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  1. You'll at least be able to drink protein shakes so you're covered for some liquid calories. If your experience is anything like mine you'll be able to be back in the gym the next day. You just won't be eating much solid stuff. Eggs would probably be fine but avoid popcorn at all cost! :-P


    I hand't really thought about protein shakes, good call!  I have told my wife that I'm going to just throw my regular meals in the blender and turn them all into smoothies.  Nohting like that chicken, brocolli, and navy bean smoothie. 


    Whatever you do, just make sure Mrs. Power is filming you post surgery.  And.. ya know... post it.  Or send it to me.. whichever. ;)


    I'm sure she's going to have lots of stories to tell.  I'm already trying to get into the mindset from college when I would be way too drunk, and realize that I needed to hold it together until I could get to the house. 


    Agreed. No popcorn at all. Liquid calorie everything else for a while


    I just looked at a buzzfeed article for things to eat after wisdom teeth, it had a chocolate avocado pudding and a peanut butter protein smoothie that sound pretty great.  Too bad all of the links were screwed up. 


    Let's be honest though, I'm going to be eating a lot of ice cream and we all know it. 

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  2. Hello, I saw some posts of yours over in the "Baton Rouge, LA" meetup thread, and I saw that you were local (I live in Clinton).  So I figured I'd come introduce myself and help cheer you on. 



    I got married last May and went through a lot of the stuff you're talking about, the ice cream every night, eating junk on the regular.  Since you're already taking steps away from that, you're on the right track.  Good luck with it! 




    Also, now that I'm here, I'm stealing your dressing from yesterday's lunch, that looks delicious, and I just bought some fresh ginger that I need to figure out what to do with. 

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  3. Oh yeah, wanted to comment on the coffee thing.  This works pretty well.  I did this and started slowly increasing the amount of decaf and decreasing the caf until it was only decaf. Then I worked on decreasing the amount of coffee in general, but you probably don't need to worry about that part. 


    I had never thought about mixing cafs and decafs until y'all mentioned it.  That's probably going to happen soon. 





    4/13/15 Workout 























    Foam Roll:

    For a bit. 


    I tried something different with last night's workout, I had been lifting as soon as I'd get in, but last night I cooked, ate, and watched a litle tv.  I didn't go workout until 7:30ish, and I liked that I wasn't rushed.   I may keep that up for a little while. 


    Oh another thing, I'm supposed to be getting my wisdom teeth out Friday, I had kind of forgotten about it.  I'm not sure what that's going to do to my workout schedule.  I'm also not very sure what I'm going to be able to eat. I should probably look into this a little bit. 

  4. Welcome to the warriors man!  I run into some of the same problems on 5/3/1 it's not always enough volume to help me out.  I read this from Chad Wesley Smith once. 



    5/3/1 is a great program and very versatile. I like to use 5/3/1-esque schemes with lots of my athletes.

    One issue I see with the basic program though is that it is too low of volume for weaker/less experienced lifters to get sufficient training effect from. So I’ve come up with some expanded versions based on it for you to check out. These haven’t been run by Jim at all but I’m sure he would approve because he likes stuff that works. Also, keep in mind that the listed percentages are of your actual max, not an adjusted max…



    Week 1-45/55/65%x10+, that means 45%x10, 55%x10, 65%x10+

    Week 2-50/60/70%x8+

    Week 3-55%x10, 65%x8, 75%x5+



    Week 1-50/60/70%x8+

    Week 2-55/65/75%x5+

    Week 3-60%x8, 70%x5, 80%x3+

    HIGH VOLUME 5/3/1

    Week 1-55/60/65/70/75%x5+

    Week 2-60/65/70/75/80%x3+

    Week 3-65%x5, 70%x4, 75%x3, 80%x2, 85%x1+



    Week 1-60/70/80%x3+

    Week 2-65/75/85%x2+

    Week 3-70%x5, 80%x2, 90%x1+


    HIGH VOLUME 3/2/1

    Week 1-60/65/70/75/80%x3+

    Week 2-65/70/75/80/85%x2+

    Week 3-70%x3, 75%x3, 80%x2, 85%x2, 90%x1+

    If you are using these schemes in conjunction with sprint and jump training, then I would encourage you to only use the minimum prescribed reps in all but Week 3s (or only go beyond the prescribed reps in Week 1 and Week 3), since you will be receiving such significant stimulus from the speed/power work.


