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  1. I'm cosplaying one of my favorite characters (genderbent) from Critical Role for the upcoming Awesome Con. I ordered my cosplay items online, and three of them arrived today. To my happy surprise, they all fit!
  2. It's been a hot second since I put anything up here. Over the past month I've gone through family holidays, a break up with a long term long distance partner, and grueling work hours. As a result, my workouts have been a bit of a yo-yo. My goal is to get in two strength training sessions during the week, and a coaching session on the weekend. I also want to get back to rowing two times a week during work. This will be the first time I'm able to get back to the gym during the work week in the past two weeks. Excitement abounds!
  3. As part of my training regimen for Strongman, I have to send videos of myself to my coach. After speaking with another Strongwoman, she recommended the Perchmount. (I'm not being paid, I just think it's fucking awesome!) Perchmount is a cellphone holder with a magnet attachment, that can hold your cellphone while you workout. For someone who works out solo, this is a wonderful product. I pop my cellphone in C shaped the holder, stick it to the metal frame, and workout.
  4. Oh that does suck! I made sure to select "auto back up" on my fitness app. That way I won't lose the chart of my progress.
  5. Holy Hera it's Christmas Eve! For those of you that celebrate, merry Christmas. For pagans, happy belated solstice. For atheists- I hope you got your laundry done. My first strongman coaching session was last week. He sent me my training plan on Monday night, and I started working out on Tuesday and Thursday. My current exercises are: Primary exercises: Tuesday: Squats (5 sets of 5) Set 1 & 2: air squats to low bench focusing on form for 8 reps Set 3: 45# bar x 5 Set 4 & 5: 50# x 5 Bench press Se
  6. *chuckle* I might be on my way to breaking myself. I've started doing "Good Mornings", and I'm still not entirely sure on the body positioning. My back is slowly paying for it. I've gotta go back to my trainer and ask for a modified exercise.
  7. Yesterday my cellphone fell off the arm of the sofa, and the screen fritzed on me. I had to go to the mall two days before a holiday to get a new phone. When I booted up my phone, I discovered that none of my workouts or information had been backed up in FitNotes, as I'd forgotten to do so! I've been using this app for a few months now, and all my workout progress was lost! My PRs, my exercises, all of it. My lesson from this is A. back up everything and B. buy more Kleenex to weep into.
  8. I just received instructions from my doctors office. I have to go on a low sodium diet. I'm encouraged to avoid everything from bacon to tacos to pizza to canned vegetables. Basically everything tasty and good. •weeps•
  9. I'm taking sertraline 25 mg (up to 50 mg now) for depression, and I've been taking buspirone (buspar) for anxiety. Aside from that, no, no medications. I'm also not taking multi-vitamins. When I got my results back my nutritionist advised me to take Vitamin D supplements to help with winter and depression. So now I take 5,000 something D^3 a day.
  10. Right, so for those of you following my infrequent updates, I'm training for a Strongwoman competition in September 2018. Over the past few months, I noticed a fellow training other Stronghumans at my gym. This past weekend I asked him if he was a coach (yes), if he had availability (yes), and if he was willing to take on a new client (yes!) I wrote him a message, established my goals, chatted a bit and I start next week! He's also aware of my pronouns (which can be weird when your female appearing client goes by 'he/him/his') and is going to do his best. (All I can ask really.) So
  11. Last month I went in for an annual wellness exam, and had blood work done per my nutritionists request to establish a baseline for me. Everything looked good (cholestorol was a bit high, no worries though still within the acceptable range). Except potassium. Apparently my potassium was so high they wanted to rule out lab error. I went back Monday, and today I find out that my potassium levels are *really high*. (No I don't eat bananas every day.) So I'm going on meds, and a potassium low diet. Something I've been trying to avoid while getting healthy is the 'd' word. I've made smal
  12. 12/5 Workout: Rowing: 5,516 m, 30 minutes, 350 calories burned Excitement: I found a Strongman trainer! I'm excited about it. I start next Saturday, and it's actually really affordable. ($200 for 4 hour long sessions a month plus programming). The trainer has current competitors, past competition winners, and he himself competes. I'm pleased.
  13. I've been gone for the better part of a month and a half. You: Vaereyes, what happened?! Me: *cracks knuckles* I broke up with my girlfriend, and went into a really intense mourning/depression spiral for a month. Shortly after I broke up with my girlfriend, I had a terrible visit to my paternal grandfather where I was made to feel unsafe around someone I've known almost my whole life. As a result, I haven't spoken to him in the better part of a month. I won't be visiting him by myself ever again. When I did get over my grief, I got a nasty cold. I finally go
  14. Right, so it's been a rough goddamn month. I'm going to have to grade myself pretty harshly as a result. Explanation at the cut. Heroism- Paladin Spells Row 2-3 times/week: Grade F. Weight lift 2 times/week: Grade F. Do Strongman specific workout 1 time/week: Grade F. Prestidigiation- Bard Spells Get to work by 9 a.m. Monday-Friday: Grade D. Do simple cleaning of the common room two nights a week: Grade F. Leave one night a week blank for my sanity: Grade F. ----------------------------------------------------------- Yo
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