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  1. 34 minutes ago, Mad Hatter said:

    Oh man that sucks!

    It does! In some ways, it feels maybe inevitable? With new cases still being non-zero (although now much lower) throughout my area, and knowing that cases initially were concentrated in lower-income, less white communities, it was maybe inevitable that the new cases would start being more prevalent in a higher income, whiter space. And of course it’s hard to say how much is happening spread wise vs ambient case rates.

  2. 30 minutes ago, Mad Hatter said:

    Who said anything about denial. I don't have a problem, YOU have a problem! 😛 

    Projection is also fun for everyone! :P


    Week wrap up: I'm kinda at a blah level of energy right now - one work meeting in particular left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I am still processing and figuring out how to put it behind me.


    Also, it looks like there may be a mini COVID outbreak at the dance studio, blergh. So I'll be avoiding that for at least the next week and doing solo practice on my own. I'll also be more diligent about mask-wearing while there to do my part (mostly symbolically, given my recovered and soon to be fully vaccinated status).

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  3. On 3/10/2021 at 10:21 AM, Mad Hatter said:

    Nooo no such thing! 😆 (I may have a small problem right now because I'm finding coffee too tasty haha)

    Haha denial is a fun trip!


    On 3/10/2021 at 10:21 AM, Mad Hatter said:

    fixed it for ya 😉

    Haha fair - I am appreciating the cinematic level of soundtrack they did for it. 


    On 3/10/2021 at 10:59 AM, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    Healed and cake can work with proper timing.

    On 3/10/2021 at 1:28 PM, Scaly Freak said:

    Cake can be healing, in the right context and circumstances.


    Cake is often healing, at least for what I tend to suffer from (mostly bad mood).



    18 minutes ago, sylph said:

    Has your 'nose job' effect been noticeable with your running ability/capacity, too? (I'd guess, yes, but am curious anyway)

    It's hard to say with detraining on running, but tentatively, I'm thinking yes. This morning I went out for a run (also with a new set of shoes, so confounding factors) and my 30 second running intervals were faster than I ever remember hitting before at not that intense a perceived effort. More to come on that front as I ramp up my noob program!

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  4. 9 hours ago, PaulG said:
    • None of the doorframes in my new place are QUITE as wide as in my old -- the widest is the doorway to the bedroom, and it's still two inches too narrow to accommodate my DIY galvanized pipe pullup bar. I've been looking up potential solutions. The simplest -- buying a new pullup bar -- is a $35 problem if I am willing to settle for an average pullup bar with a hammer grip... which I'm not, I built my own way back when because I want something rock-solid I can use for chest-to-bar pullups. The cheapest ready-built solution I can use for C2Bs, the Gym1 Total Fitness Package, makes this a $90 problem. The cheapest option is probably to get someone to cut two or three inches off my existing pipe bar and re-thread it for reassembly... but I'm not sure where I would go for that kind of stupid-simple job, and it does not seem worth the money to rent a pipe threader and do the job myself. And until this is solved, I have no way to hang my gym rings.

    Good luck on this one - I have no idea if small job machinists even exist these days, but you could try searching craigslist in addition to google and maybe you'll get lucky and find a hobbyist with a garage machine shop who can do it for you (for less than $90). I tend to just throw a bit of money at problems like that, so I'm precious little help (but I'm a big of my door jam - mounted above to the doorframe to the studs - pull up bar for stability if you do end up buying a new one).


    9 hours ago, PaulG said:
    • My phone is finally dying -- I've dropped it in a lake, I've cracked the screen, I've destroyed the charging port, and most recently I've scratched the hell out of the camera lens. This was an easy, albeit expensive, solution. iPhone 12s ain't cheap, and not letting myself get locked into another AT&T contract and a more expensive phone bill meant paying for an unlocked phone up-front.

    Hopefully, there's at least some upgraded parkour video quality to dull the pain of paying for a new Apple product?


    9 hours ago, PaulG said:
    • If I owned my place, I would immediately throw down money for that sexy slide-out shelving, it's the latest craze that's killing teens (who spend too much time on Apartment Therapy). But I rent, and any cabinetry that arousing requires installing tracks that I think would test the limits of any landlord's forbearance -- there's only so many screw holes one can spackle over. So I'm back to square one, trying to figure out how to easily get at all fifteen of my soy sauces and vinegars when they're stored in a cabinet that's two feet deep. At this point, I'm seriously considering something along these lines. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear 'em.