    I found this on a facebook post from him, but I'm pretty sure he wrote an article on it later, if I find it I'll link it to you. 

  5. By the way that's a sweet setup, when i get the funds I'd like to invest in something like that. Right now my current one will have to do though :-)


    Thank you, sir!


    That is a sweet set up. It does all the things.

    I'm gonna build one one day. And I'm going full metal with it. I'm gonna do some weldin'.


    Thanks! I've got some long term plans for upgrading my shop and having a larger area for gym stuff, I might swap out to a real rack at that point, depending on how well the yoke does.  I've noticed it's got a little side to side wiggle, but front to back it's perfectly stable.  Once I start using heavy weights on it, I'll know more about it's capabilities. 


    Congrats on the new place!


    Thank you!




    Day 1: Tonight's workout will be Squats/OHP/DL, pushups, and mobility.  I don't have a bench yet, so BP's aren't an option at this point, but I'm doing floor presses and extra pushups to make up for that. 


    My official starting weight for this challenge is 297.7


    Another non-official goal right now is to cut back on coffee, I'm trying to bring my caffeine consumption back to regular human levels, and man am I noticiing it this morning. my fingers and brain aren't working on the same level right now and typos are flying all over the place.  I'm seriously considering making a pot just to try and right the ship this morning. 



    poor RP and all the FOMO feels ;) nahhh i WISH i going somewhere warm too. and i will ping raptron for the CSC deets :D


    maaaaaaaaaaaaaax! we can always talk about books moar. i'm in for that. have you read the rithmatist?


    i'm pretty sure i stole that list idea from other nerds <.< but it's great because i don't want to pile on too many goals when i have so much life stuff going on. so if i list it out i can see what i have room for to improve on fitness-wise!


    and thanks!



    The only Sanderson books I've read so far are Steelheart and The Way of Kings.  The latter I got for free on my ipad, and not realizing that it was a 1200 page book that was the first of ten planned in the series, it hooked me though, so I'm probably going to be devoting a lot of my time to that series in the future.  And from everything I've heard about his other stuff, I will probably be diving into those at some point too. 

  7. Welcome back MP! Garage gyms are the best gyms.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    Thanks! I agree, because I don't have to deal with other people.  Because they're just the worst. 



    I found this gif months ago and had no where to put it.

    Did you build you're own power rack? Pics?


    Bear gifs are always welcome here.  I did not build my own rack,  I bought a Rogue Yoke.  It comes with two hooks so it can be used as a rack, and it will also work as a power sled.  This is my current setup. 




    I've got a pair of farmer's walk handles in the corner.  The only other thing I'd really like to do right now is set up a rack on the side to store my plates.  The yoke comes with two bars for it, but I haven't found a good spot to attach them that the plates aren't in the way. 






    you got this.




    go big or go home.


    Thanks!  Welcome friend! 


    I read a quote from a Yellowstone park ranger once.  "There is considerable overlap between the smartest bears and the dumbest humans".  ie, they could design trash bins that the bears could open, but some people couldn't.


    I believe that, a couple of the back country campsites I've been to had bear boxes that I had to look at for a second to figure out how to open. 


    That gif is awesome lol


    There's gonna be a good bit of that around here. 

  8. Oh man, I missed the Sanderson discussion.  I haven't read Mistborn, but I'm down with everything of his that I have read. 


    I like your idea of having a list of to-do's and the dates to have them done by.  I may have to steal that plan from you. 


    I'm in for this challenge, good luck! 

