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  1. OMG. So even though I mostly abandoned my post, I didn't abandon my challenge. The bedtime last, especially, seems to have taken hold as a habit (woo!), and I haven't been up later than 10:30 more than a max of once per week, with most of those times being 30 minutes late or so. I haven't lifted as I had planned to, but I've embraced the walking challenge and have been killing it. Blueberries the (Temporary) Accidental Scout? I'm thinking about taking a break from challenges for awhile, since I'm clearly terrible right now at updating them and following up with people. I feel bad about half-assing it. :/
  2. Hi! Quick check in. Not dead, but I have been excellent about meeting my bedtime goal. With the exception of Friday night, I've been in bed before 10:30 every night! Sadly, there really aren't any new kinds of eggs to report (mostly fried b/c yum). Still no lifting, either, though I'm up over 30 miles on my walking challenge. Don't tell anybody, but I ran a few tiny segments of a walk a few days ago. It didn't even suck.
  3. 01/07/17 1.91 miles walking 2017 Total: 15.29 Remaining: 488.96 01/08/17 4.27 miles walking 2017 Total: 19.56 Remaining: 484.69
  4. I think I'm more like you. I've been out every day in this great snowpocalypse that the South got, but I already know that summer is going to be a much harder sell. Agreed. I'm pretty sure the only reason I've been out there in the cold this week is because our winter is extremely short and mild here. You definitely warm up as you go, but I think snow would be way better than ice. I'm prone enough to injury as it is! ------------------- The best laid plans to start lifting today were foiled by a snow day for the Wee Berries. *sigh* But we're going to bundle up to head out on a walk, since the streets are totally clear on our side of town. As of last night, I'm up to 19.56 miles, which is just shy of 4% of what I need for the year. Not bad! I'm planning to front load the miles some, since I know I'm going to struggle to get out there in the summer. In bed before 10 last night to start off my sleep challenge, but since I was messing around on my phone until 10:20, I'm not giving myself the bonus points.
  5. 01/06/17 3.54 miles walking 2017 Total: 13.38 Remaining: 490.87
  6. This part is so hard, but it's amazing how much easier it becomes once you get past that initial bit.
  7. Truth. No lifting yet, just walking every day. I'm starting to get into the groove on getting to bed on time, though I'm not counting it get until the challenge officially starts. Eggs: Hard boiled
  8. 01/04/17 2.04 miles walking 2017 Total: 7.01 Remaining for 2017: 497.24 01/05/17 2.83 miles walking 2017 Total: 9.84 Remaining for 2017: 494.41
  9. I shouldn't be surprised by this. Ma and Pa Squat are awesome. Those Kansas winters are no joke! Neither are summers really, if my memory serves me correctly. Eggs: Scrambled together with chopped bacon.
  10. 01/03/17 2.04 miles walking 2017 Total: 4.97 Remaining for 2017: 499.28
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