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  1. Unfortunately working isn't on the cards at the moment due to disability. I'm already eating the world's most unfresh and grim veg from the cheapest supermarket I can find. Scrape the fuzzy bits off kind of cheap ^^ My ways to spend less are pretty limited to sleeping earlier so I don't have to leave the lights on and the likes. Poor cat is getting his food and litter downgraded, sorry cat. My diet doesn't really allow for many "goals" I'm already a clean eating veggie, I don't nom on bad things I'm just looking to drop back to the 8 stone 3 that I weighed last year. I'm finding it hard to
  2. Yes, yes and yes some more. If I won the lottery or became insanely rich a hysterectomy would be top of my list of things to do. Sometimes I just want to scream WWHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY at the sky. Whole lot of hassle and pain for no good reason, and it never ends.
  3. Sports bras flattening and crushing your tender achy melons I also just discovered that reusable cotton cloth pads ( which are super comfy.. and weirdly cozy ) are NOT a good idea for exercise. Sweat, wet, smell... eeeeeeeeeeeeeew. Stick to that mooncup for workouts.
  4. Epic 2017 Quest - Cleaning up the mess I made in my life up until this point. I will be breaking down my big quests, into little achievable habits and goals for my 4-week challenges, which will eventually accumulate into making a dent in the big quest! Quest One Name: A Lannister always pays his debts I owe £2000 on my credit card, I currently do not work and have little money to throw at this. This quest may take me longer than 1 year however, I can still make a dent in this by doing the following as part of my challenge: 1) Set aside
  5. As a person with aspergers, routine is love, routine is life <3 I feel more zen just looking at that schedule.
  6. Rippleberry

    Ice Cave

    I have been within myself and witnessed a darkness inside. I wish to go toward the light, with achievements swathed in pride.
  7. No worries, I kind of agree with you, I really didn't think it should be responsible either. Which is why I'm confused as heck ^^ I gained the weight from over eating and stopping working out, that's totally not the fault of the depo. I'm just having a hell of a time removing the weight. Which is a problem I didn't have the first time around. I really wish I was secretly eating cake... I miss cake. Weight isn't the be all and end all anyhow. I'm sure it will shift itself eventually as I start to increase my workouts and get fitter. Will see what happens in the next fe
  8. I'm upping my workout time gradually. I'm also doing a few laps around the room every hour working on getting my daily steps up. Although it's a huge pain in the arse, I feel like as soon as I'm getting into the study zone I have to stand up again. As a computer programming student, being on the PC constantly is pretty much needed. Also due to mental health, I just can't be dealing with going outside at the moment, would make me too ill to get any study done. On the plus side, if I'm the same weight now with working out and watching calories, as I am just eating pizza all day and n
  9. Apart from my morning workouts, I don't actually do anything bar walk to the bathroom every now and then. I leave the house for 5 minutes once per week to buy groceries, I'm pretty sure my BMR is way down there alongside coma patients and sloths. My PT put me on 1600 when I first started working out, I dropped from 10 stone to 8 stone 3 on that at around 1 - 2 lbs per week. I'm pretty sure I'm close to doing the same as I was in the first place. Maybe that's the problem, perhaps I need to do more this time around. Seemed to drop off last time with little effort. Alter
  10. I've heard a lot of women talking about hormonal birth control leading to weight gain, and I typically laughed it off. Calories = weight gain, I assumed perhaps it can slow your metabolism or make you crave more food but surely by watching your calories you would be fine. Clearly, those women complaining just don't count calories and secretly eat cake all day... or so I thought At my peak 2 years ago I weighed 8 stone 2 lbs, and went to the gym 2 / 3 times per week with a calorie intake between 1200 and 1600. I had a little "mishap" and ended up ignoring my diet and th
  11. Go Team at home! I've gone both ways. When I first started I had a personal trainer come to my house for two 1 hour sessions per week. I figured there was no point in paying a ton of money and travelling just to spend 5 minutes on a treadmill and then go home. My plan was just to get fit enough to make a decision on how to workout and where. I did go the gym for about 6 months, the classes were worth it for me, but apart from that there really isn't much you can do at a gym that you can't do at home. My cat follows me around my home, perverts follow me around the gym.
  12. Yes, I did come here to read about parasites ^^ thank you for reaffirming my reasons for being an indoorsy person My plan is also to do something every day. I'm using a 10-minute stretch as a placeholder. My mind knows that I ONLY have to do the 10-minute stretch so it doesn't fight me too much on it. Then afterwards, since I'm standing on the mat and all pumped up on my pre-workout juice, I may as well do a workout session. Seems to be going well so far. I finally beat my mind. Yay.
  13. I suddenly like exercise! It's fine, I all good on the creepy camp. Look I'm squatting
  14. Hai, I hired a personal trainer when I decided to start my journey two years ago. He came to my house 2 days per week for 6 months. He looked at my nutrition and diet, my form, and helped me try a range of different activities I felt it really gave me the boost I needed to understand how to do things myself. I very rarely leave the house due to mental health, but I'm somehow managing 5k steps by doing laps around my flat I just bump it up 1k every 2 weeks. Seems to be going OK. I've been using the app SWORKIT for 20 mins every morning, I've tried a few different ones
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