  9. picture-6.png


    I dropped out my last challenge (January) because I got caught up buying a house.  Now we're in a new house, and things have settled back down.  I bought a rack for my garage, and now I'm back to lifting.  If any of this seems short, it's because the internet ate the previous thread I started, so now I'm full of rage.   Anyway here are the goals. 


    Goal 1:  Get back in the groove. 




    My workout notebook shows my last official lifting session to be around the end of August last year.  Between moving, changing gyms, and moving my workout time, I couldn't maintain a steady schedule.  Now I have my own rig in the garage and I can do what I want with the equipment I want.  I've been doing the SL 5X5 for the past two weeks.  I'm starting with this for a few reasons.  1) It's quick and easy, so it helps me build a routine.  2)  It's helping me regain my lost mobility.  3)  Weight plates are expensive and it will keep me from having to buy more weights just yet.  My workout plan for this go round will be...


    MWF - lift. 

    T,Th - some form of "Cardio"

    Sat - Conditioning work. 

    Sun - Be lazy. 


    Goal 2:  More "Cardio"




    I'm treating this as anything that keeps me moving for an extended period of time.  Yard work will mostly fill this I think. 


    Goal 3:  Keep it "clean"




    I'm borowing from some of the slow carb rules these days.  I eat good six days a week, and do whatever on Saturdays. 


    Goal 4:  Projects everywhere! 




    I've got quite a few projects brewing in the back of my head.   The big one I want to finish is taking care of a spot that is washing in my back yard where a ditch runs through.  I'll give weekly updates on my projects. 

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  10. Something I've learned on some job sites I've been on is that asbestos is in pretty much everything from before it was banned.  Linoleum and drywall (including mud and tape), are both big contenders as well as the ceiling.  


    But when dealing with lead paint, unless your state has some extra regulations vs what EPA uses, then painting over it is all you have to do for it to be considered sealed.  I can't remember if you need a special type of sealing paint or not, but I don't think so.  Doing it that way wouldn't help you when it comes time to resell, but it would keep it safe to live in until you had some of the other projects out of the way.  

  11. One other thing I MIGHT be taking on. Selling my house, and downgrading (in size, not work!) to a smaller house. About half the living area I have now (mostly b/c I'd be switching to an unfinished basement, but also overall square feet will decrease). It would be quite an investment. I'm afraid I'll put more into it than it's worth. But I'll be out of the HOA. I'll have a little more land. I'll be almost in the country (it's on a dirt road, not in a neighborhood), but only about 2 minutes more out of the city than I am now. I'm mostly scared of the work, as I've never taken on a project like this. And scared of the money involved. I'd have to carry two mortgages for a short period, and that stresses me out, too. I need to keep my house as long as it would take to switch out the electrical at the new place. And I like the idea of being able to move stuff slowly from one house to the other. So the details of the move stress me. But the idea of the house is really exciting. I can't quite decide what the right choice is. I'm trying to make a decision soon. I might just set another appointment to look at the house this weekend. 


    Ooh ooh ooh!!! We can be house project buddies!  We can drive back and forth and help each other, then high five and drink beer! That house sounds awesome to me, out of the city without adding a lot of commute, plus more land, and no HOA.  Sounds like a winner to me.  

  12. Yesterday was crazy here in the office, I haven't done much all year, and all of a sudden we had to do everything.  Today seems to be a little calmer, although stuff is already popping up, and that's not a good sign. 


    I've been avoiding coffee this week, I noticed after I started drinking it Monday morning that my head started hurting before I finished my first cup.  It may have just been a coincidence, but I've been needing to cut back on it anyway.  I have been drinking a cup of green tea the past couple of mornings and haven't had any issues.  


    I haven't done any workouts this week, I'm planning on starting back tomorrow morning.  I might even do something this evening, depending on what I feel like when I get off work.  


    Even as I was typing this, more stuff for me to work on came up, ahh responsibility my old nemesis...

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