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  1. Week 1 Summary I think I did pretty well! Unfortunately I only meditated 5 days out of 7, so I didn't achieve that goal. I did manage to stretch every day (yay!) and I abstained from alcohol 4 days last week. I'm hoping to bring that momentum into this week, particularly with the alcohol part of the challenge. Aside from my goals, I've managed to stay pretty active. I've started doing strong curves using dumbbells and I've kept up my newish habit of doing a daily 30-minute walk or jog every morning. I'm also doing longer yoga classes online, as well as some apartment-fr
  2. Thanks, Davy! Day 3 and 4 Update More good days! I meditated each day for 10-15 minutes, didn't drink any alcohol, stayed within my calorie limit, did my stretches and extra exercise. Last night, I was feeling so exhausted but I did this 45-minute deep stretching video (Yoga with Adriene!) and fell asleep so peacefully afterwards. Despite all the good days, I've been feeling extra exhausted and super hungry this week. I have a feeling this is partly due to the lack of alcohol, so I'm trying to take it easy at work this week and not be too hard on myself as long as the "
  3. Nice work! How have you been eating your vegetables - raw or prepared in any particular way? I need to increase my intake too but I'm not a big fan of raw vegetables other than a couple types.
  4. I really like your goals! I have meditation OR journaling as one of mine but I've been feeling like I'm just not ready to open myself up to a journal right now. I think I'll give your one-minute approach a shot.
  5. Sounds like you have a great plan! I'll be joining you with the 5 minutes of daily meditation.
  6. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Honestly I'm currently just doing the first five stretches in this image held for 1 min each / 1 min each side. I'd love to get splits someday but I'm verrrry far away. It's helped though - I can already touch my toes! Day 2 Update Day 1 was a disaster but Day 2 went well. I managed 20 mins of deep stretches, 25 mins of yoga, and 30 mins of an apartment friendly (no jumping!) cardio workout. I also did 5 mins of meditation and did not have any alcohol. It felt so nice to be able to eat whatever I wante
  7. I love the challenge name and inspiration. I can totally relate - and I'm sure a lot of others can do. I'll be joining you with the meditation goal.
  8. Welcome back from someone who is also doing her first challenge after being gone 5 years. I'll be joining you with the stretching!
  9. Is it just me or is getting recycling/cardboard/etc out of the house such a major relief? It's one of my favorite things when cleaning. I really like your goals. I've been guilty of working from home out of my bed and it is definitely having a negative impact on my sleep and my work time/personal time boundaries in general.
  10. Good question! I'm thinking I'll have some of my regular drinks but without the alcohol - so diet tonic + lime, or seltzer + lime. I stocked up on LaCroix too. I've been trying to get in the habit of having one drink with alcohol then one of the same drinks without to "trick" myself, so I'm planning on a continuation of that. Tonight will be my first no-alcohol night of the challenge, so we'll see how it goes!
  11. Has it really been more five years since I did a NF challenge? Where did life go? In the past couple years, I've undergone a lot of change in my life and I've been neglecting my health through all of it. I got into the best shape of my life while doing challenges on NF in the past and I hope returning can help me get some of that momentum back. I had gotten into a very good routine before COVID-19 hit and then everything went to hell! I've been tracking my food and working out fairly regularly for a month now, so I feel like it's time to get creative and really ramp it up. Overarc
  12. Hello! I'm a little late to the party but better late than never, right? This is my third try to complete my second challenge. It took me two tries to complete my first challenge, so I'm assuming it'll take four tries to complete my next challenge. I really need to do a reset of my health and fitness routines, and I could use the support of the NF community. Starting Stats: Height: 5'6.5" | Weight: 119.5 lbs Measurements to be added later STR 5 | DEX 4 | STA 4 | CON 6 | WIS 7.5 | CHA 4.5 MyFitnessPal: zendegi (Please add me!) Main Quest #1: At least four 30-minute workouts per week.
  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. *hugs* Thank you for sharing the photo and some memories with us.
  14. I am terrible painter but have been meaning to repaint our living room, so maybe now is the perfect time for some practice. So far I've tackled the fridge, kitchen cabinets, and my makeup brushes. Next up are the ceiling fans. Thanks Jitters, I'm glad to be back although the trips were great. But here I have my blender, my skin brush, my yoga mat, and my laptop ... so there's no reason these challenges shouldn't go well over the next few weeks.
  15. I'm here, I'm here! I went "off the grid" for a couple vacations and have just now returned to the world of laptops and wifi. During the past two weeks I: Failed miserably at my alcohol goal Succeeded with my writing goal Did okay with my Clarisonic skin brush goal And did pretty well with yoga I'm glad to be back in the game! Today is my first jobless day after my vacation (I got home from my Seattle & Portland trip last night). Right now it still feels like a normal day off: cleaning, running errands, etc. Eventually I'll run of out objects to deep clean and the reality will s
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