    I cackled at the start of this kitchen update. Mesh shelves might work if you can see everything inside, or you could consider a lazy Susan or tiered shelving? I use this tiered spice rack from Target and it's helped with my unhealthily large collection of spices: https://www.target.com/p/bamboo-expanding-spice-rack-threshold-8482/-/A-79552973


    9 hours ago, PaulG said:

    Workout Log 3/9/21

    - Going In: Feeling a little discombobulated and distracted, but after a few minutes I focused in and knocked everything out in good time.
    - The week off seems to have done me some good. I took some steps forward on a lot of my PT exercises, even though I was holding back a little bit, expecting I might not be 100% after the exertion of moving.
    - Even in my initial warmup, I seem to have bounced back and -- dare I say it? -- supercompensated. I do fingertip pushups every warmup -- or I try to, for the last year I've been struggling to even do a full negative of fingertip pushups without my knuckles collapsing into hyperextension. Today, I managed to knock out one full fingertip pushup (!) and most of a negative before my fingers gave up.
    - No rows or german hangs, cuz as I mentioned above... no pullup bar. Grrmblehadlkfhg.

    Way to go for doing the thing, and huzzah for the steps forward!!

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  5. 9 hours ago, Harriet said:

    Sweeeeet! I hope it was lovely and gorgeous and that you enjoyed exercising your power to wed. It's not often you declare things and they come true:


    "I pronounce you healed!" nothing happens

    "Let there be cake!" nothing happens

    "I now pronounce you friend and spouse!" Friend and spouse are now married!!! Words make things true!!! You are now a wizard!!!

    It was indeed lovely and beautiful and a memory I'll cherish forever. It was hectic preparing for it (the exact ceremony flow and vows were finalized within minutes of the ceremony) but that just made it an even more pleasant memory in retrospect.


    2 minutes ago, Mad Hatter said:

    Hmmm you seem to run into this problem so often I'm beginning to think you do it on purpose. 😂😛 

    😛 I think it may be more of a caffeine sensitivity thing - and also maybe a bit of needing to train my brain to recognize the diminishing marginal returns of MOAR COFFEE even and especially when I'm a bit tired. I have been tempted a few times to splurge for a genetic test to see where my caffeine processing phenotype lands (but my Midwestern Catholic working class upbringing and its associated frugality has won the day so far).


    1 minute ago, raptron said:



    Excited you are officiating!! That's so fun. Congrats to your bestie.

    Yep, 'twas a truly spectacular weekend!


    Alright, quick update from Week 4, Day 2:

    🏃‍♂️ The sunshine and warm weather were calling to me, so I did an outdoor run, rebooting my noob running program

    💻 Actually had a productive day at work, first time in a while (I have a real, pressing deadline on the calendar, that certainly helped get my rear in gear)

    🛠️ Went to home depot before work to grab some additional lag bolts, because the wall mount for my dip bars neglected to include screws, puzzlingly; unfortunately, while attempting to hang them today, it turns out my hex bolt wrench doesn't fit into the 3" x 3" square tube in a way that'll let me attach it to the wall, so another hardware store trip is called for.

    👬 BF and I started watching our first TV show together - in true nerd fashion, it's Avatar: the Last Airbender (I've never seen it, and it's been astonishingly good so far for a cartoon). He came over yesterday after work and before I had to teach dance to cuddle, hang out, and watch a couple episodes. Nice low-key mini date in the middle of the week

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  6. Sorry to hear your son is going through a hospital stay! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for him, and I'm glad you're able to find so many consoling reasons for gratitude in spite of how hard the past few days have been.


    Crossing my fingers for negative COVID tests as well, for both of you.

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  7. On 3/7/2021 at 1:41 PM, KB Girl said:

    Date night is good ❤️ I want date night. Vaccine is also good. 

    It's been a hot minute again, how goes? 

    Oh hey!! I'm alive and just rubbish on keeping up with stuff here.


    The past week has been...ok-ish. Definitely some sleep issues, possibly from adjusting to how strong cold brew coffee brewed at home can be vs. a half-caffeinated espresso blend I drank most of the winter (plus various and assorted work anxieties). Also, possibly a bit sick or a delayed side effect from the vaccine - I just felt tired and sinus headache-y all day yesterday.


