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  1. Sounds like me. I didn't have surgery, but both my kneecaps are not tracking in their respective grooves properly. The pain I usually get in bending/lunging motions starts in the front under the kneecap and moves up and to the outside the deeper the bend. Squats seem to be helping a bit, and are less painful. I also hate lunges.
  2. keep it up, 25 lbs down is awesome.
  3. So basically that's the only explanation they gave me. Weak muscles, tracking poorly. Basically all they told me to do was strengthen the inner thigh. Do some leg presses, which I do a ton of consistently. I feel like I'm just not getting some good answers from them. Thanks for the link. I'll continue to do some squats, try to add resistance band exercises and see if I can get any answers from my doctor for the third time.
  4. Thanks for the I did see and speak to the doctor and therapist. I am continuing the PT, but it just doesn't seem to do much.
  5. So here is the full recap of last week as told by HabitBull. I told myself I wouldn't check any bubbles if I truly didn't perform the task. Oh and it shows. To be fair, I started this challenge knowing I was leaving Thursday morning to drive 6 hours down to Fairfax, VA for a Ki Aikido New Year's seminar. Q1: Good thing is, I got to work on my specialization quite a bit because the seminar had a large portion focused on meditation and reflection. Q2: In addition to that, I got 3 days of workouts in. Plus some more walking for lunch, dinner, and a little Jeep browsing at one of the coolest dealerships I've seen yet. Q3: Technically meal planning was not going to be possible the way it would be if I was home, but I did my best to plan around when and where I knew I was going to be able to eat while traveling. Q4: I didn't get to read as much as I wanted to, but had a lot of discussions about topics from books I hadn't read yet, or would like to revisit. So I've got lots of material lined up. Having those reminders from HB is keeping me on my toes about wanting to log my activities. That urge to tap the circle and check the box if you will is driving me to set more time aside to complete these goals. I think this was a good way to start getting me into these habits.
  6. yay Aikido families
  7. Lol too funny! Sorry it took me a while to read this - I was at a 3 day Aikido seminar in Fairfax, VA!
  8. I'm looking for good bodyweight exercises that help to strengthen and tone the inner thighs. Hear me out - this isn't a whiny "I want to spot tone" thread. So here's what's going on: I've gone to PT twice (over 2 years) for the same problem. Honestly I was doing great the first time around. Then I started to slip. Then I just didn't do it at all. I figured "nah, I'll just do stuff at the gym and that'll cover both bases!" Wrong. The second time around that I went to PT they told me I still have the same defect essentially, but I found out what is actually causing it and what I can do to fix it. My kneecaps both track to the outsides of my legs. In this case, they click when I bend them like going up or down stairs, and often results in a sharp pain starting in front under the patellar groove and moving up over the patella to the outside of my thigh. It hurts, it's painful, it's with me everyday and it causes me to make more excuses why I can't do things. (FYI my mantra for this year is "No more excuses") I practice Aikido and there is a LOT of kneeling, rolling, getting up, falling down, and movement that aggravates it. The problem apparently is that I have weak inner thigh muscles, and strong outer thigh muscles. The stronger ones pull the tendons, which pull my kneecaps to the outside. I have to strengthen the inner ones. So in my head when I was told that I'm thinking "No s*** Sherlock, I'm over weight, I'm soft in most areas...and that's one of the hardest places to tone!" I'm honestly looking for help to build on the exercises that I received in physical therapy (PT). The PT exercises are helpful, slightly, but I don't feel that they are really targeting the problem; rather just preventing it from getting worse. I've Googled some stuff, but I'm not so sure what's going to help. So far I'm in love with squats, they don't hurt me as bad as a lunge does and it works a ton of muscles. But....what are my other options?
  9. So, here we go! I'm going to commit to my first challenge. I'm posting here in the Rebels forum because I'm not entirely sure of what guild I fit in - although I have some hunches. My background and what I do most often would put me on the fence of Monk and Druid. I could probably lean toward one or the other depending on the goals I plan out but for now I'll stay neutral. I also found that awesome character/guild generator quiz and plan on using it to help sway me and it's just really fun. I was always an RPG fan. Q1: Daily Meditation: Trying to find 5 minutes a day to meditate; also would like to do 15 minutes of Ki breathing at least twice a week. Q2: Workout 3-4x/Week: Planning to start the Couch to 5k workout which helps gain traction on one of my EQs. Other bodyweight workouts, yoga or strength training at the gym. Q3: Meal Planning: I need to better plan the meals I take with me to work. Planning on Sunday nights for the week or packing leftovers from dinner the night before to take the next day to avoid grabbing whatever I find or buying lunch in the cafe at work. Q4: Reading: I would like to read more - this could be books, articles, websites, etc. One night a week set aside to reading for at least an hour, no tv, no phone, just reading. I'm sure I'll come back to either edit or expand this, but I needed to get something down to help me get started. Super noob, first challegne on NF even though I've been a member of the Academy for over a year. I have also joined Rising Heroes and will be incorporating that into my challenge goals as well. - 60W