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  1. It's not easy to make meditation a part of one's daily life. I really wish to include meditation as part of my next challenge. Every time that I do it I feel pretty great. Good on you for getting your meditation in the last two days - keep it up!
  2. Heeeeeey @Milo! I'm sorry that I went AWOL for nearly a week. My vacation in Philadelphia and DC was like a trip down the rabbit hole - but fun, not psychedelic - and took me out of Nerd Fitness for the entirety of it. I'm back, and am here to support you, buddy! I agree big time with the earlier comment about weighing yourself frequently and seeing fluctuations. I'm glad that you're using graphs and get to see trend lines which show you what's really going on. Just as a suggestion - next challenge consider using weekly circumference measurements for your metric to track. It sounds like a pain in the butt, but when I was lifting those measurements told a super-encouraging story that kept me motivated. I can't wait to get back to lifting, now that I mention it. I'm feeling a bit fluffy. What have you been up to the last few days?
  3. Finally, I'm back. That was quite the amazing vacation to Philadelphia (side trip to DC) and it will be remembered by me as one of the best trips that I've ever taken. I wish that I had stuck to my guns and checked in on everyone more, but I really got sucked into the vacation part of my vacation. I know that probably reads a bit weird, but it makes sense to me. diet: +0 fitness: +1 life: +0 POINTS ========================= 1/28 : +3 | 2/28 : +3 | 3/28 : +2 | 4/28 : +3 | 5/28 : +4 | 6/28 :+3 | 7/28 : +4 | 8/28 : +3 | 9/28 : +3 | 10/28 : +3 | 11/28 : +2 | 12/28 : +2 | 13/28 : +2 | 14/28 : +2 | 15/28 : +2 | 16/28 : +1 | 17/28 : +1 | 18/28 : | 19/28 : | 20/28 : | 21/28 : | 22/28 : | 23/28 : | 24/28 : | 25/28 : | 26/28 : | 27/28 : | 28/28 : | || | Total: 43 out of 148 Yikes. I'm going to really need to be on point for the rest of the challenge if I want to "pass" and level up according to my criteria. I'm not going to be hard on myself if I don't pass - I've learned a lot about myself already in this challenge - but would absolutely love to get back on track and squeak by. In theory, that would mean that I would only get one complete fitness rest day in the next 11 days, but since my rowing is fairly low impact, that's okay. If I were doing lifts along with my cardio, I'd say that two rest days would be a minimum.
  4. It's been a fun few days! My vegetable eating and screenplay writing goals have gone by the major wayside, but at least I've been doing a lot of walking. Philadelphia is a wonderful, totally underrated city. The people of this city are so kind and welcoming, which has truly made this interesting and entertaining trip phenomenal! Wednesday, Thursday, Friday diet: +0 fitness: +2 life: +0 I'm okay with kind of blowing this week off a bit. It's important that I learn how to find vegetables while I'm on the road, but this first challenge is a learning experience during which I'm allowed to make mistakes, so long as I learn from them and work to adapt myself to avoid making the same mistakes again. I'm sorry to my Nerd Fitness buddies that I haven't been online to cheer you all on! I'll be back to it on Monday, though.
  5. NERD FITNESS ================================ diet: +1 fitness: +2 life: +0 POINTS ========================= 1/28 : +3 | 2/28 : +3 | 3/28 : +2 | 4/28 : +3 | 5/28 : +4 | 6/28 :+3 | 7/28 : +4 | 8/28 : +3 | 9/28 : +3 | 10/28 : | 11/28 : | 12/28 : | 13/28 : | 14/28 : | 15/28 : | 16/28 : | 17/28 : | 18/28 : | 19/28 : | 20/28 : | 21/28 : | 22/28 : | 23/28 : | 24/28 : | 25/28 : | 26/28 : | 27/28 : | 28/28 : | || | Total: 28 out of 148 Yesterday I hit that CIZE dance aerobics workout hard, even though my muscles were still a little tired from recently starting up with exercise. I felt good afterward, but look forward to getting back to weights. Dance aerobics is fun, but not quite as physically fulfilling as lifting something heavy. Today's exercise will be 30m of interval rowing: 200m fast, 100m slow until completed. My veggie plan today is to eat a salad for lunch (2 cups romaine lettuce, 1/2 cup sweet potato) and eat 1 to 1-1/2 cups green veggies at dinner. I didn't get any new writing done yesterday, but that's okay. I did think on my stories quite a bit and how to make the plots a bit less predictable, so I'll be writing my notes up on that today; I'll try to get at least a few pages of the Untitled Alaska Horror project that I'm working on done. I'm also doing a Coursera class on TV script writing and have a "mini-bible" due for that, but am just groaning at how much work that'll be to pull off. I don't think that I'll complete that today. Perhaps I can do that while on the plane to Philadelphia? Overall, I've got a lot of stuff to do today before I head out the door to LAX tomorrow. I'd better get back to it!
