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  1. The problem with "less bad" is that it's a gateway drug to very bad foods. Which is exactly what happened. Ok so the last week is getting filed under "No Bueno". I'm going to have to list my issues I've had. Monday: I started the day with a quick DL workout, and I had big plans for Monday night, I ended up getting a migraine that afternoon and just went to bed as soon as I walked in that night. Tuesday: I started the day having to drop off my truck at the shop to get the brake pads and rotors replaced. That was the third time my truck has been in the shop in the last six or so weeks. And that night we ended up under a tornado warning and spent about an hour sitting in the bathroom, the tornado was nowhere near us so though, so that part was good. Oh and I did get this pic out of it. (Hidden for hugeness) She wasn't happy about being locked in a bathroom for that long, ha. Wednesday: (although really it was reaching back over the past week) The biggest issue I had was a report due yesterday (Wednesday) that I needed some info from a couple of our technicians to even start the report properly. And they were going back and forth complaining that part of it was the other one's responsibility... So I finally got all of the information from them on Tuesday, and spent all day yesterday scrambling to get the report finished and reviewed. Anyway, today seems to be going a lot better, I did a squat based workout, BW X 8 X 3 sets 45 X 10 135 X 20 135 X 10 Foam rolling, lots of foam rolling. I had the most random urge to do a set of 20 this morning, so I ran with it since my regularly planned workouts are off schedule. My quads were going burning like crazy after that. I had really hoped to hit 50 total reps, but with the amount of time it took me to recover from the set of 20 I knew I wouldn't be able to. Anywho that's it for now, the rest of the week should be business as usual, next week will be a little crazy with Thanksgiving, I may end up going to a site for a day too, we'll see how it goes though.
  2. Yikes that sounds like a rough bug, I'm glad you're feeling better, and I hope your appetite comes back in full form soon.
  3. I hope you got the whole class together and just intimidated the hell out of the teacher. Even better if the test is graded on a curve and everyone spent the whole time practicing, you'd be much more likely to keep all the scores low.
  4. Well, I made it back from the work trip. I spent three days on what was expected to be a one day job. Luckily I know how these things go, so I had packed for three days. Obviously no house cleaning was done during that time, and no workouts occurred, but I was doing plenty of work to make up for that. Eating however was pretty bad, there weren't really any good choices to be made where we were working, I ate as "less bad" as I could for the most part, but it was far from good. I got up this morning and really wanted to do squats, but my body was having none of it, so I spent about an hour going through my yoga and stretching / warmups this morning. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things tonight and completely back on track tomorrow morning.
  5. Still alive, still challenging. I'm out of town on business, I should return to a regular schedule around Thursday.
  6. Thanks! No workout log of hugeness for today though (I forgot to take a picture) I am going to use that as their name moving forward! This morning's workout was not a happy one, I didn't sleep well again, everything felt stiff, I think I spent more time on mobility than I did actually lifting today. I was also crazy hungry and I have a hard time focusing on lifts when my stomach is growling. That's the crappy part of lifting in the mornings is the time restriction. The cleaning goal went ok last night, I cleaned the guest bath from top to bottom, but I still need to clean the shower and vanity in the master bath. During that FMP got home and wanted to tell me about her visit to the baby doctor from yesterday, after that I did a little bit in the kitchen to get it back in order (I kind of destroyed it while making supper last night), and that was the end of my night. 11/5/15 Calories: 2,500 of 2,527 C: 175 of 221 F: 117 of 98 P: 185 of 190 Yesterday's lunch really screwed up my macros, it was tough to right the ship with what I had planned last night. I ended up making a sesame soba noodle dish with leftover turkey that I adjusted to be kind of meat ball-ish.
  7. For some reason when I read Blondie, I was thinking a blonde ale, and thought I should come work with you if beer is acceptable that early (or at all). I think I need a nap, or a beer. Good job on the pre-beer workout. Rest up and have fun at the race, I'm sure you'll do fine!
