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  1. So, here we go! I'm going to commit to my first challenge. I'm posting here in the Rebels forum because I'm not entirely sure of what guild I fit in - although I have some hunches. My background and what I do most often would put me on the fence of Monk and Druid. I could probably lean toward one or the other depending on the goals I plan out but for now I'll stay neutral. I also found that awesome character/guild generator quiz and plan on using it to help sway me and it's just really fun. I was always an RPG fan. Q1: Daily Meditation: Trying to find 5 minutes a day to meditate; also would like to do 15 minutes of Ki breathing at least twice a week. Q2: Workout 3-4x/Week: Planning to start the Couch to 5k workout which helps gain traction on one of my EQs. Other bodyweight workouts, yoga or strength training at the gym. Q3: Meal Planning: I need to better plan the meals I take with me to work. Planning on Sunday nights for the week or packing leftovers from dinner the night before to take the next day to avoid grabbing whatever I find or buying lunch in the cafe at work. Q4: Reading: I would like to read more - this could be books, articles, websites, etc. One night a week set aside to reading for at least an hour, no tv, no phone, just reading. I'm sure I'll come back to either edit or expand this, but I needed to get something down to help me get started. Super noob, first challegne on NF even though I've been a member of the Academy for over a year. I have also joined Rising Heroes and will be incorporating that into my challenge goals as well. - 60W