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  1. Thank you, Tezca! I really appreciate the support! Here is the link to my next challenge!
  2. Hello fellow rangers! Former Rebel here doing this 4-Week challenge as a ranger! I tend to have a diverse workout regime that mixes in strength training and cardio. I thought why not try the Rangers Guild? My last 4-week challenge ended on a pretty low note due to me being derailed from my workout habits. I want to fix it up for this challenge so I thought about doing something a little different. After reading Charles Durhigg's book, The Power of Habit, I realize the best way to keep me on track of all my challenges is to set-up a reward system. I personally found that the best rewards that came with these challenges are related to NF Academy Quests. So this challenge is a little more focused on Quests that will help me build solid fitness habits. Quest Challenges Attend Martial Arts Classes 3 Times a Week Go Swimming Twice a week(2 months completed thus far!) Wake Up 7 AM or earlier Each Day Do 12 Consecutive Double Unders(Part of Burpee-Bop's Boss Battle) Walk 1 Mile Every Morning Quests(In Order) Non-Quest Related Challenges Go to Parkour/Freerunning Classes 2 Times A Week Go Biking Twice a week Go Running Twice a week Program 1 hour a day, 6 days a week Weight Lifting class Once a week ______________ I have a triathlon in June so most of my cardio will be coming from an ongoing workout program. Strength training will be happening about 3-4 days a week with a mix of body weight workouts and weight lifting. Like the last few challenges I will be accomplishing a minimum of one NF Academy Quest per day. I am going to make each post formatted like last challenge and how I format my photo journal. Each day I am going to snap a photo that relates to some sort of progress or memorable event in my life. To save space, each photo will be put in a spoiler tag. I hope everyone has a solid 4-week challenge!
  3. Looks like it's the end this month's challenge which means it's time to round up this month's grading. This month's challenge would be grade similarly to last month's challenge and follow an all-or-nothing rule. This month came with a bit of an issue that was entirely self-inflicted. In March I transitioned into a new job that came with a lot of adjustments, and for a while, I didn't really have any spending money. I ended up having to take a break from Parkour, Martial Arts, and Weight-lifting for a bit because I couldn't afford to pay my gym membership until I got my first pay check. Point Scoring Final Grade Yikes! Seems my score is a bit low this month. While I have been doing 5/6 Triathlon workouts each week there was at least one week per month where I either neglected doing a swimming, running, or biking workout. Not sticking to the plan ending up hurting my grade just a little bit. Point Scoring With 1 Task complete that puts me at the poor grade of: Final Thoughts: I am pretty bummed out at such a poor performance this challenge. I could point the finger at a number of things that led me to this, but in the end that would just be excusing myself for not sticking through with my plan. I feel like the primary cause for not sticking to my plan was because I ended up being derailed from my habits. Previous challenges I had my schedule set to a tee so I had just the perfect balance between school, work, and fitness. This month my schedule was all over the place so there were a lot of days when one of these three activities ended up being neglected in favor of another. I recognized this was a problem a couple of weeks ago and worked on setting up a new kind of schedule. So far, this schedule has been working out wonders! Next challenge I want to stick to this new schedule and see if I can finally get that A-ranking. Nerd Fitness Academy Stats: Fitocracy Stats Body Shots Measurements _________ Next challenge I will be continuing my triathlon training while mixing in strength training from weight lifting and the NF Academy workouts. I have one boss battle left until I've defeated all the NF Academy bosses. It's been pretty difficult trying to defeat this final boss, mainly because I am really bad at double unders. After I beat the final boss I will be focusing on some more customized workouts that will lead to crossing some of the more difficult Quests like human flags and 1 handed pull-ups. I've also been thinking about this for a while and decided I'm going to be switching over to the Rangers Guild. It just feels like it makes the most sense with how my workout regime has been these past few months. Hope everyone had a better challenge than I did, see you in the next challenge!
  4. Let's do this! I can feel it this time, I will be earning an A for this 4-week challenge! Last challenge I ended up hitting a bump in the road after getting in a snowboarding accident. The time it took me to heal took me out of my regular routine for a solid week and it was hard to get back on that routine for the rest of the month. This time, I am going to be pushing myself hard to reach every single goal on here and come out with an A-rank! Coincidentally, my triathlon training regime begins today. I am following along with Gale Bernhardt's Training Plans for Multisport Athletes and plan on including it supplement to my regular workouts. I am going to make each post formatted like last challenge and how I format my photo journal. Each day I am going to snap a photo that relates to some sort of progress or memorable event in my life. To save space, each photo will be put in a spoiler tag. Without further Ado! March Challenges Fitness Challenges Go to Martial Art Classes 3x a week Attend Parkour/Freerunning Classes 2x a week(min.) Weight Lifting Class 1x a week(min.) Triathlon Challenges Swim 2x a week Bike 2x a week Run 2x a week Life Challenges Wake up at 7:00 AM or earlier each day(Including Weekends!) Spend 30 minutes a day programming a personal project Major Quests My goal is to at least complete 1 quest a day from the NerdFitness Academy Quests. However, these are the major Quests I want to complete for March: I wish everyone else participating the best of luck!