  8. That's a solid set of goals, I restarted my lifting back in the early summer, good luck with it!
  9. The challenge looks good, I'm subbing! Good job on the workout!
  10. I did something similar to that a couple of weeks ago, but I was using some 90/10 beef, I have since found out that turkey is cheaper, so that's probably going to be my go to high protein for a while. I ended up making some turkey burgers since that's what FMP wanted. Ha, yeah, I'm sure it being the first day of the challenge had nothing to do with that dedication. Thanks! 11/5/15 I didn't do jack this morning, one of the cats went nuts last night and woke me up around 2:30, and I couldn't get back to sleep, so I decided to take the morning off from working out. I may do my workout when I get home this evening, or just shuffle everything around and make up the workout on Saturday (Options! Huzzah!) I've got to go to a lunch meeting today and I have no idea what we'll be eating. I'm tentatively planning on making some ramen tonight but it will depend on what I end up eating for lunch. Macros for 11/4/15 Calories: 2,353 of 2,527 C: 207 of 221 F: 75 of 98 P: 223 of 190 11/3/15 Calories: 2,337 of 2,527 C: 191 of 221 F: 90 of 98 P: 204 of 190
  11. Thanks! Last night went a lot better, I swept/vacuumed everything that needed it and mopped the kitchen. I figure I can mop the bathrooms on the same day I clean them. I also finished up the laundry from the night before. This morning was some quick yoga/stretching, I probably only spent 45 minutes in the garage total. Last night's food was spot on, I was a couple hundred calories short, which would even out with Monday's totals, and my protein was above again. I would update the numbers but MFP seems to be having server issues right now. I need to see if I can figure out a recipe to use two pounds of ground turkey in, that will probably be tonight's meal, whatever it may be.
  12. No kidding on the candy, I gave myself a pass with it last week because it was everywhere, you could probably measure the amount I ate in pounds.
  13. Over infla... Whaaa?!! Good job with the tracking.
  14. I'm a Mississippi State fan, we were a missed field goal away from ruining your season, that being said, LSU is the best hope for the SEC right now, so I'm secretly pulling for them (don't tell anyone)
  15. A Sunny based challenge! I love it!
  16. 11/3/15 Workout Log Hidden for blurry hugeness. Today's workout felt really good, Squats felt better than they have in a long time. I also had really high protein numbers last night and wend over on my calorie count by a bit, so that might have something to do with it. We ended up not being able to pick up the furniture from the baby store because of rain, but later we got a call saying that some of it was wrong anyway and they were going to have to reorder it. We would have had to made an extra trip anyway so it worked out ok. Once we got back I was hurting pretty bad, but I went ahead and washed sheets and dishes, but that was it as far as cleaning. I just went to bed after that. Daily Goal/Amount Consumed Calories: 2,527/2,766 C: 221/163 F: 98/98 P: 190/225
  17. Thanks brother! Thanks! Yeah, that chore list is a game changer for me, otherwise I'll just end up keeping the kitchen clean and was laundry when I run out of anything clean. The rest of the house has to go to ruin before I notice it needs cleaning.
  18. I sensed that somebody posted a Nic Cage gif, it drew me here. The challenge looks good, I'm in! Note: I don't follow the NFL, but if you need me to shit all over any of the college teams you like, I'm in.
  19. Day 1: (Hidden for hugeness) This morning's workout felt good, but my arms felt like they were going to give out around the third OHP set. I also had some plate math issues with my DL, I've recently given up caffeine and it takes my brain a little bit to get going now. Tonight we have to go to Babies R Us (so I can be terrified) and pick up some things that FMP's parents ordered for us, it'll be about an hour drive round trip so we will be eating on the road. I've already looked at some options, one place has a grilled shrimp over rice pilaf with broccoli as a side that should work fine, I'll see how my macros are doing after lunch and make a final decision later. Lunches are good to go all week, I cooked a large crock pot of rice last night. This weekend I bought a ten pound pork butt (for fifteen dollars!), so I've got pork for days, plus some leftover grilled chicken from last week. After we get back from that I'll do my cleaning. I did a pretty good job of getting everything clean from the weekend. I took my measurements this morning and I may move that to Friday, I've found the results look better on Friday's (after being good all week) than they do on Monday (after being bad all weekend). I find that keeps me motivated better.
