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  1. MikeW

    Mike Wazowski’s Habbit Laboratory

    Good thing it slipped by you and @Raxie - plus any stealth rangers lurking in the thread. Week 1, Day 6: Vacation day which was used for final round interviews with my leading choice. Interviews themselves were good - felt less like they were evaluating me and more like they were trying to make sure that I had a sense of where I wanted to be in the company. This is making me cautiously optimistic that an offer is coming, and that I will soon be free of the office environment where I now know I'm objectively underpaid (found out this week that I make less than a guy with 4 years less experience who's at the same job level I'm at and regularly hits me up for help and advice - and some people from his analyst class make even more because they walked in with a master's degree). After the interviews wrapped up, ran some errands (including picking up / ordering some gifts for my parents), did my laundry for the week, and generally relaxed a bit. I didn't plan food intake out well yesterday, and ended up going HAM on some sweet treats I brought home when what I really probably needed was a nourishing, legitimate meal. Will need to adjust and be better about that in the future. Also stayed up way too late watching netflix after getting home from dinner with friends, to the point where I was too tired to stretch or pray. Definitely not an ideal way to handle a day off, but at least I learned what problems I've encountered and have a tentative plan in my head for how to address similar situations in the future. - New home for the phone: 12/13 - Prayer: 10.5/13 - Stretches: 11/13 - Food: 10/13
  2. MikeW

    Mike Wazowski’s Habbit Laboratory

    It amuses me, so keep it up!!! And someday, I will finally watch this movie. Maybe tonight... Hahahaha. I'm all about setting fires! Week 1, Day 5: Pretty hectic work day, walked into a "fire drill" which is always fun. At this point, I'm very detached from work outcomes - so I didn't panic at all with the fire drill and got results in less than 90 minutes that would've taken any other analyst in the org several hours (as evidenced by the analyst from another team who took over 5 hours to check my work). Got home for a pre-dance dinner, had a solid (if tired) two-hour dance practice with my partner, and moseyed on home for a quick dessert of greek yogurt and some chocolate minty goodness. Then got to bed at a reasonable hour so that I could be well rested for an interview today! - New home for the phone: 11/12 - Prayer: 10.5/12 - Stretches: 11/12 - Food: 10/12
  3. MikeW

    Mike Wazowski’s Habbit Laboratory

    Y'all, nobody needs to see me (or anyone) in that much neon. It's at least tolerable on women since their WHOLE body isn't covered in the same color fabric. But just no. ...unless I'm ordered to by a coach, then I'll just suck it up and deal... Week 1, Day 4: Yesterday was...solid? Got a big ask done at work, though of course walked away with a ton of follow-ups still. And still left with enough time to make it to teach dance, which was the usual tomfoolery with my munchkins. Got home, kinda just vegged for an hour, then mustered up the energy to do a rings workout in the apartment gym (yay, motivation!). There was poor food management on my end - had a paid team lunch, but didn't bring snacks to work so I was FAMISHED when I got home from dance and had a buncha christmas cookies. Got past the point of enjoying the food or feeling good after, which was not a win (I was aware I was making a suboptimal choice while it was happening, but couldn't pull myself out of the bad habit nosedive - I'll have to think about what to do to avoid a similar nosedive in the future). I've forgiven myself for the slip up, but definitely don't want to repeat it in the future and will be smarter about always having some emergency snacks on hand and hydrating better in the future (I was totally dehydrated - cookies aren't hydrating, but my hunger and thirst signals seem a little borked). Had a relaxing evening of self massage after the workout, by candlelight (along with a quiche for dinner) and all was lovely. Still a great day all around. - New home for the phone: 10/11 - Prayer: 9.5/11 - Stretches: 10/11 - Food: 9/11
  4. MikeW

    Raptron Saberhagen in the Lap of Luxury

    Whoa dude, bomb DL doubles, a fun meet coming up, AND good indian food. Everything's coming up raptron.
  5. MikeW

    Gemma pares it down. Waaaaayyyyy down.

