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  1. Hey hey!! Welcome back - and sorry to hear the outside darkness has been so rough on energy levels.
  2. Nah, we're only talking about benching approximately 1 raptron and deadlifting 2 - that's heavy for *most of us*, but not our fearless GL. (Says the guy who hasn't touched a barbell since January, lol). Time for ANOTHER ACRONYM??!? excited.gif #priorities Killin' it! Sounds like a delightful thanksgiving all around!
  3. Can’t wait to hear about the impending stuffing waffles!! Enjoy the cooking!
  4. Haha 'tis the season for "I put this on my professional development plan for the year, and oh sh*t, it's already almost the end of the year - time to hustle!" it was great indeed! Thanks! With a little bit of distance, I'm able to recognize that it's part and parcel of driving an old a** car. Though it's still grumpy making when it happens. Sweet, rollin' with that naming now. Indeed! I was proud of that bit of engineering. Ah thanks man - it's easy (easy!) to forget the things that I'm especially good at and just foc
  5. What a delightful Sunday!! Is that...a successful week of yoga goals?!? 🤩
  6. Casual “volume” squats with 2 plates on the bar. Nice!
  7. Encouraging! Since I'm only ~30 miles in, haha, and I definitely don't hate running (but maybe it's the noob program that lets me walk in between talking). Heheh I feel like this is bordering on twilight fandom at its peak. Team BB here, though I guess I can root for GC to keep being his confusing AF self as long as the time you do spend with him doesn't suck. Heyo, you're allowed to have that stage last a while (source: I definitely did post-fiancée). Fingers crossed this is a quick healing ankle turn for you!! Running in the dark definitely sucks, I
  8. Awwwww those were some *heartwarming* stories. Especially love the narrative structure of your "so how many children will we have, anyway" story. Haha.
  9. ❤️ and 🤗 Thank you! I was pleasantly shocked after two weeks off. Haha thanks! I guess I take some things for granted and focus only on what I can't do so well yet. It's been really good so far!! I appreciate that it's got a really fast response time and can be in my drip tray with a cup on top of it, so I've been able to get much more precise than with my trusty old kitchen scale. It's probably more fully featured than strictly necessary, but I got annoyed with a cheap 0.1g precision scale I got from target not holding a consistent weight with just
  10. Hahahaha ohhhh dear. Glad he's staying in the FWB category, cause geez, that's too much chaos to date (IMO). OH BOY - sounds like a grand ole time! (Says the guy still contentedly chipping away at a running for noobs program). ❤️ at this point I'm not even sure if I'm actually rooting for anything to happen with BB or if I just acknowledge that it's become My Thing(TM).
  11. Ugh, that's a bummer - hate it when you have a problem that you *think* will resolve itself neatly and quickly that resists doing that. So much for NYC? Lol. I...kinda forgot that the divorce would be still ongoing - good luck with the paperwork fun! Also, woof - you're doing 9 miles now? When's the half marathon? Have fun with all the shopping and cooking and stuff! I'm excited to hear what kitchen shenanigans you get up to! Favorite sentence of the entire post!
  12. Oh, and a quick coffee update - I've gotten to a ratio / method / process I'm quite happy with for making a single shot of espresso, here's hoping I'll be similar successful in making a good double shot while playing with my new scale.
  13. Hey hey! Thanks for the reminder to start back up meditation - I've been dealing with a similar raging brain fire feeling lately (can't fathom why! lol)
  14. Dude, good on you for still getting in something while dying from overtime - and good luck climbing out of the overtime hole!
  15. Thanks all for the kind words and well wishes. Happy to report the travel home was uneventful, and I came back to a pretty good weekend of training at the dance studio, seeing the boyfriend, and catching up with one of my local best friends over dinner. Kinda been feeling sluggish this week, although Monday kicked off with a pretty solid strength workout (in part due to waking up at 4:30 a.m. 😮 and not being able to get back to sleep - there were still over 7 hours of sleep in there, so I think my body was just waking up after an appropriate amount of sleep... I think). It was real
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