    But there were some really bright highlights!!

    🙏 I officiated my best friend's wedding on Friday!!

    🍕 Boyfriend and I tried a new pizza place* that offers what they call detroit style pizza and it was very, very good (think a thick, almost breadlike crust with a really nice chew, plus cheese that melted over the sides and caramelized)

    🕺 Per usual, plenty of dance practice over the weekend


    *Technically, a not yet open offshoot from an existing place, that's selling their pies at the the existing location for now.


    Mobility and meditation were both kind of a struggle and realistically, I haven't found the right solution to make them part of my routines yet. But that's ok, I'll come up with another experiment, maybe tomorrow

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  8. Glad there were a lot of good things this past weekend (even with an annoying lack of luck on cushions)!


    And hugs for the unpleasant start to this morning - I wish I had something better / more useful to say on that, but alas.

  9. 5 hours ago, Scaly Freak said:

    When I first started going to see a professional for help with my anxiety, she told me that regular exercise was as effective as prescribing me antianxiety medication, but without potential side-effects and with additional health benefits, so let's try that first.  Lifting and daily walks are now my anxiety medication, and that's not a metaphor for me either.  Intentional movement, while outside in daylight, saved my sanity over the past year.

    I'm actually really, really glad that you found a psychiatrist (I'm presuming, based on prescriptions being in the options discussed) like that!


    Harriet, I love the landscape, very serene!

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  10. On 3/5/2021 at 11:05 PM, PaulG said:

    This seems like a really good plan for a longer-term savings account, like wedding or home-owning savings. You've given me something to think on for myself.

    FWIW, one note of caution on longer-term savings - the date when you need the money should affect your risk tolerance for that money. Specifically, while the long-term, 20+ year trend for the S&P 500 makes it (or similar broad-market equity indexes) a great choice on that time horizon, using it for money you want to spend within 5 years is less of a great choice - you'd want to be a lot more conservative if you were planning to use the money for a down payment in 3 years. I listened to a pretty lengthy podcast discussion on it, but I'm pretty sure where I landed was to just find a high-yield, FDIC-insured savings account (i.e. one from any US bank) and call it a day for stuff in the very near future. Thinking is, market corrections (losing 10%+ of value) are possible and don't always resolve quickly, so you don't want to risk needing to put off buying a house for a year or more while your savings fund for it recovers (or, God forbid, have that happen to funds for a wedding after a venue's been reserved).


    Vidd, not saying that this changes your bit, but maybe think of keeping some percentage of your net worth, above and beyond an emergency fund, in cash - as a hedge against stocks losing value, and also a way to be able to rebalance if you like during a market correction and recovery (I keep my overall net worth in 90% equities, 10% cash but that's not necessarily based on any rigorous analysis as much as picking round numbers).


    On 3/5/2021 at 11:05 PM, PaulG said:

    I agree, but it's funny how many people you run into that treat the whole idea like blasphemy.

    Yuuuuurp. I am everyone's least favorite person at parties when I point out that this NY Times calculator is a thing and it doesn't always show that buying a home wins out: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/upshot/buy-rent-calculator.html


    Nerdy side note: I eventually want to crunch through a lot of data out there, especially from Zillow, to get better numbers to plug in for myself and potentially for other people. At a minimum, their default value for investment returns is *wildly* low, implying real (inflation-adjusted) returns of 2% per year.


    On 3/5/2021 at 8:22 PM, juliebarkley said:

    Not at all; I for one love to read about how other people manage their finances!

    +1 ^


    On 3/5/2021 at 8:22 PM, juliebarkley said:

    Good solid plan. Depending on your situation, you might find that once you take into account the costs of homeownership (including the loss of investment returns on your deposit) that renting is a better financial deal anyway. Not that there aren't other benefits to homeownership, of course - just that it's not the no-brainer financial decision it is often made out to be.

    JB is speaking my language! I did a whole thing (final project for a data science class) looking at the inflation-adjusted financial returns of buying a home in cash vs. US Treasuries and the S&P 500 and the results strongly, strongly favored not thinking of houses like investments (if you're going to live in them - rental real estate investing is a whole separate bag). Specifically, only a couple metro areas in the US consistently performed in the ballpark of US Treasury Bonds, none came even close to the returns from the S&P 500 (and the national average was well below US Treasuries).

