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  1. Been keeping up with eating. doing multiple sets of 3 pullups at a time now. have lost 14 lbs since the (early) beginning of the challenge. Saved a couple $K, completely satisfying that goal, will be able to really take a chunk out of debt, and stress all at once. HAvent been good about posting here, but even just having set this up really got me going! will try to be better with posting till the end!
  2. Started paleo full force yesterday, went food shopping with nothing but beef, chicken and veggies on the list. Cooked a giant stir fry of kale, onions, peppers and shallots, and added a pound of ground beef to about half of it. the ground beef half was dinner last night for all 3 of us, and lunch today for me. the other half the stir fry will be dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.
  3. We finally set a wedding date, and i have less than 6 months to be a bit less of the man i currently am (well more of a man, but there needs to be less of me) Goals: Every meal enjoyed by baby, fiance and me, with a paleo slant At 16 months i want my son to eat whatever he is willing to eat, and that changes daily, some days he wants veggies, some days fruits and some protiens (and sometimes nothing but milk or juice). AS many of the shared meals as we can im hoping to make paleo, but absolutely no garbage (junkfood, desserts, etc). Bike when weather permits, pedal at desk when it doesnt
  4. http://www.groupon.com/deals/g1mm-certified-personal-trainers-boston?p=1&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&sid=52a3a7f2-837e-47c3-9b02-30383b5e7213&division=boston&user=a565b01fe16567df86c90295ecd2337a4408e46155aae437d3ec99719fd27aec&date=20121105&s=body&c=deal_button&d=deal-page&utm_campaign=g1mm-certified-personal-trainers-boston saw this and thought you might find it interesting, dont know if your schedule is any better for it, i just remembered you were interested in it.
  5. so far so good with the junk food, been eating well and aside from being super hungry when i first got sick, ive been able to keep it to reasonable portions too.
  6. i am signing up for another 5k the 31st. winning a wedding is totally awesome! makes us really move forward. And it is at Fenway Park, so, we get to have some fun with themes and stuff, at least a little bit! Still fighting off a cough, but enjoying the short bike rides from car and the lunchtime walks. (rides still tracked with runkeeper, though the nike+ stuff is a pain to transfer manually, so looking for an automatic option)
  7. i was stoked for the 5k but too sick to go found a zombie 5k at work, on 10/31, going to sign up for that. Bumbed that I'm missing out on quality weather and fun cause im sick, the best i could do was eat well, and try not to cough myself to death. Folding bike had slashed tire, got it fixed over the weekend, so this week i will again be adding my tiny rides to the total. We finally have a deadline for when we are going to be married and i will be in shape by then (we won a wedding that we must use before the end of sept 2013, not nearly as long as i thought i had). Looking into some old
  8. I havent had time to post much, went to an awesome wedding, got sick sometime while traveling, still sick, that just about sums it up. going to try to do this weeks challenge, and still on for the 5k this weekend, asssuming i have recovered at least a little bit.
  9. I am going to keep the intro short, since as usually I am writing this at work where the site is barely functional. 1. Bike at least 10 times again. Since I am now biking a short distance at work, I am putting a mileage count on this too, to keep it challenging. At least 50 Miles (this may change after i do the math, but by my rough estimate this should be right) 2. finish the tuff scrambler. I havent done a 5k race before, or an obstacle course either, so the goal is, finish, dont die, try not to break anything... 3. keep up with eating well. this is really too generic a goal, but im no
  10. Did all my non point goals, which ended up being some of my better concentration this time around. The real point behind this challenge was to make a better me and spend more quality time with family. I got a ton of quality time with my family, without sacrificing too much exercise time. SO was not ready for working challenge 1. I started the C25K program, but didn't get as far as I'd have liked, A for effort and starting running again, so even though i dont have a 5k time to report yet, i worked towards my 5k stamina and obstacle course in october. (+1 STR, +3STA, +1CON) 2. Knocked this
  11. I have to second the FreeRuns or some of the other "free" shoes, they seem to have a better (more ergonomic) shape. Ive started using my merrells exclusively for biking, they give that clipped feel without the "suicide" potential. Great job and congratulations on the size 2! Workouts are super impressive and really put the rest of us (well at least me!) to shame. I think maybe my next challenge should be try to keep up with you, but i doubt i could come close!
  12. I'm fine, baby was at home. Car will be fixed, just didnt need another money pit for a little bit.
  13. FML after doing so well with bills I got in a fender bender that might bankrupt me
  14. well, apparently it was hidden upgrade in my iphone, the ability to convert any bike to a swim bike! also, swim bike travel is 2-3x faster than roads, per my gps!
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