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  1. Laghail Murders Buddha in the Face

  2. Raptron Transfers to NF High

    Whoa - your sumo passed conventional???!? I’m clearly out of the loop here!
  3. JustCallMeAmber is going goaling

    Sounds like you were listening to hunger signals though? Maybe not a bad thing?
  4. Khuja comes back out of her mine

    Welcome back!!! Solid goals all around!
  5. courtniemarie's bills bills bills challenge

    Wooo gym day!! Abs DOMS is the best worst feeling!
  6. ixaera dishes out the beats~

    Oooh Hurts is not that far from my work! I might need to look into this! Speaking of DONUTS, you ever had Hypnotic?
  7. Scalyfreak moves forward by standing still

    Sounds like a lovely set of days - go you!
  8. JustCallMeAmber is going goaling

    Whoops. Do you know what led to lower than intended calories?
  9. Juni0r83 keeps doing stuff

    ^^^this. Here to be inspired by consistency!
  10. Chimichanga Switches Teams (Level 2)

  11. Mike Wazowski: Week by Week

    Tuesday: bad case of exhaustion, I think I need to tweak my morning / evening routines a bit more. But still did the thing at work, got my allergy shot, and got through teaching (which always fills me up with joy). But still knocked out the daily to-dos. Practice today was learning the little kids’ samba - I’m bound and determined to make their routines muscle memory by the comp in early June. I’m one of two instructors dancing with the kids, and not that I’m competitive, buuuuuuut I also want to CRUSH ALL WHO CROSS MY PATH [/warrior]. Decuded to go sans alarm this morning and it was a great call - much needed after the allergy shot. SAME. That’s still an epic set of bookshelves. #goals for sure
  12. Raptron Transfers to NF High

    Rest days are smart. Good choice! Also, is 270x3 a PR??!?
  13. Mike Wazowski: Week by Week

    Haha it is possible! Are you also fighting crippling allergies right now? If so, that'd be spooky This is amazing. #goals Wait, this is valid. Nvm, I just want Belle's castle library. Howdy! Excited to have you along, and I'm excited that this time I'll actually be making python progress, unlike a couple months ago when I tried to learn quite unsuccessfully.
  14. Scalyfreak moves forward by standing still

    Love it! Especially #3