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  11. Oh hey, I'm catching up after a while!


    If you're looking for a fun art project, maybe just look up a random landscape somewhere you haven't been and try painting it? This is honestly a suggestion mainly motivated by me liking your landscape work a lot.


    On the diet front, I really liked the way you structured your thinking / framing of the problem - I'll have to take a similar tack if / when a conscious cut comes up as something I attempt. And glad that your early efforts feel pretty comfortable so far!


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  12. OK, it's been a hot minute since I checked in!


    Here's the highlights of the latter half of week 2 and the first half of week 3 (in emoji form, as a poor imitation of raptron - and limited only to things I remember):

    💊 Got my first COVID vaccine shot on Monday - side effects were a sore arm, plus a little bit of fatigue yesterday

    🌲🍩 Had a park birthday party with bougie donuts Saturday morning - it was a grand time in spite of ~mediocre~ rainy weather

    🎵🕺 First. Full. Weekend. of dance practices since January. It was much needed and very fun and very intense, all in one

    🍲 Date night with the BF - went to a chinese-inspired noodle place that was essentially new to us* and had a great meal of spicy noodles and dumplings; sadly, the cool ice cream shop down the street was temporarily closed


    Other stuff happened, but honestly 🤷‍♂️


    *I had gone once before and been unimpressed, but I believe I both ordered a poor choice and had malfunctioning tastebuds from a slight head cold at the time - so I gave it another shot and was not disappointed!


    Scores and stuff:

    Mobility (10+ minutes a day): |

    Mindfulness / Prayer (5+ minutes a day): |

    Walk (at least 0.5 miles outside per day): |

    Daily Plans Made (at a minimum, every work day): |

    Weekly Plans Made (no later than Monday, or Tuesday if Monday's a holiday): |

    Running Weekly Average Hours Asleep (no set goal per se, but will course correct as needed): 6:41 | 6:59

    Running Weekly Average Daily Active Calories (no set goal, just collecting data): 1,206 | 953

    Ankle prehab (3x / week): |

    Pilates (3x / week): |

    Bonus! Mini Strength Workout (ideally 2x / week): |

    Bonus! Solo Dance Practices (ideally 1-2x / week): 0️⃣ |

    Ankle prehab, pilates, mobility and mindfulness all showed up as opportunities. Have strategies I'm implementing as of midweek, TBD on success rate. But if nothing else, big wins on day / week planning and walks (and high activity levels in general).

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  13. 49 minutes ago, sylph said:

    You jest (I think), but I wouldn't be surprised if this is a hugely contributing factor.

    Hehe the tone didn't come across in writing - I'm actually pretty sure it's hugely helping, the only joke is continuing to call it a "nose job" (it's maybe the inverse of one - my nose looks exactly the same, but the interior function is *vastly* improved)

  14. Week 2, Days 2 and 3 (Tue / Wed): 

    I, unsurprisingly, felt like I was run over by a train on Tuesday morning. OK, maaaaybe not that bad, but the body was whining, that's for sure! I sort of shambled through the work day both days, but still got the critical things done. Had a little hang out time with the BF Tuesday after work, then taught my college kids by myself which was a grand old time. We've got a small but mighty group showing up for zoom stuff, this week was smaller than usual so it was more biased towards socializing and shooting the shit, and it was really fun even if I can't wait til vaccines are a thing and we can start seeing people safely in person (because a ballroom class, especially with a lot of different ability and dedication levels, is much Much MUCH better in person).


    SPEAKING OF, I was able to refresh the CVS website early enough in the day Wednesday, and I was able to finally get registered for Covid vaccine appointments - fingers crossed nothing happens to disrupt those. 


    Wednesday was mostly a work shamble and D&D game, which was fun. We're still in a between adventures interlude, so a lot of my contributions were just making oafish comments in an attempt at a Russian accent. 


    Sleep's been a bit rocky - I think I overcorrected for tiredness with caffeine both Tuesday and Wednesday and it kept me up too late (OR maybe I have an issue going from a state of high arousal for a social situation to low arousal and ready for bed, to use some Huberman lab terms and pander to @Mad Hatter and @PaulG). But my first attempt will be weaning myself down to more normal caffeine intake the next couple days and see if maintaining that into next week solves things on my Tuesday and Wednesday when I have social things that go later into the evening. I've also been slacking on mobility - might need to place it somewhere else in the day if it keeps getting cut at the end of the day - and my ankle prehab and pilates. If I do it 3 out of the next 4 days (it's not so intense as to preclude back to back days), I can still hit my goals and get through only missing 2 mobilities and 1 meditation (which is pretty solid for the first week of a restart).