    Beating the at home workout beast AND the gift receiver guilt? Talk about two great wins!
  6. MikeW

    Big Hatter 6

    Yay holiday and fun things!!!!
  7. MikeW

    Mike Wazowski’s Habbit Laboratory

    Maaaaybe. I dunno, I don’t think I’ll give up black pants (because buy one pair, wear them with every costume. But I do like playing with color and design for the top for men. Definitely not a return to these days: Yep! We’ve all got our bad moments. Just gotta bounce back from them! For sure! It’s something I’m excited to try in some capacity! Hopefully without having it highlight height difference awkwardness- but trusting my choreographer on that one. I think the original version had a loophole - and then someone probably exploited it! Lol. Buuut, same sex oriented comps often have an Open division that allows any gender pairing, in addition to collegiate. So there are places for lady-guy opposite role partnerships to compete! >.> sometime. Probably next year when we get our real competitive choreo. Haven’t seen it, but you’re probably not wrong. NPH is pretty great, though, any way you spin it. Duly noted!
  8. MikeW

    Mike Wazowski’s Habbit Laboratory

    Seconded! thanks! Here's to making it just one day - already have a plan for how to stay sane and on top of things today. Generally, I lead and he follows - I'm 4" taller, so we'd be limited logistically how much we could reverse that, BUT it's considered a sign of higher skill in the same-sex circuit to have some role switching within your program, either for a whole dance or a section of a dance. SO I dunno for sure, but we'll probably have some role switching built in, which I am WAY more excited about than he is, lol. In the normal circuit, gender swapping is generally restricted the same as same-sex couples (i.e. the two big orgs in the US explicitly don't allow it - "one male leader and one female follower" is one wording I've seen in the rules). BUT it's still allowed at collegiate comp (which sometimes are on the bleeding edge of progressive with rules like "couples can be any combination of gender identities in each role"). Yes indeed. Like, absolute latest I'm voluntarily leaving is end of Q1. No need to stress too much about a project that has a big deadline of Feb. 1st. It's all whatever.
  9. MikeW

    Mike Wazowski’s Habbit Laboratory

    Week 2, Days 2 and 3: Monday was alright - kinda a blur, worked out, worked, did a ton of grad school work, and got to sleep not super early. Tuesday was more of the same, but with a dance practice added. It's getting to crunch time on my project at work, and I'm gonna be a bit of a mess the rest of this week. I totally abandoned good habits yesterday night - ate a buncha candy as a way of coping with my emotions, skipped stretching and praying. But, I'm gonna hit the reset button and remember that some things are more important than an artificial deadline at a job I'm probably leaving in the next 3 months. Sorry for the pity party of one here, but things should be looking up soon. - New home for the phone: 9/10 - Prayer: 8.5/10 - Stretches: 9/10 - Food: 9/10 - yesterday was a rough day...
  10. MikeW

    Mike Wazowski’s Habbit Laboratory

    Thanks friend!! It was a great weekend, and I’ve gotta remember to be grateful for that. Best gay man playing a straight guy ever. Note: it’s from early 2017. Basically an eternity in dancer years. And like 3 partners ago, lol. For sure - less awesome, their Latin session goes til at least midnight. Soooooo late. Nah, same coach that partner and I were already working with. Makes things move and easy. Bahaha. My friend who’s a former ballerina / lyrical girl led with commentary on which guys needed to spend more time in the squat rack when we talked about the nutcracker after the show. I was greatly amused.
  11. MikeW

    CM doesn't Panic!

    Bedtime is so inexplicably hard! I feel your pain!
  12. MikeW

    Raxie Enters Weirdmageddon

    Holy holiday!! Sounds like an awesome but exhausting thanksgiving to say the least!
  13. MikeW

    Grumble gains inVOWELuable knowledge

    Duuuuude, so glad meditation sounds like it’s bringing good things into your life!
  14. MikeW

    JustCallMeAmber's Holly Jolly Christmas

    Oh no - glad you’re ok, that’d frighten the crap out of me when it happened. And here’s hoping you don’t have Christmas vacation level guests for the holidays!
  15. MikeW

    Big Hatter 6

    Hope today is better for you, friend! The sads are sneaky and pop up in spite of doing all the right things, and that stinks.