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    Mike Wazowski: Settling Back into Routines (or "Routines")

    That's the hope - just plug and play these bad boys and see if good stuff happens! And thank you - fingers crossed all goes well with it! Yep - lots going on, but almost all exciting!! And mercifully non-specific! Almost! Still need to buy the champagne for my pizza and champagne night haha! And maybe pack up some things that I don't want movers to touch (e.g. a binder full of credit cards, plus some of the suuuuuper delicate and precious things). Yay, and welcome! Woo! Welcome! Week 0, Day 1: Workday morning: Didn't have my alarm set, so I had to omit my workout totally and hustle a bit to make it by 9-ish - not ideal, but sometimes that's how life rolls. And I still had a chance to make pancakes with leftover batter from the weekend - nothing wrong with a chocolate chip protein pancake topped with raspberry preserves to make a work Monday feel special! Work was ok, if not amazing - I think I'm realizing that I need to embrace my ADHD (still not diagnosed, but working on finding a provider) and experiment until I find ways to make my office analytical work feel highly stimulating enough that just doing the thing can become my default, the way that a highly stimulating dance practice has me nearly totally focused for hours at a time. This "embrace yourself as you are, rather than beating yourself up for who you're not" mindset was partly prompted by a podcast I've been binging ("By the Book" - basically two best friends try to live by a different self help book for two weeks at a time and talk about their experiences) and an offhand comment made by one of the hosts with whom I really identify about her own process of doing exactly that as she came into her own in adulthood. Dance, teaching and practice: Did pretty well here - I was in a very spontaneous, roll with it mindset and I just let that keep going; it helps that there's a general structure to my Latin class (for baby beginners) that I sloooooowly tack a little more onto each day - but I'm proud of how I ran class, and that's what counts. Ballroom class, we spontaneously did a review game where a student demonstrated a figure, then their classmates had to name the figure - and whoever named it was next up to demonstrate. I'm FOR SURE keeping it around and using it often, because so many of my kiddos struggled to name and demonstrate figures in their exams last time - not gonna happen again if I can help it! Then segued into practice - partner and I were able to fix some clunky spots in Cha Cha and Samba based on rounds yesterday. The general theme: we need to try less hard on some sections and then they magically feel and look better! And then worked a bit on getting our Jive up and running - we got the second half of the choreography on Friday, so it's still very much a problem child for us, but it's coming along slowly. Didn't do amazing on my desired routines here, but did pretty well! Evening wind down: Did basically everything according to "plan," in spite of coming home late - and found that turning more of my apartment lights on, then turning them off when it was really time to stretch and wind down seemed to help. I'm still experimenting, but think I may be on to something with that! Miscellaneous move stuff: Had to call my new apartment complex three separate times yesterday - once to say "hey, send me the lease paperwork to sign." Second time: "hey, you're charging me for a pet I don't have on this lease." Third time: "hey, the rent amount is $10 higher on this lease than what I applied and got approved for." Cannot wait for this moving process to be done, so I can stop with these "fun" phone calls! General thing: I'm realizing that without tracked data, I could very easily lose track of how quickly things are changing in a lot of areas of my life - I weighed in at 165# this morning and thought "wow, I've been at this weight for a couple weeks now" - check daily weigh-in tracker, and nope, it's exactly one week ago today that I first weighed in at this weight (a pretty big drop off from a week prior). I didn't necessarily want to numerically track this challenge, but I might track number of times each routine was implemented to help me see how often it's really happening, since this is some convincing data that I'm bad at judging frequency without the tracking (may or may not report the data here).
  2. Mike Wazowski

    JessFit's Time to Grow

    I’ll gladly start it! Since I’ve got the first move in date.
  3. Mike Wazowski

    JessFit's Time to Grow

    Woooooo new house!! Hell, I might have pizza and champagne in my empty new-to-me apartment - you definitely deserve it in your new house!
  4. Mike Wazowski

    Scalyfreak continues her studies of pyromancy

    SO glad that building security was as good at having your back as they were, although still annoyed on your behalf that you had to find that out via actual damage to your car! And bummer on the ankle, hope it heals soon and you continue to enjoy progress on non-lifting goals in the meantime.
  5. Mike Wazowski

    Act VIII - Harriet Makes Battle Plans

    Really like the approach you're taking here - and excited to walk with you on the journey!
  6. Mike Wazowski

    Press to handstand cont.

