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  1. I've always admired heroes, but felt the traits that make one is rather ambiguous. So I ask you, what do you feel makes a hero? What traits must a hero possess and actions they should perform to become one?
  2. Gotta give credit to The Simpsons for that. Fell in love the second Lenny requested it.
  3. Week 2 Summary This wraps up one of my most memorable weeks of the year. This week I have finished up the last of my classes, put in an intense last weight lifting session for the year, and completed new Quests from both Fitocracy and NF Academy. Strength and Cardio - After 7 days of light intensity workouts I was stoked to finally come back to the gym to do some weight lifting. On Thursday I wanted to put in a Powerlifting session and test my max for Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift. Last month I did this and had a comfortable Squat and Bench Press Lift, bu
  4. Thanks for putting on such a fun challenge! Feels like a constant neck-to-neck race on who becomes this month's daredevil
  5. To be fair, the knee jumps aren't encouraging you to do a hard land, just to jump a few feet in the air than come back down to the ground. It doesn't really cause stress on the knees. I feel that such a drop would only be problematic if you are jumping down from a height a few feet higher than waist level and landing on hard ground.
  6. Week 1 Summary This week has been going pretty dang swell! To really start off this list I wanted to go over my physical portion of the challenge. Strength and Cardio - This week has been busy, I've been polishing off my capstone project for my final presentation next Monday(Have gotten a lot of compliments from testers so far!), but still managed to fill in some time for working out. Last Thursday, however, I went to the gym to work on my normal routine of legs, shoulders, and grip. After getting done with my barbell squat warm-ups I found myself feeling incredibly wea
  7. Little late to the game, but I'll join in! Squats Hops done with EC
  8. Thank you @Rhovaniel! Rooting for you to do the same!
  9. Well this is it. Since joining this awesome community back in January I have finally reached my final challenge of the year, and my final challenge before going on a medical hiatus. Since I will need to be taking a break next month I am going to give it my all to complete the remainder of my year-end goals in the next 4-weeks. So without further ado... Quest Challenges Wim Hof Meditation(10 Minutes a day for 30 days) Attend a Yoga Class Attend an Akido Class No drinkable calories Quest Master* Quests
  10. A meet-up sounds sweet! Bike is still broken, would love to ride in the winter otherwise! My fiancee and I have been making it a weekly thing to go hiking and found some awesome mountain biking trails around the Twin Cities that would be awesome to take a ride on.
  11. Looks like it's time to wrap up another 4 week challenge! Week 4 Round-Up This last week was a bit hectic. On Sunday my car overheated and died on the way home. My fiancee and I had to get it towed home then eventually taken to a mechanic. It ended up being without my car for most of the week. I was able to get it back at the end of the week, but without a car I was not able to make it to my Akido or Yoga class for this challenge. Going to be pushing it to next week. In addition to my car being repaired I also spent a lot of my leisure banging
  12. Hey Sloth! I do not live in South Minneapolis, but I would be up for making the drive to meet-up.
  13. This week has been a week of yay! Week 3 Summary Skillin' Like a Warrior Strength and Cardio - This was a rough week! I've had my third capstone presentation on Monday and had to take some time away from my usual workouts in favor of getting my project presentable. Still got workout and cardio in, but man it was rough! On the bright side, I ended getting so much work done on my presentation I am officially 2 weeks ahead of my planned deadline. Cardio was interesting. I am doing a tourname
  14. You can re-size it with a photo editing software(i.e. Photoshop, GIMP, MS Paint).
  15. You guys ever hear about the November Project? I was reading about it's history going from two college students wanting to work out in the cold and expanding to this global movement. I was interested in showing up to one of their meet-ups in my area. Has anyone gone to a November Project workout? What were your thoughts on it?
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