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  1. Mad Hatter crawls out of her cave and attempts to challenge

    YOU'RE BACK!!!!!! Totally know those feelings, all too well. Others have said all the advice better than I could, just know that you've got one more nerd in your corner!
  2. Warrior Challenge: Putting the “Pump” in “Pumpkin”

    Those must be some cute spike-sized Uggs, @RedStone!
  3. Mike Wazowski does stuff daily

    Streaks through Thursday Stretching: 0 (seriously??!? how am I just not carving out time for stretching??!?) Abs: 1 Fruits / Veggies 5+: 7 Prayer: 11 Duolingo: 11 Went to a dance workshop run by my coach and another teacher about using touch to express emotion in dance - super interesting material and definitely *not* in my wheelhouse so especially useful for me. And then went out for drinks afterwards with some studio friends - really enjoyed getting to hang out with people outside the studio and have a freewheeling convo about life. Unfortunately, my body doesn't process alcohol all that well. One beer and I felt like this in the morning: As a result, lifting did not happen this morning - oh well, there are worse things than not progressing on squats for one training block. On the plus side, my coach gave me his physical therapist's number and I confirmed she's in my company health plan's network! One step closer to building a good team of care for me.
  4. Raptron Gym Ratron

    More upper body work? Does that mean you'll get even MORE BUFF???? ^^Completely unrelated but adorable rat gif.
  5. CM gets the LOCOmotive back on the tracks

    Woo, checking all the boxes! Working weaknesses is good, but in the way that taking bitter medicine is good.
  6. Mike Wazowski does stuff daily

    Exactly. Thanks!! I didn't even relax it was a pr til I checked my google doc as a routine thing. Haha it was a little cardio-y, but right now with comp prep I stand there and watch them do things most of the time then tell them what to fix. Hard to say - I haven't been prioritizing sleep like I should the past two weeks and ended up feeling exhausted as a result. Need to dial in on bedtime today and over the weekend to reset.
  7. Mike Wazowski does stuff daily

    Streaks through Wednesday Stretching: 0 (did exactly zero physical activity yesterday, besides teaching little kids) Abs: 0 (did exactly zero physical activity yesterday, besides teaching little kids) Fruits / Veggies 5+: 6 Prayer: 10 Duolingo: 10 Did lift on Tuesday, managing 235 x 10 for deadlift (REP PR!!) and continuing to show recovering strength in bench press on Monday (still no real PR's, just obscenely high rep ones).
  8. RedStone Plays The Long Game

    1) Mr. Red knocked it out of the park with that pirate theme! 2) The long game is the best game - we all want you to be that cool old lady whipping them young whippersnappers into shape, so you gotta play the long game!
  9. Mike Wazowski does stuff daily

    Haha I should have clarified - the goals for the challenge aren't really too cumbersome - let's be honest, I can always carve out 10 mins for language practice, eat veggies that are already cooked, pray for a minute, stretch for a minute, and do like a minute long plank and call that abs for the day (in only 15 minutes!). It was more wanting to add some cardio at the end of my lifting sessions and also start practicing dance during the work day (as a mid-day break in addition to the morning lift) that I don't think I'll be able to pull off this week with all the nuttiness. But I'm still getting down right now over falling short of my probably overly ambitious to begin with goals.
  10. Mike Wazowski does stuff daily

    Streaking Stretching: 8 Abs: 8 Fruits / Veggies 5+: 4 Prayer: 8 (and I made it to mass!) Duolingo: 8 Morning fruit / protein smoothies are taking a little longer than I want to and combine that with waking up late and I'm just not getting out of the house anything close to as fast as I want. Work's been a shitshow so far this week, and I'm worried it'll continue. Really getting in the way of health / fitness / other things I'd rather be doing instead of dealing with corporate nonsense.
  11. Wildross: reemerging after Irma

    How do you approach competition prep and goals when you already know the outcome before you go? Asking because I encounter similar known outcomes in dance and haven't yet figured out how I approach it. ETA: glad y'all made it out relatively unscathed from Irma! And I hope Maria decides to leave you alone.
  12. Mike Wazowski does stuff daily

    Streaking Stretching: 7 Abs: 7 Fruits / Veggies 5+: 3 Prayer: 7 (and I made it to mass!) Duolingo: 7 I'm really liking this streak tracking setup. Veggies streak was just barely made thanks to consuming the lion's share of the roasted veggies at a family party (dance partner's family, not mine) on Saturday. Thanks goodness everyone passes those up when there's barbecue available!
  13. Mike Wazowski does stuff daily

    Pretty simple: Daily stretching Daily abs work Daily fruit / veggies (min 5 servings) Daily language practice Daily prayer (bonus points: get back to going to Mass every week, I've missed it for over a month now)