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  1. Thursday and Friday last week were rough, and I think it was because I wasn't sleeping well. I'm still not buying cookies or other treats, but I did polish off some chocolate covered almonds my wife had picked up. I've been on a half-dose of cipralex since early February and was considering returning to the full dose but decided to stick it out for another month. My low moods are often somewhat cyclical, and if I upped the dose right away it might have been easy to confound any boost in my mood to the extra drugs. My doctor said to adjust as necessary - obviously without going above the full prescribed dose - so I'm not worried about doing anything medically unsound. I'm feeling overwhelmed because I'm falling behind in my studies, and my basement renovation is in high gear now that we're renting a temporary garbage container. Luckily the major demolition is nearly complete and once the container's gone I'll have more leeway in the schedule again. I've also been reading about Stoicism, and it's helping me put things in perspective and be more centered in the moment. The random but normal things my kids are doing seem less frustrating than they did last week.
  2. Thanks mom2sjm! That playground workout looks fantastic, and I can see how it's easy to do CINDY pretty much anywhere too. I'll definitely try that out once the ice & snow melt and our playgrounds reopen. Thank you for suggesting it!
  3. Hey Everyone, I'm Scottydog and I'm here to beat a sugar addiction. In August 2015 I started following the Primal diet in an attempt to conquer eczema and boost my general fitness. It didn't seem to help my eczema and I never managed to motivate myself to get fit and the NF approach seems like a nice fit for me. I've never been interested in lifting weights, but I'm starting to get convinced of how important it is. Here's my big "why": I'm sick of feeling weak and tired and fat. I want to have a physical presence and look awesome naked. I want to treat my depression with diet and exercise - instead of pills - and fully engage in making life fun and exciting with my wife and kids.