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  1. Oh that looks fun! Is it a group event or on your own? And it's definately a new week and a new chance! Kick this weeks butt!
  2. Do you have the first half still done? If so post it here! A little bit is better than nothing. But yay on the daily nutrition!
  3. One other thing you could try if you haven't yet is heat up the tape with a blow dryer. It might be enough.
  4. Fell of the band wagon. A week ago, I got hauled into the supervisors office (not my boss, I'm split between two companies) and told I was being a bitch and talking down to my trainee and that I shouldn't be working the hours I am. Which is true and those aren't the words that were used but that was the message. I did take last weekend off but it wasn't enough to fully reset. Did well until Wednesday night when I went to the next town over for paint night. Left on time that night!!! But the roads were terrible and I did make it to the class on time and the roads home at the end were much nicer
  5. I recently moved to a small town so I'm struggling to find things to do that don't cost money that would have a time crunch. I'm also working on being debt free. But the scheduling thing sounds like something I desperately need to do!!! I can't see through the fog enough to figure out the main quest. And considering I know that any direction is the right direction when you don't have a set direction; it's kind of stupid. I'm not a passionate person and had learned early on it was easier to not care what happened that now as an adult. I still struggle with that habit. I have a long list
  6. Me either! I use mine to track birthdays, bills, holidays and the moon cycle.
  7. Great job on working towards your goals! Every progress counts!
  8. The art projects are all stunning! I agree with the painters tape or asking the art store expert. But from what I remember, the tape depends on the quality of paper if it's going to work or not. Are you going to go back and add more night sky to the dragon? And have you started to read your fitness manuals? (I don't think I saw it mentioned yet.)
  9. Oh, this is a neat group! I have lots of lists and am half working towards putting them into one place. I have a book for both work and personal. It's the only way I can function. haha
  10. How has this week gone for you? Success in your goals?
  11. So yesterday went well with the goals, I actually had a day off so spent the afternoon working on a skirt for halloween and some house cleaning. Water was in and supper was a veg soup so met the grain free. Tonight's supper was hamburger patty with mushrooms and crisps so grainfree. I just wanted to order pizza so a decent compromise for this first step thing. Have not got all of my water in yet, I'm about a cup away from it. I'll get it before the nights out, today I spent changing valves out on a water line so with no water to flush. I didn't want to drink a lot of water.
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