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  1. I'm working on reducing my sugar intake. I'll do pretty well until someone brings me sugar (coworker brings donuts to work, classmate bakes me cookies, lab partner has ice cream she doesn't want to eat and offers to me and Sunday night potlucks). It's not like I look at and say "oh I shouldn't eat this" and eat it anyway, I don't think at all. I forget I'm trying to limit my sugar intake, I forget that I'm overweight and need to cut this. It's like I'm being possessed or hypnotized. All I can think about is eating that sugar until it's gone, and once I do, I feel horrible. Does anybody else go through something like this? If so, what do you do when external forces and internal demons override even your best planning? If I have overlooked a forum that has discussed this previously, please direct me to it!
  2. Thanks BebobStampede! I didn't know about Magnesium I'll definitely look into that! Those sound like good tips! but would you get bored after a while of rice and beans?
  3. Hello, this is YoungMedic, formerly known as One Dank Medic (you'll have to forgive me for changing my username, deciding has been the hardest thing here so far). STATS My race is 5'10" 20lbs overweight, and while I'm keeping my status as a Rebel, my adventure will include a challenge from each of the guilds. Beginning stats are: Str- 1- can lift 40lbs Sp- 2 - run 6 mph for 10 min (or can run 1 mile w/o stopping) Con- 1- can do 10 assisted pushups, 10 assisted squats, 20 crunches Dex- 0 - can't even touch my toes Def- 0 - no self-defense knowledge I would like to use those stats to track my progress Now for the goals! YOUNGMEDICS SIX-MONTH QUEST I've set up my six-month quest goals into bosses: DEFEAT THE ENLIGHTENED SCHOLAR : Make A+'s in my classes this semester (I know this seems like a lofty goal, but for my grades I would rather shoot for the moon to land in the stars) SLAY THE GHOST OF ANIXETY: Take care of my mental health and controlling my anxiety TAME THE BEAST OF THE FLESH: Drop 7lbs through diet and exercise TRICK THE MERCHANT OF HOWELL: Save money by conserving utilities and meal planning ESCAPE THE PRISON OF ISOLATION: Maintain my relationships with friends and family by making efforts to call and hang out (I have a tendency to isolate myself) Thanks to the 4-week challenge planning worksheets, I've been able to break these down into manageable goals which I will implement for the next couple of months. I will start my first challenge with the Druids and move from there. Druids, I pray your kindness as I join you for the next month!
  4. Thanks for all the tips Guzzi! I saw elsewhere on the forums that some people posted their roadmaps. Should I do that in addition to making a character? And would the character account be connected to this forum account?
  5. I understand you about the sugar, every time I say I'm quitting I immediately change my mind when it's in view Best of luck!
  6. Hey HedgeMage! Thanks for the welcome I'm starting out as a Rebel right now, I'm not too sure which guild to go in. I might do a challenge with each guild first before deciding, but I'll definitely spend a good time with the Rangers! I'd appreciate the accountability too~ us both being in the healthcare field will make it fun (Search and Rescue, how cool is that??)
  7. Congrats on your financial gains! You seem like you had much success Rock this new goal!
  8. Hello, this is One Dank Medic, ....or at least, that's what I hope to become. Like him Or him But will probably end up like him at best I am a 22-year-old female, recent college graduate and working as a Lab Technician is an urgent care. My main life goal is to become an excellent physician and live life to its fullest. I found Nerdfitness about a year or so ago loved the concept. The idea of making your life into a game/adventure/quest was a childhood dream of mine! I also am nerdy ad love video games (LoZ is my favorite!) I am looking to finally maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ever since I was 16 I have yo-yo-ed on so many crash diets and never have been able to sustain any weight loss. Sugar is my kryptonite, and other than working a 12-hour shift, I don't do much exercise (And wouldn't you know people bring sugar to work EVERY DARN DAY). Exercise has never been a priority for me, except lately I have been developing anxiety and its only been getting worse. I know exercise will be able to help me manage that, so I need to formulate a plan that I will stick with. I appreciate any advice on how to fit in an exercise schedule on a tight time budget! I am looking to improve my life. I moved out on my own about 6 months ago (one goal made!), but I still don't lead much of a life. After class/study or work I just go home and scroll on the internet/ watch Netflix until I fall asleep. That's no way to live, not what I think how a rebel should live. As I start this quest of life I would like to build it into a full and active life (once I get to med school though, that's going to have to be compromised). I have one other goal that I will be tracking: my grades. While I am pre-med, my grades are low. I have been fighting for the past 2 years to build my GPA and still fighting. I am going to be tracking my study hours and habits to make me a better student! I humbly ask for your gracious support, I will in return to my best to support this community!
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