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  1. Welcome! Week 1 - Wednesday Today was taken up with an huge burst of motivation to get my life in order and that started with the house. I think my 8 month old Bub thought I'd gone mad with the vacuuming, mopping, dishes, 3 loads of washing and piles of filing. It felt really good to have a semi-clean and organised space (in our tiny house bursting at the seams with stuff there is only so much organisation it can handle). After Bub was in bed I tried to tackle my life admin online and felt like I hit roadblocks at every turn. I'm now waiting for a copy of some government docu
  2. Hi Friends! Back again with another challenge attempt. I am notoriously (at least to myself) bad at FINISHING challenges, so by hell or high water I will finish this challenge. My life is in a bit of transition, I only have 12 weeks left of maternity leave before I'm due back at work (eep!) and I really need to use that time to get my house in order (figuratively and literally) so that I can juggle working, parenting, being a wife, maintaining some semblance of social connections, and not falling into a face full of chocolate. So, healthy habits it is! I know it is slightly counte
  3. The deck is amazing! A few finishing projects to get done but it's functioning and solid. We've already had multiple family dinners out on it in the cool summer evenings, divine! Another challenge, another drop off in the last week The last week went well...I think. I definitely got the things done I needed for my other challenge (yes, I was doing 2 challenges concurrently because free loot was offered in the other one OK!). Going to try again in this month's challenge. Here goes nothing!
  4. I just typed out an update and then Chrome ate it Heading to bed and I'll try and retype it in the morning.
  5. You get used to the heat, you just have to be smart about it. I couldn't handle snow and negative degree temperatures because I've never had to! My two European holidays in the winter were an experience! The deck project went really well. We were replacing an old deck off the back of house (same exact layout so that we don't have to get new permits, it's technically "repairing" by replacing every single piece of wood it's made of ). By the end of the long weekend thy had managed to lay about 2/3 of the new decking boards. Hubby is working on laying the rest when he gets home from w
  6. It is exciting! It was a project we wanted to get done before Bub arrived but here we are. So far the rebuild is going really well. They're well on track with 2 days to go. So far we've had hotdogs one day and burgers the other. Today I'm doing steak and veggie kebabs with some salads. We've also been eating a lot of summer fruit, cherries, watermelon, grapes, and mangoes! And a few icy poles but it's been 37+ (98 in American) and today is meant to be 40+ (104 in American)! Week 3 - Friday, Saturday & Sunday Nutrition: Grocery Shop and Meal Prep: ☑ Protein &
  7. I hope your meetings went OK! We have a long weekend here too. What are your plans?
  8. Happy Belated Level Up! I am jealous of your ribs for dinner. Yum! Seems like you have some nice momentum going on your challenge
  9. It was pretty frustrating, and also made me realised how privileged I am to have access to the technology every day and how much I take it for granted! The weather has been amazing recently (not trying to rub it in, I swear!), trying to enjoy it while it lasts. The internet is back!!! Time to catch up with everything I've missed, on the forums and everywhere else. Week 3 - Wednesday & Thursday Nutrition: Grocery Shop and Meal Prep: ☑ Protein & Veggies/Fruit x 3: ☑☑☑☑□□□ 2L Water: □☑☑☑□□□ Movement: Rehab: ☑□□□
  10. Thank you for this! We had a quick conversation and it went fairly well. I got a thank you for what I did and that made feel a lot better. Makes me feel like I should keep communicating! Week 3 - Tuesday Nutrition: Grocery Shop and Meal Prep: ☑ Protein & Veggies/Fruit x 3: ☑☑□□□□□ 2L Water: □☑□□□□□ Movement: Rehab: □□□□ Crossfit: ☑□□□ Community: Thread Update: ☑☑□□□ Comment: ☑□□ Yesterday started with a bang (literally). Our garbage truck hit the phone line that runs from our power pole to our house, ripping it down a
  11. Your camper makes me feel very nostalgic, it's very similar to my family's from when I was a kid! I hope you can make lots of happy memories in it. How old are your kids? Are they going to be OK sharing one of the beds? My sister and I were OK initially but as we got older one of us (normally me) ended up on a blow up mattress on the floor.
  12. Yes! A fridge full of good food and some accessible on-plan snacks sounds like a great plan.
  13. That sounds like an amazing weekend! I do love being the chipper one around a bunch of hungover friends who are feeling sorry for themselves. Avoiding sugar and alcohol would be too much for me to handle, I'd need a soft drink to be in that kind of social situation.
  14. Love this intro and loving everything about this update! Great work. Keep smashing it! Also, I've been loving the laundry drying weather - and also that my tiny house is not covered in clothes horses!
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