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  1. Oh right, forgot that you hit a limit where you can't grow much without a partner to work with! I definitely hear you on fitting everything in, there's a list of things I'd love to do a mile long that probably won't happen. It wa me difficult at first, but we've settled into a pretty good rhythm - it helps that our coach has had a partner based out of Los Angeles for the past 5 years so he could guide us on the do's and don't's of long distance. I've actually come to really like it, there's a clear time to focus on all of our partnered topic and then a totally separate time to focus on my own stuff (and I can skip practice whenever cool plans come up on a weekday evening). And there's a ton I can do on my own, mostly working on improving how I'm moving and controlling my own body. Haha that would backfire horribly with me. I do not know how to be "sexy". Ooh that's annoying on both counts - definitely had the full speed collisions happen on the floor, no fun. Thanks man!! Another Texas nerd!
  2. I'm glad you found lindy hop!! I had a thought of "hey, I should suggest Mad Hatter check out lindy" after my last post based solely on the dances you liked from ballroom. Rumba definitely was a struggle at first, but I've been lucky to work with a coach who can take different approaches based on the students, so for my partner and I (zero sexual attraction) he's taken the approach of "let the touch just be a touch, and let the audience infer sensuality that's not really there from it." were they cheating like putting people in beginner levels that didn't belong there? Or like sabotaging people's shoes and costumes? I've seen the former, the latter would be absolutely nuts.
  3. Week 0 Day 5 Work: About half-focused, our A/C wasn't working which was brutal in the Texas heat. On the plus side, this led to easy socializing with coworkers via commiserating! Didn't do my development stuff, but I'll retroactively give myself points if I manage to do some of it over the long weekend. Rest: Ate about 3,000 cals yesterday, more than the 2,600 or so I've been targeting. I didn't go crazy, but I did need the calories to refuel after a 2.5 hour dance practice, I think. Got more than 7 hours of sleep and did plenty of foam rolling and stretching yesterday after dance practice. Dance: Got my workout in before work (below) then after a half day drove to Houston for practice with my partner. We spent about 2.5 hours repping our 10 routines slowly and then to full speed music, and it was definitely fatiguing after a day of training and driving. A bunch more of the same is on tap for today since we have a competition next weekend (shit it snuck up on us). Yesterday's workout Gymnastic rings: Dips: 8x3, 4 Tuck shoulder stand: 3x3 Inverted pushups: 9x3, 8x2 Push-ups: 12x2, 10, 8, 7 Jumps to Dips: 9x3, 8x2 L-sit hold: 5s x 5 Chin-ups: 5x3 (these were *not* in the program for today, but for some reason I felt like I had a lot of gas in the tank and wanted to keep training) Abzzz: Cable crunch: 140 x 11 x 3 Ab wheel: 25 x 3 Reverse crunch: 15 x 3
  4. I'm *aggressively* pro-carb. As long as you're getting enough fat to support your body's functions (most everyone does without trying), carbs can help fuel workouts and there's some amount of research that on a higher carb diet resting cortisol (stress hormone) levels are lower. I generally take the approach of hitting protein and calories and making sure I feel sated and just let the fat/carb breakdown fall where it may.
  5. YESSSSS!!! All the puns!
  6. Agreed. Running can crawl in a hole and die (unless it's after a frisbee or ball, then it's fun!). Oh that's awesome!!! I got started with my college's team as a wee little freshman, stuck with it ever since. Paso is definitely one of my two favorites for the same reason, with Jive being the other (Rumba and I do not get along - it's slow, and I'm fast). I do have videos from a competition in March - I've been meaning to upload them forever now, going to attempt it this weekend (also will try to bring back videos from one or both of the upcoming competitions).
  7. Week 0 Day 4 Work: Solid day, although I was only about half focused. Pleasant interaction was a gimme, had a going away lunch (sponsored!) for a colleague I will truly miss working with - great reminiscing a bit, getting to know what coworkers do outside of the office, and teasing her about her very expressive face when she's surprised. Dance: Did my workout in the morning, hit my broad side of the barn for calories and macros, and had a pretty solid lesson / practice. I wasn't feeling great going in, but had a solid one-on-one lesson with my coach which led to a technique epiphany to make sure I don't get a "soft" look to my legs (Latin dances mostly on straight legs, mine hyperextend slightly so it's easy to fail to straighten fully for me). Then in practice I hit the same 4 sections as Wednesday's practice. Tried to do a mock competition round, but started coughing badly and decided to take a little extra rest. Houston bound for the weekend and excited to train for the next 3 days straight!!! Rest: Got my sleep, though I just barely got between the covers 7 hours before wakeup. And did some solid stretching, which was necessary after yesterday's leg workout (below). Yesterday's Lifting (lbs, weight x reps x sets): Squats: 45 x 5 x 2 140 x 5 165 x 3 195 x 2 210 x 1 220 x 10 (PR!!!!) RDL: 135 x 5 175 x 5, 6x2 Front Squat: 45 x 5 x 2 95 x 5 135 x 5 x 3
  8. Good stuff, props to you powering through a rough day and getting a great set of workouts in!! Hang in there, almost over with the school year!
  9. Yay for cathartic workouts, even if they weren't ideal! My family's the same with plans - we know we're doing something, but we usually don't pick a specific thing until the day of.
  10. Totally understandable! Unfortunately, anything involving changing body composition is a slow process - but I have faith you'll get there!
  11. Haha it showed up today for me - I don't understand most of our firewall logic. Blocking all document sharing is the only thing I can fully rationalize that we do. It's ok, I feel the same way every time you talk about deadlifts!!!! Glad to be here! I compete in the Latin part of Ballroom, specifically Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Paso Doble, and Jive. But I also teach kids the Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, and Viennese Waltz. I'm also a fan of terrible dance movies! Which is basically just all dance movies. We knew this was inevitable eventually - the ballroom dancer couldn't go forever without challenging with the Assassins. At least it's not the Rangers? Yay! Even more warriors! Thanks! I've been with the same company almost 4 years now and this is the first time I'm really doing much of anything for my development - excited to see where this takes me career-wise, but it's definitely good for feeling engaged! Excited to have you!! All the new nerdsss! Thanks! They're ring rows with your knees tucked in and your bum in the air. They're the first one in the Phase One pulling workout if you're doing Rings One Track B - I'm having trouble finding an image that'll copy into the forums right now, I'll see if I can find one later.
  12. #killinit
  13. This sounds like a feast worth sacrificing macros for. Especially tres leches and homemade ice cream!!!