    Mobility (10+ minutes a day): 

    Mindfulness / Prayer (5+ minutes a day): 

    Walk (at least 0.5 miles outside per day): 

    Daily Plans Made (at a minimum, every work day): 

    Weekly Plans Made (no later than Monday, or Tuesday if Monday's a holiday): 

    Running Weekly Average Hours Asleep (no set goal per se, but will course correct as needed): 6:33

    Running Weekly Average Daily Active Calories (no set goal, just collecting data): 994

    Ankle prehab (3x / week): zilch so far

    Pilates (3x / week): zilch so far

    Bonus! Mini Strength Workout (ideally 2x / week): 

    Bonus! Solo Dance Practices (ideally 1-2x / week): likely 0️⃣ this week

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  15. 5 hours ago, raptron said:

    I mean, there are ample factors and deliberate policy decisions that made Texas' grid PARTICULARLY fragile, which I am sure you have been hearing plenty about recently. 

    Actually, I disagree with the word "ample," though I believe that's been a common media framing.  The main issue was insufficient regulation requiring winterizing of plants, and in addition some issues with aged infrastructure making rolling blackouts difficult to implement. 538's politics podcast had a pretty good run down of what did and didn't actually contribute to the issues in Texas. But the aging infrastructure, in particular, is an issue everywhere within the US and likely in most of the world, because infrastructure maintenance is often slowly skimped on when budgets need to be trimmed down. 


    Unless you're talking about bill shock news, and in that case, that's basically a single company (Griddy) operating with a type of plan that's not well understood by the bulk of its customers (literally, probably only analysts at power companies are familiar with how it really works). I believe it should be regulated better - either with better disclosures or not allowed to exist - since it's the power plan equivalent of driving without insurance. But that's an issue affecting a tiny fraction of all Texas consumers.


    5 hours ago, raptron said:

    Happy belated!!! 30th! WoOOOOOooo! 🥳

    Thank you!!!! It was a beautiful bacchanal on Saturday, have a one week late little shindig planned for Saturday morning as well (with more sugary fried dough, this time in the form of fancypants donuts).


    5 hours ago, raptron said:

    GASP. I'm SHOCKED, I say, SHOCKED. 🤣


    Daily checks looking strong. 

    Hehehe what can I say? Enthusiasm is strong with this one. And maybe the "nose job" is helping my upper respiratory system not be the limiting reactant in my physical training? (a boy can dream, at least).


    2 hours ago, PaulG said:
    I have no update, except that I paged through Thiam’s book and found the Senegalese version too! It’s called Mafé. I am one of those Philistines that only keeps no-stir peanut butter around the house, but the more I think about this, the more I want to try it with chicken or lamb, so I will for sure let you know.

    Ooh, thanks for sharing another take! I'll probably update the herb profile on mine a bit based on some of these, next time I make it. But this weekend is all about a redux of my quiche, because there was a pretty scary crust mishap that didn't affect the final product tooooo much but definitely annoyed me.

  16. 17 hours ago, PaulG said:


    Funnily, I was just looking at a recipe floating around Serious Eats the other day for Ghanaian Groundnut Soup/Peanut Stew, which it looks like is very much along the same lines — minor differences, except for the spice profiles.


    Groundnut soup seems to be a dish that might be a recurring thing across regions of Africa, but I am willing to bet spice profiles are specific to localities. I’m tempted to poke around my Pierre Thiam book and see if there’s a Senegalese version too. If I wind up making something, I‘ll be sure to report back.

    Oh, you might've found a more authentic starting point! I got my recipe from the ingredients in a trader joe's frozen meal that may have just listed "spices" and then 2015 me just picked some stuff that sounded good at the time. But definitely report back how yours goes!



    It’s like we’re twins

    Haha yes. Twins aboard the noob gainz train!