    Here for this! And excited to see how the no-tracking (or at least, less tracking) experiment goes for you! And of course, excited to be inspired by your epic handstands (coming from the guy who can maybe get a 10s hold, if he's lucky).
  7. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski: Just Barely Getting By

    Ok, new challenge is up and going! Basic focuses - keep training, try to maintain smart routines at home and at work so that I keep my engine running amid another busy season (moving homes, travelling for a dance competition with the kids, taking a final exam, PRIDE weekend, and maybe hosting a housewarming party or two).
  8. Ok, I had a LOT going on the past challenge (Easter, dance competition in Boston, projects ramping up at work, start of allergy season and getting sick) and this challenge will be kinda similar - I move apartments this weekend, take a final exam for grad school next week, travel to Austin the first half of next weekend, have Dallas pride the second half, and then probably want to host a housewarming party (or two) sometime in June (two because I have a pretty large group of dance studio friends, plus a pretty large group of other friends - and my apartment is not *that* big). That being said, I'm less trying to make big changes and more trying to maintain some routines (or "routines") that worked well for me in the past. I'm tinkering with them a bit, but roughly, the routines I'll be trying to maintain are below. I'll be reporting out based on successfully doing some semblance of the routine to set the habit, and probably also logging workouts as they happen and talking about the good and the bad of dance training (hopefully, mostly the good). Oh, and I've sort of fallen into some semblance of a cut that I'll be attempting to keep going - not really tracking, just trying to generally eat the meals I've prepped / planned that have a good mix of veggies, leanish protein, whole grains, and mostly unsaturated fat sources, plus keeping treats infrequent enough that they feel like treats and not habits (or at least attempting to do that last bit). I'll eat extra if I feel hungry (helps that I always have cereal on hand for an extra bowl of carby goodness in the evening), since I know my energy expenditure from teaching, morning conditioning, and my own dance training can be hard to predict a priori (e.g. some classes, I'll be demoing full out for my kiddos - others, I'm just standing there chatting; same for practice, sometimes we're just doing rep after rep til our shirts are soaked through, other times we're revisiting and setting little details). Morning, at home (will also try to maintain some semblance of this): Wake up, weigh in Pray (~5 minutes) Do a quick workout (20-40 minutes, upper body strength or Pilates / ankle prehab or general mobility / prehab, depending on the day and my energy level) Make coffee and breakfast (breakfast will probably be a fruity green smoothie for the summer season) Shower and get dressed for the day Morning, at work: Put phone in airplane mode (and leave it there until lunch break) Check in with sprint plan (make it each Monday) and the day's schedule Commit to 1-2 concrete deliverables on my whiteboard to focus my work on for the day Put headphones on and get to work Dance teaching: Change clothes, set intention / make general plan for my sessions Socialize with students / parents / teachers until it's time to starrt Dance training: Change clothes, set focus for the training session Do mobility / pillar strength warmup (including balance / posture drills) Warm up dance basics Get to work, with minimal phone distractions Evening Wind Down: Empty out bags, wash any dishes Set out anything needed for the next day Eat a nice relaxed dinner / evening snack, if applicable Optional reading / Netflix time, if it's early enough Do evening grooming to get ready for bed Set lights dim, stretch to soft music to wind down for the evening (optional: light a candle to make it feel extra cozy / relaxing)
  9. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski: Just Barely Getting By

    Thanks! Now I just need to actually live by it! Oooh, I know what I need to look for on my target runs! Ok, good to know! I'll assume that the Trader Joe's brand doesn't have much in terms of additives either (yes, I'm like a walking billboard for Trader Joe's). Hahaha I'm actually not a huuuuuge fan of cream / creamy textures, past a certain point. I dunno if it was just the household I was raised in (Mom was pretty sparing in her use of cooking oil / fats in general) or if it's something about my body chemistry (I seem to thrive on higher carbs, lower fats as an athlete) but something I always am cognizant of is not replacing toooooo many of my yummy carbs with fats on any given meal or day. All that to say, coconut cream probably ain't happening, and I do LOVE the flavor my half n half gives my cold brew (though I'm trying to cut back on my buying cold brew habit by continuing to experiment with home options - picked up a bottle of concentrate from TJ's and plan to experiment with their cold brew coffee bags as well). Ok, I think I've shirked enough today - time to log out of the work computer and off the forums for the weekend!
  10. Mike Wazowski

    Mad Hatter's back, alright!

