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  1. Yup, this is me from mid June til the end of September. Oh and a yoke is this. Everyone feel free to assume that's me! On the few occassions I have ever made my bed as an adult, I took pictures of it and sent them to people as proof. TKD on top of Puppy running on top of pregnant friend running! This is acceptable, carry on.
  2. I think I'm going to use this as my primary source of info for this challenge. It'll be my penitence for dropping my last few challenges half way through. I woke up around 4:00 this morning unintentionally, I went ahead and got up at 4:30, made some coffee and did a little cleaning around the house before I went out to the garage. 6/10/15: DL: 75 X 5 165 X 5 215 X 5 255 X 3 255 X 3 255 X 3 255 X 3 255 X 3 These went up easy enough, but something felt off about my setup, I think my cheap bar has different knurling than I'm used to. That's something I'll have to remember for the future. After that I had a nice big breakfast. I was hungry most of the day yesterday, my body isn't used to expending that much energy early in the mornings anymore. I'm going to try and up my meals today so I'm not scrambling to put some snack together at 8:00 at night to help me hit my macros.
  3. I googled Max steak, apparently I turn into steak flavored Ruffles potato chips when punched. My garage gym is a recent addition, so I'm not sure on the bar scorching my hands yet or not. I've got a yoke, a couple of farmer's walk handles, and a couple of other projects coming out of the Max Power workshop right now. I'm in Jackson, MS, so far we've had a couple of 90 degree days, nothing in excess of that yet though.
  4. I'm in for another round, this time without disappearing!
  5. Nah, I'm sure I could brush off getting punched so hard that the nature of my being is changed. I'm surprisingly resilient!
  6. Sam Sykes I ended up reading his books because his twitter was so ridiculous.
  7. There's an author I follow on twitter and he's always talking about his sidequests, things like "I'm currently plotting an assassination and promoting a local play, this game is great!" The Witcher is definitely going in my game library as soon as I get a new computer.
  8. Nah, it's really kind of the best option, beer gets all sloshy when you're moving around too mcuh. Sipping on a scotch is the perfect alternative. Gotta skip the post workout protein shake though (best substituted with steak). Fassbender check!
  9. I am doing very well, thanks for asking! I'm easing myself back into the threads by just posting in my battle log for this challenge. I've had too many failed challenges of challenges past. Question, in your Popeye based scenario, am I the puncher or punchee? Both ways seem plausible to me. Your sweet potato plants remind me that I need to plant my tomatoes this weekend. Thanks sweet potato plants. 90+ degrees in extreme humidity, summer has arrived in the south. True story, I walked into my garage last night to lift, and immediately decided to move my workouts back to mornings.
  10. I still have half my bottle of pain meds, let me know if I need to send them up. (I'm sure that wouldn't break any sort of federal or state laws) Although I'm fairly convinced they were sugar pills, I never felt any better after taking them.
  11. Lots of awesome going on in this thread, good luck on the challenge! I kept having that problem after Dark Souls 2. My mind wanted me to roll out of the way of every enemy in every game. From everything I've heard about the game those could be famous last words.
  12. Yoga and wine? Sometimes I'll have a scotch when I'm lifting in the garage. That's kind of the same thing, right?
  13. 6/9/15: Squats: BW X 8 45 X 5 75 X 5 135 X 3 175 X 2 175 X 2 175 X 2 175 X 2 175 X 2 175 X 2 OHP: 45 X 5 65 X 5 85 X 5 95 X 3 95 X 3 95 X 3 95 X 3 95 X 3 I've moved my workouts back to mornings, the garage is already too hot in the evening. I'm trying to get back in the habit of posting on NF regularly, so I'm going to keep updating here for a while. Carry on citizens.
  14. I have this bad habit of highlighting stuff as I read it. Sometimes that pays off. Haha, glad I could help! Bill Murray strikes again!
  15. Cheechoeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! (did I just extend a silent letter, that's strange) Your thread is already too much fun, and your goals are too good. Try stepping it back a notch, think of how us lesser people feel. Nope, scratch that comment, I'd rather just bask in the glory of it all. I'm with you on how easy a habit tacking food is to break. I'll track everything for a month, then wake up some Saturday and think "I'm gonna skip tracking today" then six weeks later I'll start tracking again. Good luck!
  16. Oh man, I didn't know you had a secret nerd gym buddy, that's cool!
  17. You're the god, why are you asking us?
  18. The 13th Warrior is a very quotable movie, good choice! It should probably become the official movie of the Warriors. We are actually coming for Father's day weekend, but I don't think we will be hijackable that weekend, since FMP's whole family is coming down too. But as I was reading your opening post yesterday, I was thinking, "we should just drive over some random weekend this challenge, so I can hand out with HG" because I need to start living my life more too!
  19. (I realize your name's not Pants, but we're just gonna roll with it.) That was a deep intro, it's making me think that I should rethink a lot of my current day to day activities. Good job with that! Per usual, I'm in for the ride.
  20. Yes, yes it is, and it might still be mostly that large. I hate when other people hire someone to do stuff for me, and then the party of the third party never shows. I never know who to rage to. Ok so, I'm not dead. Last week quickly devolved into this. I had to go fill in for someone out in the field last Wednesday, and when I got out there I found out that they hadn't been doing their job properly. Long story short, we found out a lot of things this person has done wrong over the past several months. So I've been putting out fires left and right. I'm just now starting to get everything caught up. I'll get back in the game for more updates once things have calmed down a bit more.
  21. Yeah, that was what I figured, its probably a good thing that I'm not lifting any heavier right now or it might have caused problems. Everything is feeling much better now though, and I didn't have any problems from it last night, so that's cool. 5/4/15 Workout: Squat: 2 minutes rest between. BW x 15 45 x 8 90 x 5 x 5 OHP: 1 minute rest 45 x 8 70 x 5 x 5 Rows: 1 minute rest 70 x 5 x 5 Everything felt good last night, and the rest of my workouts should be on schedule this week. So huzzah for that! I've started tracking calories again lately, I wasn't getting enough calories, and nowhere near enough protien. I'm starting to get things dialed back in now though. I was a little short on calories last night, but my protein was spot on. And since I am tracking, I'll start reporting them again. Cals: 2,325 of 2,810 F: 85.7g/109g C: 171.4g/245g P:207.8g/211g And now to steal a page from CM's book, I have a list of things that needs to be done before the weekend. 1) Clean front walk. 2) Clean gutters. 3) Fix eroded spot in yard. 4) Mow/weedeat. 5) Spray weeds around shop. 6) rake leaves out from azalea bushes. 7) Trim azalea bushes. 8) Sweep garage. 9) Cut down vine behind the house. I'm going to my parents this weekend for mother's day, so I've got to get the first four of those done before the weekend, the rest I would like to have done in the next couple of weeks though.
  22. I'm always back and forth on Olympic lifting shoes. I've got a pair, and I like them, but I feel like its good to workout without them on as much as with them on.
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