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  1. Soooo I’m assuming by an Easter egg you mean a candy one? I read that sentence a couple times trying to figure out if a hard boiled egg with horseradish could actually taste sweet in contrast to something, haha. Also, way to keep killin’ it with goals and accomplishments!
  2. It does! In some ways, it feels maybe inevitable? With new cases still being non-zero (although now much lower) throughout my area, and knowing that cases initially were concentrated in lower-income, less white communities, it was maybe inevitable that the new cases would start being more prevalent in a higher income, whiter space. And of course it’s hard to say how much is happening spread wise vs ambient case rates.
  3. Projection is also fun for everyone! Week wrap up: I'm kinda at a blah level of energy right now - one work meeting in particular left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I am still processing and figuring out how to put it behind me. Also, it looks like there may be a mini COVID outbreak at the dance studio, blergh. So I'll be avoiding that for at least the next week and doing solo practice on my own. I'll also be more diligent about mask-wearing while there to do my part (mostly symbolically, given my recovered and soon to be fully vaccinated status).
  4. Haha denial is a fun trip! Haha fair - I am appreciating the cinematic level of soundtrack they did for it. Cake is often healing, at least for what I tend to suffer from (mostly bad mood). It's hard to say with detraining on running, but tentatively, I'm thinking yes. This morning I went out for a run (also with a new set of shoes, so confounding factors) and my 30 second running intervals were faster than I ever remember hitting before at not that intense a perceived effort. More to come on that front as I ramp up my noob program
  5. Good luck on this one - I have no idea if small job machinists even exist these days, but you could try searching craigslist in addition to google and maybe you'll get lucky and find a hobbyist with a garage machine shop who can do it for you (for less than $90). I tend to just throw a bit of money at problems like that, so I'm precious little help (but I'm a big of my door jam - mounted above to the doorframe to the studs - pull up bar for stability if you do end up buying a new one). Hopefully, there's at least some upgraded parkour video quality to dull the pain of paying for
  6. It was indeed lovely and beautiful and a memory I'll cherish forever. It was hectic preparing for it (the exact ceremony flow and vows were finalized within minutes of the ceremony) but that just made it an even more pleasant memory in retrospect. πŸ˜› I think it may be more of a caffeine sensitivity thing - and also maybe a bit of needing to train my brain to recognize the diminishing marginal returns of MOAR COFFEE even and especially when I'm a bit tired. I have been tempted a few times to splurge for a genetic test to see where my caffeine processing phenotype lands (but my Mid
  7. YES another nerd is on the path to vaccinated!! Glad you were able to get that scheduled, and that your side effects still feel like a good tradeoff as you go through them.
  8. Sorry to hear your son is going through a hospital stay! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for him, and I'm glad you're able to find so many consoling reasons for gratitude in spite of how hard the past few days have been. Crossing my fingers for negative COVID tests as well, for both of you.
  9. Oh hey!! I'm alive and just rubbish on keeping up with stuff here. The past week has been...ok-ish. Definitely some sleep issues, possibly from adjusting to how strong cold brew coffee brewed at home can be vs. a half-caffeinated espresso blend I drank most of the winter (plus various and assorted work anxieties). Also, possibly a bit sick or a delayed side effect from the vaccine - I just felt tired and sinus headache-y all day yesterday. But there were some really bright highlights!! πŸ™ I officiated my best friend's wedding on Friday!! πŸ• Boyfriend and I tried
  10. Glad there were a lot of good things this past weekend (even with an annoying lack of luck on cushions)! And hugs for the unpleasant start to this morning - I wish I had something better / more useful to say on that, but alas.
  11. I'm actually really, really glad that you found a psychiatrist (I'm presuming, based on prescriptions being in the options discussed) like that! Harriet, I love the landscape, very serene!
  12. FWIW, one note of caution on longer-term savings - the date when you need the money should affect your risk tolerance for that money. Specifically, while the long-term, 20+ year trend for the S&P 500 makes it (or similar broad-market equity indexes) a great choice on that time horizon, using it for money you want to spend within 5 years is less of a great choice - you'd want to be a lot more conservative if you were planning to use the money for a down payment in 3 years. I listened to a pretty lengthy podcast discussion on it, but I'm pretty sure where I landed was to just find a high-yie
  13. Oh hey, I'm catching up after a while! If you're looking for a fun art project, maybe just look up a random landscape somewhere you haven't been and try painting it? This is honestly a suggestion mainly motivated by me liking your landscape work a lot. On the diet front, I really liked the way you structured your thinking / framing of the problem - I'll have to take a similar tack if / when a conscious cut comes up as something I attempt. And glad that your early efforts feel pretty comfortable so far!
  14. OK, it's been a hot minute since I checked in! Here's the highlights of the latter half of week 2 and the first half of week 3 (in emoji form, as a poor imitation of raptron - and limited only to things I remember): πŸ’Š Got my first COVID vaccine shot on Monday - side effects were a sore arm, plus a little bit of fatigue yesterday 🌲🍩 Had a park birthday party with bougie donuts Saturday morning - it was a grand time in spite of ~mediocre~ rainy weather πŸŽ΅πŸ•Ί First. Full. Weekend. of dance practices since January. It was much needed and very fun and very intense, all in on
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