  20. Thanks! Thanks! I've used BBB in the past, but I would do me extra sets on the same day as my working sets and half the time I'd end up cutting them out from boredom. Mixing them around seems to help with that. Yeah, support and partnership, that's it, not fear and panic at all.... Thanks, it feels good to have it back too! Acronym accepted.
  21. So yeah, we're having a kid at the end of January, so my life is about to turn into this. Right now, I'm just helping out FMP (the wife's acronym for those who don't know) and trying to keep the house in reasonably good shape. I was on the road for a good bit of September, and at a conference for a week this month, during those absences the house kind of got destroyed because neither of us was up for doing much cleaning. Everything is back in good shape now, but I've realized that I don't just need to hold the line, but actively dealing with things as I go along to keep from ending up spending my entire weekend on laundry and cleaning. I've been back to lifting for the past six weeks or so and am feeling really good about it for the first time in forever. Anywho, on to the goals, I'll address everything later. Oh and I'm actually going to grade myself this time too, instead of just going through the motions. Goal 1: Prepare to Clean the house better. I've got a list of things to clean on a daily basis but I need to stick to it better. It seems like a lot, but once everything is in good shape, it should be pretty quick to go through. If I get 30/36 I'll consider it a pass. Goal 2: Prepare to plan the food! I've gotten really good at food prepping for my lunches through the week, but I'm still not great with dinner, especially with a pregnant wife who has food issues. So I need to come up with some meals (and alternate meals if needed) that I can fix rather quickly in the evenings. I'm going to grade this one on a 5/7 days a week. That will give us a couple of nights to do whatever. 30/42 for a pass. Goal 3: Prepare to Keep doing what I do. My workouts are going really well right now. For once, I'm not chasing the shiny, or thinking I should be lifting heavier. I'm doing 5/3/1 Boring But Big. I'm splitting the lifts up though. This way I can hit each lift twice a week one day for volume, and one day for strength. It works for me. Mon: DL 5/3/1 OHP: 5X10 Accessories work as needed Tue: Bench 5/3/1 Squat: 5X10 Accessory work Wed: Yoga/Stretcing Thurs: OHP: 5/3/1 DL: 5X10 Accessory work Fri: Squat: 5/3/1 Bench: 5X10 Accessory work If something comes up I move days around and can slide to Saturday if necessary, or if I'm feeling froggy, I'll throw some farmer's walks or yoke work in to work up a good sweat. 28/30 is a pass. Goal 4: Lose weight I'm back over 300 lbs these day, but it's a very different 300 than what I started with back in 2012. That being said, there's still plenty of fluff to lose. Right now the scale isn't moving, but I think that's more because of the lifting than any lack of progress, shirts feel looser, but pants (thighs) feel tighter. So what I need to be doing is taking measurements. I've started going for a 30 minute walk every night, I'll see if that helps anything, Take measurements every Monday, that's my goal. 6/6 for a pass. tl:dr Goal 1: Clean house 30/36 days for a pass Goal 2: Plan food better 30/42 days for a pass Goal 3: Keep working out: 28/30 for a pass Goal 4: Take measurements weekly 6/6 for a pass.
  22. I too have fallen off the Challenge train (or the last several trains I hopped on, actually...) So that's going to be a goal for me as well. Oh and the bacon thing, I don't have any idea what cottage bacon is, at first I thought it was some sort of cottage cheese / bacon hybrid, and I recoiled in horror! But then I realized it was a home smoked version and now I'm all in! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to giggle about this line (because I'm 12)
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