  6. A B+ for the week isn't half bad! Keep up the good work! This past week was a wash for me as far as alcohol goes, as well. Darn me and my loose ways. That photo of your dog Booklet atop that rock is EPIC. Booklet is the cutest.
  7. Yay! @MiloHow did you know that I'm one of the rare Star Wars fans who loves ewoks!? ///////////////////////////////////////////////// diet: +1 fitness: +0 life: +2 POINTS ========================= 1/28 : +3 | 2/28 : +3 | 3/28 : +2 | 4/28 : +3 | 5/28 : +4 | 6/28 :+3 | 7/28 : +4 | 8/28 : +3 | 9/28 : | 10/28 : | 11/28 : | 12/28 : | 13/28 : | 14/28 : | 15/28 : | 16/28 : | 17/28 : | 18/28 : | 19/28 : | 20/28 : | 21/28 : | 22/28 : | 23/28 : | 24/28 : | 25/28 : | 26/28 : | 27/28 : | 28/28 : | || | Total: 25 out of 148 Yesterday was a rest day, so 3 points is actually a good thing. I had a great Sunday, but am a bit disappointed that we didn't play Dominion while watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. That movie was kind of ridiculous and could have benefited from a deck-building game distraction. I mean, I was constantly questioning the ridiculous crap going on, but when Shia LeBeouf (sp?) swung from vines like Tarzan but with capuchin monkeys, I nearly lost it. Utterly cringe-worthy. I already have had two cups of my three cups worth of veggies today and accomplished my 30m of cardio, so I'm on a roll. Now, to get some focus directed at my writing...
  8. I am an aspiring screenwriter (horror, thriller/drama) who occasionally forays into writing incomprehensible novel manuscripts. I love to write! I just got into acrylic painting, which I would consider my sidekick. I'm not very good, to be honest - not that I care! It's just nice to flex my brain in such a fascinatingly different way. Nerd Fitness artists, unite!
  9. Congrats on getting through the week with bulk cooking! That's a good thing. As for being "a mess," I came up with a solution myself that we've been employing since the new year - 1) Be a little easier on myself in my overall diet goals (I'm going for 80%clean/20%okay), 2) Eat 2 cups of veggies before any "bad food", 3) Unless you're sick, only "carry out" food you'd normally have delivered. The act of having to rouse one's self from the couch to go get something like Thai food or pizza can really put into perspective for one's self the splurge-decadence factor of that bad food. It's only been two weeks that I've been testing out this strategy, so perhaps it's premature for me to be giving advice. I thought I'd share, though! Wow. This is good stuff. It feels like you made a major breakthrough about what you need to do in order to get to the next level. Make it happen, lady! Btw - I totally understand the tough love stuff with one's art. As a writer, I would never have gotten better if I didn't recognize where I have room for improvement. It's still okay that you didn't "meet your potential" in the art you did accomplish in late-2016, in my opinion - at least you produced art.
  10. Mon Mothra


    Your week went awesome, it seems! Good work!
