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  1. Mike Wazowski: Week by Week

    Haha it is possible! Are you also fighting crippling allergies right now? If so, that'd be spooky This is amazing. #goals Wait, this is valid. Nvm, I just want Belle's castle library. Howdy! Excited to have you along, and I'm excited that this time I'll actually be making python progress, unlike a couple months ago when I tried to learn quite unsuccessfully.
  2. Scalyfreak moves forward by standing still

    Love it! Especially #3
  3. Raptron Transfers to NF High

    RE: Squat: RE: Split squats: they are simultaneously the worst and the best!
  4. Here for all the exercise parties and managing work stress with grace - you got this!!
  5. courtniemarie's bills bills bills challenge

    I did not even catch the Chipotle confusion. Now it all makes so much sense! Great stuff on the shoulder PT - is it feeling better?
  6. JustCallMeAmber is going goaling

  7. Mike Wazowski: Week by Week

    Don't get me wrong - I enjoy reading the occasional bank regulator memo at work, but it's still no HP or LOTR. Monday updates: Knocked out all the daily tasks. Practice time was only partially deliberate, I also spent some time joking around with my dance peeps who were there (2 other couples were there practicing, plus a currently out of town friend is in town for the week). No treat points spent. Morning reading worked, though I would've loved to read more pages than fit into my morning. Evening wind down routine was fairly successful - I caught myself before falling too deep into a mindless internet-ing vortex of scrolling through Insta / FB. Current dance practice focus is on building better proprioception, mostly by working on doing basic movements with my eyes closed and being aware of all my different body parts and what they're doing. Also, learning the little kids' routines that I'll need in about a month for a competition - I've forgotten bits of the 3 I competed in March with them, and have to learn 2 new ones. Fun times!
  8. Jon, Destroyer of Mice, Finds Something to Write Home About

    Here for all the things! Also, are gifs really necessary for a warrior?
  9. Miss Marissa - Trying a new thing

    Love the equivocation here!
  10. Raxie Fights the Heartless

    Haha not really? I was more impressed by the 2 social activities plus a dance class in a single work evening - I feel like that's a full weekend day of activities for me!
  11. [SymphonicDan] remembers how to Assassin [Level 23]

    Interesting! Now I'm definitely going to start experimenting with that from a sports angle.
  12. courtniemarie's bills bills bills challenge

    One right after the other!
  13. courtniemarie's bills bills bills challenge

    Ooh, I like the idea of chipotle and ice cream as rewards for being productive - I may be stealing that in the not-so-distant future!
  14. JustCallMeAmber is going goaling

    Idk if it helps, but I set up MFP to show my weight trend over a 3-month period - helps me see the long-term downward trend even as things don't change much (or change very noisily) within a week.
  15. Broki's Frozen Blight - Warrior Mini Challenge

    Hold. Up. I forgot about hollow holds - I actually like those!! Shoot, now my competitive fire is lit again. If it hurts to laugh by the weekend, I'm blaming you (but really blaming myself )