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  1. Morning nerds! At some point, I'll estimate data for the past couple weeks, but adding one additional goal this week - some yoga learning, even if it's just one new pose or practicing a recently learned one, every day. I haven't been doing enough mobility work outside the dance studio, so we're gonna try and correct that. I'm also noticing that I've been sliding downward in terms of veggie intake - only action item this week is to be aware of the fruits and veggies I'm consuming each meal, tracking can start in future weeks.
  2. Check in after a week of vacation - it's amazing how fast a week of doing very little flies by!! I'm definitely feeling refreshed, though maybe not back to 100% yet, but I'm at least excited about getting back to work and my other usual routines on Monday, which is an exciting development for me. Morning routine stuff was mostly good this week, but my evening routine totally and completely flew out the window on most nights. I'm not surprised, but I'd definitely like to hit the reset on that this coming week, and maybe start playing around with some more yoga poses from the book I bought a while ago (so far, I've just done some of the shoulder focused ones and found them really helpful for increasing my mobility and addressing some tightness). Dance stuff has been going quite well, I'm having a relatively easy time recognizing when some of my self-study projects were biting off way more than I can chew and adjusting my expectations and goals there (like wanting to study all the technique books in depth over just the summer...lol dude, it takes teaching professionals literally years to master the info for a reason!). Oh, and through serendipity, I logged onto a dating app Sunday night, chatted with a cute guy for like an hour and a half, ended up going on a date Monday, then seeing each other again yesterday and planning on another date today. So extra free time sure isn't all bad! I also had a bozo move where I tried to do a legs workout and a full-out dance practice on Thursday and I'm still feeling the DOMS. Silly Mike, but at least now I have confirmation that working out on dance days (at least hardcore legs strength) is a VERY BAD IDEA. Basically, things are good!
  3. Hey stars, how are you doing??? Sorry I've been totally absent from your thread this challenge, it's been a weird couple of weeks - but glad you got the playroom set up for little starlet!
  4. I know I'm way late (yay, forum hiatus) but jumping in to say I, too, feel like it's weirdly nice to just have less commuting and less social obligations these days. Glad to hear you're finding some things to like about these weird days, too.
  5. HUZZAH for the return of lifting!!! That actually sounds like a really well-managed reopening, props to them on figuring out a good system. And I love your BBB, he's got style!
  6. Hugs, friend, that sounds stressful on the career front, but I'm hoping good things come out of it for you! And wow, I'm in awe of your sketching!! I'm always amazed by people who can make art with their hands, even when they claim it's not very good.
  7. Wait...people have living units without AC? I've clearly been poisoned by my years in Texas. That sounds really rough man, though at least you don't have roommates to complain about the lack of clothing? <obnoxious Bayesian comment about choice of priors affecting interpretation of the same data redacted>
  8. Gonna be filling this in after some more reflection, but basically, gonna be trying to build habits I can sustain over the long term that'll support my performance as an athlete (and in my day job as an analyst, hopefully - but that's going well enough for now that it's not a pressing concern).