    Good Hatter indeed! And glad you recognize how much better life is while well-rested!
  11. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski: Just Barely Getting By

    Ooh nice - gonna have to add that to the smoothie science experiment list! Do you use the canned stuff, or something out of a carton? Feel like I’ve seen multiple types of coconut milk at the store (I was planning to check fat content and let that guide me). Hahaha fair enough! I tried a splash in my smoothie this morning and it was delish! I think I used ~2 Tbsp, but y’all KNOW I ain’t measuring stuff in the morning. Assuming that’s accurate, it’s costing me about $0.10 per morning extra once I start buying it by the quart from Trader Joe’s (I think it’s $3.29 for a quart of organic H&H, and they don’t have a non-organic option). Which is all to say, probably not too expensive, even if I start doubling it! $25-50 bucks a year for normal vs doubling assuming a smoothie every work morning. And yes, this is what a math and budgets nerd does for fun while sipping his breakfast. I’d strip down to my underwear for that! To bring it right back to strippers! But in all seriousness, I wouldn’t have even thought of avocado in smoothies! And you got that stuff frozen? Mr Frugal inside me is now scheming about buying bulk bags from TJ’s and opening / freezing as they turn ripe (bonus: another frozen ingredient going into the smoothie!). Definitely adding to the list of smoothie experiments to try! Ya, they’re rough - but at least it’s a known cause! And it’s not totally getting in the way of spending time with people I care about (old or new friends). Avocado ice cream? Call me skeptical, but brand? I’m still game to try it. Deltas from yesterday: Late dance practice last night, applying the info from visiting guy - really focused on making everything truly partnered and WOW it made a difference in how things felt. Also had a lot of work on my end being aware where I was looking and making sure it was intentional, plus using my back to initiate and coordinate all actions - I’m sore today but it definitely had good effects in the moment, including some happy accident changes we made to make our routines feel like our own and not like they we’re dictated to us. I still need to find ways to make deadlines for myself at work and hit them - I’m falling into a pattern of slacking a lot more than I really want to - and both my boss and I know that I’m capable of being more than just an acceptable performer, which is my current level of performance Due to a late night last night, I decided to set no alarm for this morning and not force any sort of workout, not even a bare minimum one this morning; it feels like the right call because my energy level is relatively low and I’ve probably got at least 4 hours of dance this evening (rehearsing for a little show tomorrow, plus lesson / practice with my partner) ”Cut” should maybe stop being in quotes; it’s admittedly coming off an anomalous high point, but my weekly change in 7-day weight average is down over a pound, which is pretty big for me starting at a lean-ish spot. This is a very chill cut though, I’m eating extra food whenever my body tells me it wants / needs it (like an extra bowl of cereal yesterday after practice) because I’m first and foremost an athlete who can’t let practices suffer.
  12. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski: Just Barely Getting By

    Ooh, is that coming from your good advice or bad advice half? Regardless, gonna try that experiment tomorrow and see how it goes!
  13. Mike Wazowski

    Mike Wazowski: Just Barely Getting By

    For sure! Love the unbridled enthusiasm of college kids - the world's just so fresh and new for them, and I'm looking forward to being a part of that (plus, giving back to collegiate ballroom dance, the system I came up in). Hahaha thanks y'all! I haven't really started doing much for the move (other than booking movers) so it doesn't feel all that real yet, but I'm sure shit will hit the fan soon enough and I'll believe it's really happening. me too, so far! It's helped me get over the hurdle of not having the time to do EVERYthing I want to do, which often leads to me doing NOthing rather than picking a nice happy middle ground. - Cup of milk and a couple handfuls of fresh baby spinach (leftover from meal prep, I'd probably switch to frozen in the future so I don't have to manage produce freshness) - Half a frozen banana - Unmeasured quantity frozen mixed berries (~1/2 cupish?) - 1 scoop unflavored whey - Dash of raspberry flavored syrup to punch up the berry flavor Blended the spinach with the milk til it looked like the leaves were finely chopped, then dumped in the rest and blended again - quite easy and delish! I might experiment with throwing in some peanut or almond butter to add a touch of fat too, since I'm using low fat milk and the resulting smoothie is kinda missing a whole macro nutrient (and even though I *feel* like I'm heavy handed, the half n half in my coffee is maybe a full 2 Tbsp in total)
  14. Mike Wazowski

    JessFit goes full warrior

    Woo for the end of the cut! Really great that you were able to get those insights - I was aware of culturally how prominent food (and drink) are for American celebrations, but hadn't really realized the extent til reading that whole reflection you wrote.
  15. Mike Wazowski

    Raptron Turns 50?!?! [Challenges]

    Wow, talk about a really well-written and relatable reflection! I hadn't really thought about it, but I definitely relate a lot to having events on the horizon to motivate me to get junk done!