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  1. Thanks the welcome back and your helpful response! One of my main downfalls is eating bad one day and allowing that to be a downward spiral. Also, just feeling overwhelmed in general with a lack of energy/stress and letting that dictate me eating food to comfort myself. I think eating to comfort myself is my biggest downfall.
  2. So....I'm back at where I started about 9 months ago. I lost ~20 pounds, then life happened and I stopped working out and started eating crap to comfort myself. Gained back the 20 pounds and here I am. I'm struggling with my cycle of 'lose some weight', get bored, and go back to how I used to eat. ....I want to lose ALL of my weight but I really don't know how to keep my motivation through the long haul (already lost 60 pounds, looking to lose another 50 and get down to around 140-150). The lowest I've been is 179. Help or advice is appreciated!
  3. Yup, this is the story of my sugar intake as well. I'll do well until I get to work (which is a toxic, depressing environment with free candy) and then I become possessed and I have a very difficult - if not impossible - time stopping consuming a ton of candy. I'm not sure that I have any advice, per say, but having healthy sweet treats (Larabars) helped some (until I ate them all....). I've also been trying to add honey to my tea to curb cravings but that hasn't been helping either. You're not alone in your struggles! I'm curious to see how other people have reduced their in
  4. Thank you. I do have some dairy substitute milks that I make smoothies with. I'm a fan of coconut and flaxmilk. =) It's just hard, because the farm that my spouse and I work at gives us free goat milk and then we have to buy alternative milks for me.....it just seems silly. Here's a link to the Core Workout I've been doing.
  5. You're welcome, @Blocky. The fun thing about homebrewing your own kombucha is you can flavor it however you want. I think my favorite flavor is turmeric ginger, but I'm excited to try brewing an apple spice kombucha too. Kombucha is great plain too. =) Let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of further help!
  6. I thought that raw goat products were fine (normally what I have -- raw cheese and raw milk) but after being away from goat milk for a few months and re-introducing it into my diet, I've felt bloated and had other GI issues. =/ GI issues may be related to an increased carb intake (potatoes, limited rice) when I'd been away for 4-ish months. Not cutting out goat milk entirely, but my body is out of balance right now and I need to work on getting things settled again. The recipe for 'booch' (as I like to call it) is here -- Kombucha Recipie I grew my own scoby from a bo
  7. That experience sounds so magical! Updates so far on my challenge: 1. Lift weights Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Monday, Wednesday, Friday for an hour (using weight lifting videos and bodyweight fitness routine) Lifted weights twice this week (Wednesday and Friday) for 30 minutes both times. Am going to try a beginner's bodyweight fitness exercise routine I found on Reddit for this challenge. I think I might lift weights once a week, and do the bodyweight workout twice a week. 2. Work on core at least 6 times a week for 20 minutes (using cor
  8. That's so awesome! I heard some barn owls a few nights ago on an evening walk. =)
  9. Thank you! I home brew komboucha as well as kraut, and notice a big difference in my mood, nutrient absorption, and overall energy levels of when I consume probiotics versus when I don't.
  10. You're very welcome. Thanks for your willingness to learn. =) I also may have bit off more than I could chew....the jury is still out on that. I think that I've made my goals SMART(er) for my next challenge. Thanks for the good luck in regards to that! I look forward to seeing you around the forums as well.
  11. Thank you for posting this. Although I'd ideally be 100% Paleo, I snack on popcorn on occasion as well has adore homemade hashbrowns. Hearing the 80/20 rule really helps put things in perspective for me!
  12. One of my favorite drinks involves a bit of honey, a shot of ACV, and 4 ounces of water. =)
  13. Thanks! I'm not using a program for lifting (yet). I've been attending a body weight class at a local gym and found the videos for the class online. Do you have a recommendation on a good weight lifting program?
  14. I'm back for my 2nd challenge! I learned a lot from my first challenge (including the fact that I need goals that are spelled out and a solid plan in order for me to be successful. That being said.... Here are my goals for my 2nd challenge (starting today!): 1. Lift weights Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Monday, Wednesday, Friday for an hour (using weight lifting videos) 2. Work on core at least 6 times a week for 20 minutes (using core videos) 3. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day 4. Save at least $150 from each paycheck 5. Bring healthy
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