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  1. Social distance appropriate wave! Returning to the forums after quite an absence, feels so good to be back!
  2. I am thinking I might have to be OK with toast, it just doesn’t feel healthy, particularly after doing Whole30s and paleo-ish eating for so long. This is something I am definitely realising! Though knowing it and actually adjusting those expectations are two different things! Thank you 😁 Wednesday 29th July Food - Didn’t even get toast today, just snacked on things I could eat one handed that came from a packet. Sausages and mushrooms with oven baked potato chips for lunch. I made carbonara pasta for dinner - lots of veggies (mushrooms, capsicum,
  3. Zero Week, Tuesday Bub finally settled at 2am this morning *sigh*, thankfully we got 2 decent sleep blocks after that and finally started our day at about 9.30am. I had my first new mothers' group via Zoom today. Due to the timing I really didn't have a chance to do anything else much during the day. Food - breakfast was still no good, just toast. I had leftover beef and veggie stir fry for lunch and hubby made chicken fajitas for dinner. 2/3. I did not drink enough water today but I'm working on resolving that now before we all head to bed. Movement - nothing Hygiene - Yes
  4. Thank you! It's nice to know you aren't alone Thanks! Showers are high on my self-care list. Probably helped by the fact that I am not a bath person at all. Absolutely, it's so easy to just snack on junk and suddenly realise you've missed a meal time. Zero Week, Monday Food - 2/3. Toast for breakfast (that's the 0 - no protein or veggies, just bread and jam). I had a bit of a rough morning with Bub after not getting a whole lot of sleep - she was up and down even more than normal through then night. Lunch was sausages, mushrooms and potatoes. Ide
  5. Wow that walk looks beautiful! It’s also making me jealous of your beautiful sunny weather! I am now going to look for the Forest of Dean in movies and TV shows I watch.
  6. I had to click on your challenge when I saw the title! All the high school memories! Nice goals, I particularly appreciate your happy-making plan and look forward to seeing the variety of things you do.
  7. Joining the COVID blues, it feels like things are ramping up here and the light at the end of the tunnel is very small and a long way away. Sorry to read about your sleeping woes. We’re still in the new born phase so up and down all night is par for the course!
  8. For anyone who missed my last challenge (which is probably everyone considering I started it with only a week to go) on the 8th June this year my life changed forever when our baby girl was born. I am still in the process of learning how to be a Mum and balance #MumLife with my own health and well-being. I know that I can best care for my child if I first care for myself so these challenges are designed to make smart choices for me. Also mentioned in the last challenge, I am struggling with the balance between holding myself accountable / not accepting crappy excuses v not beating
  9. Overall I am pretty happy with how much I achieved in this first week. Aiming for consistency and tracking at the moment and incremental progress. No Zero week for me, going to keep tracking and stay on track as much as possible.
  10. Survived my first week with hubby at work, counting that as a win. The weekend was pretty cruise-y, enjoying time as a family. Friday 24th July Food - 2/3 I think. Honestly, the days all blend together and I don’t really remember. Movement - I did manage a short walk before Bub was sick over all over me and the carrier so we headed home early. Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th July Food - Had a great day on Saturday, even made roast pork for dinner. Today we had a quieter day and I didn’t have a great breakfast but the rest of the day was good. 5/6 Mov
  11. Thursday 23rd July Food - Still haven’t nailed breakfast, ate toast and then later some fruit toast neither of which are healthy enough for my liking. For lunch I had vegetable samosas. I had planned to cook roast pork for dinner but hubby organised with a neighbour to drop over some dinner so we had pastie instead. I’ll cook the roast tomorrow night instead. 2/3 Movement - Another zero today. We had a quiet day at home hiding from the cold and wet weather. 0/1 I am struggling to balance holding myself accountable and not accepting excuses, while also being kind to myself
  12. Can’t wait to hear the conclusion of your trail mix experiment! Glad things have continued to be good.
  13. Wednesday 22nd July After Bub’s immunisations yesterday we had a bit of a rough night as she was unsettled. Because of this she and I had a pretty lazy day recovering. Food - I didn’t really have breakfast, just snacks between feeds. I did manage a late lunch of pork sausages with mushrooms and sweet potato fries. Hubby cooked a delicious bolognase for dinner. 2/3 Movement - I did manage to leave the house and take Bub and our puppy for a walk up to our local strip of shops to fill a prescription and pickup some groceries. The fresh air and movement was definitely good for me. 1
  14. Thanks! We think she’s pretty cute but we are bias so it’s always nice to get an outside opinion. Tuesday 21st July Today was a big day - hubby went back to work and Bub had her 6 week immunisations. Food - I made my own toast this morning because hubby had already left for work. I also had a bagel with ham for breakfast, yay for protein! For lunch I had leftover pasta with lots of veggies. For dinner we had roast potatoes, steamed veggies, and chicken breast covered with mushroom gravy (my comfort food!) 3/3 Movement - Another day without formal movement. I really
  15. Monday 20th July Today was a big day of appointments and we are all exhausted. Our day included a maternal child health nurse appointment for Bub, a GP appointment for me, and grocery shopping. Thankfully all the appointments went well but we got good news but it was exhausting! Food - Had my usual toast breastfeeding snack at 8am instead of the middle of the night because of the timing of our feeds last night. Now that we have restocked our fridge and pantry I have some options that include some protein and fruit for the rest of the week. We bought lunch while out between appointmen
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