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    Argh. My left knee is acting up. It's stiff and a bit swollen, and I'm starting to think it's because of the Turkish get-ups. I first noticed it feeling stiff 2 weeks ago after spending most of the day on my feet. Over the following week it became much more inflamed, to the point that I skipped my aikido class on Monday night because my knee hurt too much to walk to the dojo. I'm trying to focus on what's good about this. On what I can do: 1) By being aware of the pain and focusing on good form, I noticed that my knee does not hurt during kettlebell swings, and it does hurt (just a tiny bit) at a few points during the get-ups. For the past 2 days I have replaced the get-ups with other exercises: planks, pushups, and V-ups. 2) I can install my pull-up bar in the upstairs hallway to give myself more alternatives, including the NFA rings program. Yesterday I bought a 1 3/4" dowel to use as the main bar. 3) I can cut the simple & sinister routine back to 3x/wk instead of 6-7x/wk to give my body more time to recover. I _really_ like the routine of simply doing it each morning, because there's nothing to decide. Is it morning? Time to exercise. I can still do that with other exercises though, like pushups and burpees (but only after my knee recovers) and core work and soon pullups. 4) I can focus on hydrating more. Some of my research indicated that a buildup of synovial fluid can be mitigated by drinking more water to help flush out the toxins that may lead to the fluid buildup. The week that my knee went downhill fast was bad for staying hydrated because I spent a ton of time working on my basement and didn't take enough water breaks. Looks like it may be much, much longer than 4-6 weeks before I regularly do 32-kg get-ups. On one hand, that's disappointing. But remembering that this is a lifelong activity helps me accept that it's fine to take it slow.
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    Hey Everyone, I'm Scottydog and I'm here to beat a sugar addiction. In August 2015 I started following the Primal diet in an attempt to conquer eczema and boost my general fitness. It didn't seem to help my eczema and I never managed to motivate myself to get fit and the NF approach seems like a nice fit for me. I've never been interested in lifting weights, but I'm starting to get convinced of how important it is. Here's my big "why": I'm sick of feeling weak and tired and fat. I want to have a physical presence and look awesome naked. I want to treat my depression with diet and exercise - instead of pills - and fully engage in making life fun and exciting with my wife and kids.