It reminds me a little of the day (several years ago) I made a friend in a bed and breakfast, and she died later the same day. It's a very strange feeling. I had *just* been there watching climbers on El Capitan, and driven through those wine country communities. And I was thinking about California fires during my whole trip (it is a symptom of my occupation) while I eyed the dry vegetation. I think all of the wineries I visited still exist. For now. But what a sad thing. It gives me the chills. I certainly feel very... Octoberish... after it all.
  10. The Plot Thickens

    Week 4 report Fitness Goal 1: No more than 1 non-paleo treat per day. So I failed at this one again, and I'm going to seriously think about whether I want it to roll over. I am not sure I actually WANT to do this. What I really want to do is eat pretty healthy while still having a little treat here and there that I enjoy, while not going overboard or making myself feel blah. And I'm doing ok at that, with the exception of occasionally dipping too deeply into the candy bowls at work. So I'm going to be re-evaluating what I actually want to do here. Fitness Goal 2: Follow new fitness strategy: 1 goal-based session, 1 therapy session, 1 need-based session PT on Monday, played a doubleheader on Weds, and went for a 30 minute walk on Saturday. Good week. Fitness Goal 3: Create list of goals to tie to my goal-based sessions and list of activities for need-based sessions Done Level Up Your Life Goal: Finish organizing the house and getting the furniture and stuff settled. Done
  11. Mini-Challenge: The Adventurers Go Exploring

    My mom wanted to get out of the house yesterday, so I picked her up to take her wherever she wanted to go. She visited my favorite coffee shop for the first time, then wanted to get a haircut. After that I took her to a soda fountain she used to frequent and we had ice cream sodas on the patio. Next, she wanted to go look at her old high school so we parked out front and chatted. I would not have minded driving her around randomly all day, but it was about dinner time, so we went home after that. I managed to sneak ahead of her and pay every time! muahaha.
  12. The Plot Thickens

    So, the below goals will be suspended during this challenge for two reasons: Firstly, I will be travelling and spending some days in Yosemite (hiking, I hope!), and I expect that week will suspend the structured goals. Secondly, I tweaked my bad joint after my last kayak class and have been taking it easy while it recovers. I am hoping it will be recovered enough to get CAREFULLY back on my exercise schedule in a few days, but I'll have to play it by ear. Fitness Goal 1: No more than 1 non-paleo treat per day. Strategy: Plan out 1 yummy paleo treat per day, and always make available favorite tea/coffee drinks. Fitness Goal 2: Follow new fitness strategy: 1 goal-based session, 1 therapy session, 1 need-based session Strategy: This month's goal is to do my best for my softball team. (So weird that I am saying this) Fitness Goal 3: Create list of goals to tie to my goal-based sessions and list of activities for need-based sessions Level Up Your Life Goal: Finish organizing the house and getting the furniture and stuff settled.