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  1. small note: if you are a lady and your periods are/have become irregular, please get it checked out by your MD. That can be a sign of PCOS. Other signs and symptoms include male pattern hair growth, a change in your hormones (which is why your periods become irregular and your hair growth changes), darker/more hairs on legs and chin/face, and a classic as seen on ultrasound string of pearls around the ovaries. Testing is usually a blood test (to check hormones) and/or an ultrasound. Masking the symptoms with b/c pill is great and well but one of the questions is the cause.
  2. You can get a huge way with just walking- I've been doing that for the last 18 months and combined with a cleanish diet I've lost 84lb. And increased my endurance a lot. So if you enjoy walking, walk! Go hunt pokemon, take a leisure walk, listen to music. If you stick with it, it's good and you win.
  3. Hi Everyone! A bit of advice, por favor. I am a little chubby and in need of stamina. I wouldn't mind some coordination and balance too! I am a hobbit sized nurse by real life trade, so my class would be firmly 'healer'. Now you'd think nurses don't need to be able to fight..well..you've never worked Dementia have you? One twisted arm (and a splint), and one butterknife between my shoulder blades were it not for a coworker later, and I'm thinking yes, yes I do need to be able to keep myself and my students and coworkers safe. So, in town I have the following options, in terms of martial arts/gym: Kenpo Karate, Kickboxing and Taekwondo. I know very little about any of these. I am some 30lb overweight, having lost 84 in the last 18 months (mainly by diet combined with work walking & archery - walking up and down a 30 or 40 yard range some 75 times in an evening adds up!) with the odd bout of skiing or other random activities thrown in. I am not afraid to try all sorts of things, but whereas the mind is willing the body is..well..uncoordinated. I am a clutz. Like, the walls and ceiling regularly attack me. I am out of shape. (I can run up about 3-4 flights of stairs no problem but hiking recently with a friend who I swear is part mountain goat? .... my stamina failed me) I plan on trying each of these classes out before making any final decisions but any words of wisdom you lovely ladies and gentlemen may have, I would appreciate. Thank you!
  4. Well that was 'fun' deviation...six months later, almost seven....one major house move and one major abdominal surgery later...and hey on a plus side, 'm down about 84 lb in the last 18 months now! on the less plus side my muscle tone and energy level are shot...I'm told the hernia repair will 'always be a weak spot' so I'm going to have to build this back up again. In between study and everything. but "m BAAAAACKKKK!
  5. Ok that indicates that its related to a lower blood sugar. Definitely try a little snack before and after exercise. ;-D
  6. Flora

    Faery and the Beast

    Love the story, and yes, fitbit bands can degrade.
  7. Depending on your med taking it with a bit more substantial food, preferably something with protein might help for the initial bit, but the other consideration is, that I'm hearing a fair few negative side effects there. I have to ask. Is this the right med for you? (background: I am a nurse. If you can't take your med daily without it majorly impacting your life, I would be talking to my doctor regarding other options). That said, if you've tried a few and found this the best for you...Good luck and may the force be with you.
  8. ginger and mint are two helpful herbals for nausea. You can make your own ginger tea or mint tea or add it to food or ..well..sky's the limit. If not pregnant, gravol over the counter. Failing that, see your md for an anti-emetic.
  9. Hi, I'm Debs, a nurse, mum to 2 cats and living with roommates (sadly). I'm trying to shed a few excess pounds. My goal is to be as fit as my fictional characters. Currently...I have a gym membership but I really don't know how to use most of the machines or the free weights. So I go and I sit on the exercise bike with my study book and get study time in while peddling my lungs out (speed is actually better than when watching tv). Usually I get 18-25km in an hour done. Nice to meet you all
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