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    This week has been a week of yay! Week 3 Summary Skillin' Like a Warrior Strength and Cardio - This was a rough week! I've had my third capstone presentation on Monday and had to take some time away from my usual workouts in favor of getting my project presentable. Still got workout and cardio in, but man it was rough! On the bright side, I ended getting so much work done on my presentation I am officially 2 weeks ahead of my planned deadline. Cardio was interesting. I am doing a tournament for Fitocracy and am on round 2. This round was a cycling challenge to see who can do the most distance. My bike has a a flat for a while, but found a quick fix to get myself some miles and have a chance at my opponent! Skillin' Like a Wizard FreeCodeCamp - Since I managed to get ahead in my capstone I dedicated most of Saturday to working on my final project for Free Code Camp. I finished off the last technical requirements for the assignment, fixed up some bugs, and submitted my assignment. After several hundred hours of work I was able to get...*Drum roll please* *Censored for privacy reasons My Front-End Web Certificate! Next up is my back-end certificate! Photography - I finished off my 4th and final week of my photography class at Coursera. This week I was suppose to play around with vantage points and utilizing image framing to give more meaning to the image. I found this week to be a bit difficult because I narrowed it down to 2 images and had a difficult time choosing between the two. I opted to pick the image below because I felt the distance of my fiancee was at made her appear smaller and mad the tree itself look much more massive Reading -I am one more chapter away until I finish off What Doesn't Kill Us. Since reading this book I started to spend more time practicing the Wim Hof Method by going out and doing jogs in minimal clothing in the cold Minnesota weather then taking ice cold showers afterwards. After the 3rd day of doing this I found myself much more loving the cold! Skillin' Like a Monk Yoga and Stretching - Planned to do Akido and Yoga this week, but plans fell through. My fiancee and I went to a Yoga studio about an hour away to try out a trial class but found that the free classes are for locals only. We opted to instead go to one closer by and just pay to attend. For Akido, I had trouble finding a class that offered non-membership classes but located one and plan on going to their dojo on next Tuesday! Skillin' Like a Bard Guitar - Well, won't be unlocking the reward for this one. I missed Sunday due to a day-long hike then Monday I missed it due to working on my capstone project. Fortunately, I have been practicing it enough that I am in the habit of doing it despite knowing I am not getting that reward. Plus I have found that in the past three months of practicing guitar and piano I am seeing my memory improved. I haven't forgotten items when leaving the house for several weeks now, and just recently I did a first and successfully bought every item I needed for shopping despite losing my grocery list during my bike ride to the store. Seems like the passage from the book Deep Work was right that music does seem to help improve memory. _____ Week 3 may not have been solid as I was expecting, but I am glad to have managed to see 2 rewards unlocked. Here's to week 4! *Typo in the Photography reward. Meant to say Course 2. Moving on to the 2nd photography course for Coursera
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  3. You guys ever hear about the November Project? I was reading about it's history going from two college students wanting to work out in the cold and expanding to this global movement. I was interested in showing up to one of their meet-ups in my area. Has anyone gone to a November Project workout? What were your thoughts on it?
  4. CheshireCrab Skills Up

    Hello fellow Rebels to my latest 4-week challenge! After the success of my last challenge I realize that the best way for me to be the best Ranger I can be I'll need to stay disciplined and be proactive. One way I plan on doing this is through skill-building instead of Questing. But since I like to do things ranging from cardio, strength training, yoga, and more it means I will need to tackle my skills like a ranger. Training Like A Ranger To be the be ranger I will to be keep up my habits in a diversity of skills. This means getting familiar with a variety of different classes. So I divided my challenges for these 4-weeks based on it's class. Skillin' Like a Warrior A warrior is strong and swift. Capable of overpowering what faces them while enduring the great lengths of battle. Skills Strength Training - 5 Days A Week Each week I'll be doing either calisthenics or weight training. Cardio - 5 Days A Week Done after strength training. Working primarily on stamina. Skillin' Like a Monk A monk remains grounded and nimble. A master of their own body and mind. Skills Yoga - 2 Days A Week Stretching- 5 Days A Week Take an Akido Class Take a Yoga Class Skillin' Like a Wizard A wizard is wise. Dedicating their lives studying to learn abilities beyond their physical self. Skills Photography Class I enrolled in an online 4-week photography class on Coursera. Hoping to see improvements in my photography. Free Code Camp Certificate This is part of a 500-hour course I started this year. I am on the last project before earning that sweet Front-End Web Development Certificate Read a Chapter From a Book on Productivity Skillin' Like a Bard A bard is inspiring. Through their music they motivate those around them to keep going. Skills Guitar Practice - 6 Days A Week _______ Will be keeping track of all my challenges via spreadsheet! I have this spreadsheet set up kind of like a game. If I manage to stick to 6 of my challenges for 4 weeks in a row I unlock a virtual die called Chance Cube. Rolling the cube randomly select an item from a list of rewards. Spreadsheet