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  1. Couple days late for the official post - but I have been tracking offline. Going to drop into the Druid guild for this forum, was a Rebel for my first go at the 4-Week challenge. I’m going to continue some of my goals from the first challenge, but make them a little more specific for what I’m looking to achieve this time around. Q1: Daily Meditation: Trying to find 5+ minutes a day to meditate; if I can incorporate Ki breathing into this weekly meditation that would be a bonus. Q2: Workout 3x/Week: I do martial arts (Ki Aikido) twice a week, but it’s not as active as a regular workout. I’d like to do yoga/bodyweight workouts on my non-Aikido days. This prevents me from making excuses for why I couldn’t get to the gym to workout. Q3: Meal Prep: I definitely need to continue to meal prep during the week. We have a large cafeteria at work with plenty of choices, but it’s easy to make the wrong one. Prepping lunch and breakfast at least Monday thru Thursday will make a big difference. Q4: Boss Battle: Berserxes the Squat King: Back on the bodyweight exercise path – again so that I cannot create an excuse for why I can’t workout. I’ll be using “the Path” to level up. Following a plan should help.