  11. Gmail is good for me. Whatever LD and Kaya think. Hahaha. Dangerous answer: Like Milo's dream profession, screenwriting somewhat demands fitness. Not necessarily attractiveness, but fitness. Hollywood lives up to its superficiality, but in regards to writers and other "below the line" folks, it's not in the way you'd think - there is a distrust of fat/overweight behind-the-scenes artists as it's thought that if you can't wrangle your personal health, how can they depend on you to meet deadlines? So, yeah - SCREENWRITING - that's what I want. I have a simple way to track my progress through NF (did I work on my craft today? yes). Milo - I'm sure that you can track anything. Just find a way to frame it for yourself. The other thing I want is to be healthy and enjoy a longer life with my husband. We have this joke rule: "No death." Obviously, we cannot stop death from coming one day, but we can delay natural causes a bit through healthy choices. What isn't my nerd-fix? I love to read and write speculative fiction. I'm a big ASOIAF fan, love Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles and the list goes on. TV-wise: late-greats Hannibal and Millennium, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Twelve Monkeys, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The X-Files (pre-season 7), The Man in the High Castle... and many more! My husband and I recently got into euro board games, but we don't know anyone in LA to play with. We tried a board game meetup, but the folks were all severe introverts (!) which made it awkward. I also am found in front of our PS4 at times on the weekends: The Last of Us, Fallout 3 and 4, Witcher 3, Bloodborne... Oh. And I like to read graphic novels, on occasion. GOSH. I'm a nerd. DEFINITELY. I am finally on the mend from a year of being incredibly depressed. I was truly at the lowest point that I've ever been at. My depression wreaked havoc on my health, my creative pursuits and even strained my relationship with my husband. Now that I'm on my way out of that dark pit of despair, I see the lost year behind me and find motivation from that to make this year a good one. It's amazing how much motivation that you can find when you look back and realize how bad that your life was without motivation. I've realized that I can stick to things, just like I did before I got all sad-in-16.
  12. A kilo lost is awesome! I'd say that is something to celebrate. Hopefully your scale gets itself sorted out! Is it on a completely stable surface with no dings in the floor or anything? There's only one spot in my entire apartment that we can have our scale as most of our place is carpeted and then the kitchen is a bit wonky.
  13. WOW. 200 pushups and 1000 crunches!!? Go you. Plus running. Ah-mazing. Keep up the great work! I hope that your run went well this morning.
  14. diet: +1 fitness: +2 life: +2 2-4 alocholic drinks/week: +0 POINTS ========================= 1/28 : +3 | 2/28 : +3 | 3/28 : +2 | 4/28 : +3 | 5/28 : +4 | 6/28 :+3 | 7/28 : +4 | 8/28 : | 9/28 : | 10/28 : | 11/28 : | 12/28 : | 13/28 : | 14/28 : | 15/28 : | 16/28 : | 17/28 : | 18/28 : | 19/28 : | 20/28 : | 21/28 : | 22/28 : | 23/28 : | 24/28 : | 25/28 : | 26/28 : | 27/28 : | 28/28 : | || | Total: 22 out of 148 I jumped on the old ergometer yesterday morning just before I needed to get ready for that baby shower, so GO ME! 30 minutes of sweatin' x 3 this week ain't bad, particularly considering that I was allergic to exercise only last week... Ahhh, it seems so long ago. This first week was a fairly good one for writing and vegetable eating, so another "go me." Unfortunately, I had six alcoholic drinks this week, so no dice on that goal. That's why I'm glad that I'm in day one of week two. Really, though. I cannot overestimate how important it is that I have been regularly writing and exercising, even for just this one week. It's been such a long time since I have taken the initiative to keep appointments with myself. This feels like the start of something big. I still would only call this first week a starting point, as if I were to meet my goals at the level of this week for the remaining weeks in my challenge, I'd consider this challenge not quite attained. It's important that I keep an eye on my self-control in regard to alcohol consumption, but guess that this next week might not be a "win" for those 5 booze points, either. I'm going to Philadelphia and then Washington, DC with my momma and auntie from Wednesday to Monday. I'm going to be sure to pack my exercise clothing, so that I can hit the hotel gym's treadmill in the mornings! We'll be walking a lot, too, so I'm sure I'll be able to even out the caloric cost of a cheesesteak over the course of the week.
  15. Bahahahaha... I forgot to tell you about my creepy kaiju superpowers As for your unscientific research, I usually clock 9-11 miles during a day at Disneyland, which is about 160 acres. So, I'm sure that you're somewhere around there with the combo of Busch Gardens and IKEA. I underline the "and" because I do not understand how you had any energy left to traverse the largess of the IKEA showrooms after going to a theme park.
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