    I’ve never loved a lot of the posterior chain exercises talked about in bodyweight circles. I agree you want to biase glutes if possible. Even in bridges, I’ve noticed my own glutes don’t seem to fire easily as my hip angle approaches neutral... I’m not sure I have a great solution though. I really like natural hamstring curls, but they have their own problems.

    Hmm ya, glad I'm not alone there. I think for bridges, I'm fine with the glutes firing less near neutral hip angle since I'm pretty sure that's standard for deadlifts as well. I thankfully have a pretty large range of kettlebells so I can do some resistance on single leg RDL's and honestly that plus some glute accessories is about all my posterior chain can handle with dance constantly in season.



    If only we all owned a solitary barbell we could use just for deadlifts...

    Haha if only...though to be fair, I would also need *very* forgiving downstairs neighbors! Though I sometimes miss my old office gym (which had oly platforms), I'm actually really happy overall with the home gym I've cobbled together this past year.

  17. 1 hour ago, PaulG said:

    The progression is pretty simple: "how sore is this freaking body part today? Can I eke out another rep or two before my arm starts to flop around like a pool noodle?"

    Ah, my favorite progression scheme!


    1 hour ago, PaulG said:

    I'm glad the light viewing experiment is giving you something to chew on! I found it hard to tell for a while if it made a difference, or if it was just a form of observer effect. I did eventually see a real week-to-week change in how early and easily I got to sleep, though. I'm curious to see what you find!

    Oh yes, it's very possible that it's a placebo and/or awareness thing. But I'm pretty sure that Sunday evening, the first day I implemented a conscious light color temperature and intensity ramp down scheme, was also the first night in a long while where I was able to fall asleep easily without using netflix as a digital pacifier.

  18. Week 2, Day 1 (Mon): So, remember how I was gonna ease into things nice and slowly, building back up to my old activity volume and taking it easy on strength training until I was used to dance training again?


    ...there's some evidence that didn't happen yesterday.


    For starters, there's how my whole body feels - a bunch of muscles around my scapulae are super sore, as are my anterior delts; and I'm currently feeling a mild version of that pleasant "leave me alone and let me be one with the couch" level of exhaustion you get after an intense workout.


    Then, there's my smart watch stats - remember a couple weeks ago when a dance practice and a long walk had me setting an all-time record for daily activity at 1,700ish calories between exercise and NEAT? Well, that record got shattered yesterday (whoops) between a morning strength workout and a dance practice. Dance was super productive, just very physically intense (and sadly, didn't get frustrated very much, I was mostly just excited to be back - so no neural plasticity for me :P*).


    Work just sorta flew by - I got good work done and had some productive meetings, but I remember basically nothing. Then it was time for dance, then coming home from dance to change out of sweaty clothes, scarf down some cereal, and PTFO.


    *For anyone who didn't get that joke, check out Paul G's thread for neuroscience discussion stuff.


    The workout - definitely can tell I'll be able to ride noob gains for a bit given how much my strength has fallen off since last year and even since a few months ago.


    Warmup stuff

    • Handstand practice (holds against the wall, basically)
    • L-sits on my new parallettes: 3 sets of about 10 seconds hold, added a couple extra seconds with legs tucked at the end of my last set and will do that for all going forward
    • A1: Pull-ups: 3 x 4
    • A2: Pistol squat negatives: 3 x 2/2 x 5s lower
    • B1: Rings Support Hold: 19s, 20s, 19s
    • B2: Hamstring slider curls (double legged): 3 x 8 I'm not in love with these, feel like they're only using the hamstrings and barely activating the glutes, may substitute them for glute bridges building to 1-leg variations
    • C1: Push-ups on parallettes: 2 x 8, 10
    • C2: Ring Rows (at just below my rib cage): 12, 2 x 10
    • D1: Hanging knees to chest: 2 x 6, 7
    • D2: Copenhagen plank (lower leg support, knee on rest): 2 x 15s, 16s each side
    • D3: Arch Hold (legs only): 3 x 20s


    And the daily scores:

    Mobility (10+ minutes a day): 

    Mindfulness / Prayer (5+ minutes a day): 

    Walk (at least 0.5 miles outside per day): 

    Daily Plans Made (at a minimum, every work day): 

    Weekly Plans Made (no later than Monday, or Tuesday if Monday's a holiday): 

    Running Weekly Average Hours Asleep (no set goal per se, but will course correct as needed): 7:16

    Running Weekly Average Active Calories (no set goal, just collecting data): 1,909

    Ankle prehab (3x / week): N/a so far

    Pilates (3x / week): N/a so far

    Bonus! Mini Strength Workout (ideally 2x / week): 

    Bonus! Solo Dance Practices (ideally 1-2x / week): N/a so far

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  19. 21 hours ago, Epsilonte said:

    Happy (belated) birthday!! :D Sounds like a great day. :) 

    Thank you!! It was a very good day indeed, and I'm in the process of planning a little get-together this Saturday that should also be excellent.


