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  1. Week one final point count... Can I just say... WOOHOO! (I have to figure out how to share pics when I post from my phone) So Saturday... I ran 10.6KM! And and and... Had my best 10k time to date!! So.. Q1: 4 runs, 3 over 3k so +3 Total km for the week 22.9 +1 10k run +1 New 10k PR +1 Total : 6 points! (why I get so excited over these points, I don't know) Little side note... . I did push myself really hard for the last 1.5km to make the PR. I regret that now.. I regretted it all day Saturday, Sunday and now still a little today. My b
  2. Week 1 in progress update... Q1: I've run Mon, Thu and this morning so far. Thu was just 2.5k after my workout. For a total of 12k to date. I am planning a run tomorrow if the temp outside let's me. 2 points Q2: I went to the gym Tue and Thu. I will say I am happy with both my workouts this week. Thu was the hotel gym but there were dumbbells so I was in good shape. (Pun intended) 2 points Q3: looking back over MyFitnessPal, I've got 1 full day and sporadic other updates.. Crap.. I'll commit to today, Evan though it's a travel day and I'm neve
  3. Thanks for following and the encouragement! I will say I like travelling.. It does sometime get heavy and wish I was home with my wife and boys, but when I'm not homesick, it can be fun. This month it's Raleigh NC and Cincinnati OH. Both nice cities. Next month I'll be in vegas... Twice! I have a certain live-hate relationship with that city. I'll post about some of the adventures while I'm there if you're interested. I've been really bad at updating this thread. I think I'll post an update on week 1 in a minute.
  4. I've been online looking for different things and a friend who is into weights directed me as well.. So this is what one workout looks like... (actually what I'm going to do at the gym this morning) Rowing 10min warmup Barbell squats 3x10 Bench press 3x10 Wide lat pull down 3x10 Dumbbell Hammer curls 3x10 Dumbell shoulder press 3x10 Planks 2min (in 3 or 4 sessions) Walking and stretching cooldown I'm open to suggestions though. I've done the jefit full body all dumbell workout as well as machines. I was quite intimidated by the
  5. Good job on the goals and THANK YOU for the music! Listening to the black crows right now. Keep up the great work!
  6. As I am quite overwhelmed by the sheer amount of awesome posts Rangers have in this challenge already, I am going to keep this simple. This is my 2nd challenge. I am still getting the lay of the land and beginning to understanding the ins and outs of it all.. I will say I feel a certain amount of connection with Rangers.. I travel quite a bit for work and I normally wear a hoodie when I travel. So besides thinking this is what I look like sitting on the plane, and the fact I am often either exploring new cities every month or new places in cities I have been to, I also love t
  7. Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a montreal meetup. I'm up in Laval but would be happy to make my way into town. Maybe a hike up the mountain once the weather is not as horrific as this week. Let me know if there is interest and I'll start tossing out some potential days... Like in April.. Other activity ideas are welcome as well. My family and try and I go up to Bois de Belle Rivière in Mirabel every other Saturday for sledding, winter Frisbee golf, hiking, snow shoeing or whatever else makes sense that day. If people are mo
  8. Engaged berserker mode this morning in the gym. Been going to the gym for a couple of months now. Worked my way from machines to dumbbells but barbells just intimidated me. Don't know why but I think I just felt like I would look like an idiot using the bar with no weight while I got my bearings... Well, this morning I prepared myself to do it and just jumped on in. Did barbell squats, barbell benchpresses and barbell curls this morning. All for the first time! And even though I'm sure I probably did look ridiculous, I'm incredibly happy I did it.
  9. Go Rhovaniel!! Following along.. We have very similar challenges (once I get around to starting my thread) running, strength and correct eating are definitely in my top 3. I have to say, I am also very impressed with the discipline to update your sig with your progress. Pretty awesome!
  10. Still very new to all this but definitely following this thread. The force is with thee! You shall crush those goals!
  11. Hello fellow guild folk! I am overjoyed to find such a lively place in the deep dark reached of the interwebs! Please allow me to sit and drink with thee. As I will soon be off on my second quest and I do feel Rangers may hold the kindred spirit I have been seeking. I must say though your choice of beverage lack something slightly more refined. May I offer some of my most delicious wine to add to your stores. Wine is good for both the heart and spirit! Maybe not so much the head though.. I will admit. None the less! Now is
  12. Thanks for checking in! Its been so busy, I have not been online for a few days. So here is my final update for the week.. Considering this was my first challenge, I am not sure if I should do a full summary of the 4 weeks.. I'll read up on the others and see if I should be posting in this thread again. Wednesday - run - 4k to 6k easy run DONE - 4.5kmThursday - gym - Full body dumbell workout DONE - Jefit says i did good. Friday - rest DONESaturday - Long Run.. 8k.. maybe another 10.. See how I feel. DONE - Pushed out 9km in -15C As for Q3 this last week.. Well
  13. Update.. --> My plan for Q1 and Q2 in the 4th week of the challenge... Sunday - rest.. DONE Monday - run - 4K - speed intervals - DONE Tuesday - gym - Back, Chest, Legs - DONE Dumbbell Pile Squat 4x10 15kg Dumbbell Bench Press 3x8 11kg Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 2x10 50kg; 1x8 45kg Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4x10 6.5kg Dumbbell Hammer Curls 3x10 6.5kg Plank 45, 31, 27 Todo: Wednesday - run - 4k to 6k easy run Thursday - gym - Full body dumbell workout Friday - rest Saturday - Long Run.. 8k.. maybe another 10.. See how I f
  14. Hey Erza!! Just wanted to share one of my fav quotes from Zig Ziglar... From the last workout you posted.. looks like you have chosen wisely.
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