    21 hours ago, Epsilonte said:

    Oh that sounds tasty!

    :D if you ever wanna try making it, I put the recipe in a spoiler below for Paul.


    12 hours ago, Harriet said:

    Oops, I overlooked this at first. Happy 30th, rather belatedly!


    Birthday Cake GIF by Brookfield Zoo

    D'awww :D


    12 hours ago, Harriet said:

    Anyway, thirty is a good age in my opinion. Good things will come to you, I am sure of it.

    Here's hoping! It started off with the first day of a city-wide thawing and hasn't taken a crummy and horrible turn yet, so it's already WAY better than the last couple months of my twenties!


    12 hours ago, PaulG said:

    You all know how I feel about quinoa, but I still must know more about this stew. Is there a recipe??

    Kind of! I started making it a few years ago by trying to make a version of the "greens, beans, and grains" frozen meal Trader Joe's used to make (that was vaguely based on a West African stew of some sort). I hadn't made it in over a year, so I was pretty sloppy with my process - but it turned out well in spite of that. And good news - the original frozen dish used couscous, so you can call me a godless heathen and serve it over whatever grain you like!


    Here's roughly what I did:


    Combine 2 cups dried chickpeas, 6 cups of water, and a generous handful of salt in an Instant Pot (IP hereafter), cook on high pressure til they're nice and tender (took over an hour for me, mainly because I never remember to pre-soak my dried beans).


    Once they're done, throw these into the IP in:

    • 1 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes
    • A bag of kale (I think 12 oz.) chopped up a bit to more bite-size portions
    • A spoonful of vegetable bouillon (Better than Bouillon brand) to basically turn the leftover bean juices in

    I set the IP to high pressure for 10 minutes, then:

    • Caramelized about half an onion and several garlic cloves (all finely-ish chopped) in a couple tablespoons of butter (with some salt added to help flavor them / caramelize / because Samin Nosrat told me to)
    • Chopped up ~1/2 cup of peanuts coarsely in a nut chopper
    • Mixed together cayenne pepper, chipotle pepper, cumin, and coriander til I had a reasonable looking mixture

    Once the IP was done with its 10 minute thing, I popped it open, set it to Sautee (to boil the stew and help it reduce), and added all of the above, plus:

    • Some lemon juice (~1-2 oz)
    • A spoonful of peanut butter (~2 Tbsp, maybe less - I was scraping the end of a jar and would normally have used ~4 Tbsp - I use the natural stuff,  might require some tweaking if using one with sugar added)
    • Some powdered peanut butter (probably ~1/3 - 1/2 cup when all was said and done - I mostly use this to thicken and as a lower-fat way to get peanut butter flavor; I use an unsalted, unsweetened version of this)

    Then I let it boil for a bit til it was nice and thick and taste tested - I was mostly happy with it, but ended up with my large volume of powdered peanut butter because the peanut flavor wasn't popping like I wanted it to and the my IP was boiling more vigorously than I wanted for a gentle reduction into a thick stew.


    You could totally use different spices, start with canned beans instead of dried, and use more peanut butter and less powdered (all the way up to no powdered PB if you don't keep it in stock)


    12 hours ago, PaulG said:

    Beignets are the following dream: you are the baker’s feckless son, and with a dough scraper you snip off a little corner of the doughnut dough, a half hour before they say it will be done proofing. You fry it while your parents’ backs are turned, swipe it hastily through a Cambro of powdered sugar, and eat it in the back where your grandmother is asleep on a sack of flour. Buying a beignet is buying that dream, handed to you in a paper bag.



    ^this is pretty damn accurate. As someone who just tried beignets for the first time on Saturday.


    12 hours ago, PaulG said:

    Shocked Uh Oh GIF
    sparkler flying GIF

    :D Thanks!!!

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