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  1. Crab Gets It Together

    Thanks @Elastigirl! Completed another Fitocracy Quest yesterday! That's 2 down, 2 to go! On an off note, been a little ticked at my stream of bad luck this week. On Monday I took my car in to get an oil change for a trip I had planned this week. Goodyear had a complimentary vehicle inspection thrown into it so I took it down over there to get the oil change done. Later that evening I drove to class and found my car overheating and steam coming out of my hood. I popped open the hood and found the radiator's cap was screwed off and resting by the valve. I was pretty angry, but I decided to let it slide and just drove it back home after it cooled off. The next day I called Goodyear and explained what happened. The representative simply laughed it off, claimed the radiator's cap must've just popped off, told me there was no way I would've been able to drive it home if they were the ones to unscrew it, and then said they would charge me $60 just to inspect it. I instead took it to a different mechanic and got the air purged out of the radiator. The mechanic told me there was no way that cap would've just simply popped off and someone had to have unscrewed it. So fast forward to Thursday. I got home around 21:00 from class and parked my car on the street. This morning I woke up to go to the store and found that all four of my tires have been completely slashed. Had to get it towed to Discount Tires to get 4 replacement tires.
  2. Rock climbing

    I agree with @Machete. Top-Rope and Bouldering can give you quite the workout, but I personally feel bouldering will give you more bang for your buck(In terms of working strength). Would recommend trying it out, see if you like it, then take a class to learn the fundamentals. There is surprisingly a lot more technique involved in rock climbing than a lot of people realize.
  3. Running Apps

    Are you looking to not using your GPS when running?
  4. Pull up bar recommendations

    I bought this multi-purpose pull-up bar from Walmart's Sports department over 5 years ago and I still use it to this day. It has worked wonders for doing pull-ups, chin-ups, crunches, planches, l-sits, etc; For 20-30 bucks you can also buy a pair of gymnastics rings to use with the bar and open up to doing more exercises such as dips, muscle-ups, and the like. I love it because I am able to just simply take it down and put it up anywhere where there is a door frame and do my workouts. It didn't start getting worn for me until 2-3 years after constant use, but it's just an easy tightening with using the Allen wrench that comes with the bar, or use a Phillips screwdriver.
  5. Crab Gets It Together

    Can check off Quest 1 Of 4 Completed this challenge! Yesterday was a weight-lifting day and I decided to modify my usual workout to include exercise that will complete a Fitocracy Challenge. It ended up taking a while longer to do my workout, but it was worth it to get those sweet QP!
  6. Crab Gets It Together

    Thanks @Raxie! Never realized how awesome a spreadsheet really can be until I spent some time tinkering with one.
  7. Crab Gets It Together

    Warning, nerdy stuff below: So to help better track my challenges I decided to create a spreadsheet that did a weekly reward tracking system. I ended up getting really caught up in making this and turned it in a multi-sheet document completed with tracker automation and a roulette reward system. 4-Week Tracker Personal Copy 4-Week Tracker Editable Copy I wanted to find a neat little way to track my weekly progress and my rewards progress. So I added some functionality that will automatically calculate each day I mark with an "X" to give me a percentage completion of each activity. For every 100% completion I earn each week it will automatically mark an X in the Rewards sheet, where the maximum I can earn is 4 X's. Meaning if I stretch 7 days in Week 1(100% completion) and 7 days in Week 2(100%) completion, the rewards sheet will have 2 X's marked in the Stretching category(50%). If I get a 100% in all 4 weeks(or 4 X's), a reward will automatically unlock. For challenges I am not tracking weekly I made a Nonweekly sheet that divides up the challenge into 4 parts. Finishing each part will also put an X on that category in the Rewards sheet. I also wanted to implement a unique Rewards system in an application I call Choice Cube. Most of the rewards I earn from completing all of these challenges will have the title 'Choice Cube'. When I earn 6 Choice Cubes in total, CHOICE CUBE will go from LOCKED, to ROLL. When ROLL is displayed, the Choice Cube! button will be activated. Clicking on this button will randomly select a reward from the rewards list on the left. After a reward is chosen, the first 6 Choice Cube Rewards unlocked will say "Reward Claimed" and the button will be deactivated. The button will not activate until 6 Choice Cubes in total are earned again. I think I spent way too much time creating this little project, but I am pretty ecstatic to finally have a stat tracker and game that goes along with my challenges. I think when I am done with my last project for the Front-End Certification I am going to develop this spreadsheet into a web app.
  8. Crab Gets It Together

    G'Day all my fellow rangers, I'm back for another 4-week challenge! Last month was a bit of a hectic one, and as a result, I found myself in a pretty unorganized time in my life. I didn't do so well in my last challenge and I want to bring myself back into a disciplined lifestyle. So for this challenge, I'll be focusing on sticking to good habits and building a solid routine. Quest Challenges Post to Photo Journal Every Day Been using my photo journal as motivation for taking on new adventures and challenges. Want to get back into doing it regularly Meditate 10 minutes a day, 10 Days in a Row Want to start routinely practice the Wim Hof method. Complete 4 Fitocracy Quests Non-Quest Related Challenges Finish My Font-End Web Development Certification This is part of Free Code Camp's 500-hour course for web development. I'm on the very last project of the course, but have been putting it off for a while. Do Strength/Physical Training x5 A week Cardio After Every Strength Workout Cardio use to be my strong suit, but I've been neglecting it a lot since getting into strength training. I am going to make it a habit to dedicated 30-minutes or more of cardio at the end of my workouts. Stretch, Every Day Do Yoga x2 A Week Days I don't do strength work I'll be doing yoga to promote recovery Practice Piano and Guitar, x6 a week Been taking up Piano and Guitar to help improve my memory after reading Deep Work. Goal is 30 minutes minimum a session Read 1 chapter a day from a book on self-improvement ____________ I am really excited about doing all of these challenges. I feel like having my goals laid out in front of me would help me remind me what I want to work towards and make them into habits. To keep myself more motivated I am taking a page form Cal NewPort's "Power of Habit" and giving myself a reward for each challenge I complete. Since it's still week 0 I am going to spend some time today building a tracker to help unlock each new challenge and reward. Created a stat tracker and reward roulette spreadsheet on Google Sheets. More info on project
  9. Crab Keeps Moving On

    Well, this is going to be a shorter Nerd Fitness Challenge Wrap-Up than my previous ones. I did not feel like I put my best foot forward coming into this challenge and as a result, did not finish this as well as my other challenges. I actually found that the only challenge I managed to complete fully was the 5K run. I am skipping the grade on this challenge, but will hold myself towards maintaining a grade for the next challenge Measurements Nerd Fitness Academy Stats: Fitocracy Stats Body Shots Measurements Final Thoughts: I felt like this was the worst challenge I have put in for the year thus far. With summer vacation, losing my job, and school starting, I have found myself in a very unorganized time in my life. It wasn't until recently I started to get a handle on everything. However, I feel like I need to be better at disciplining myself to assure I'm sticking to good habits. Next challenge I am going to focus away from physical challenges and focus more on organizational ones. I am still going to keep up with my workouts, but I am shelving any major physical Quests(i.e. Races, really time-consuming physical workouts) for a while. Hope everyone had a great 4-week challenge. See you in the next one!
  10. Crab Keeps Moving On

    Heya everyone! Throwing my hat in for a very late start in my 4-week challenge. I have not been posting as often recently because of very crappy circumstances. About 2 weeks ago my job's CEO has informed our team that she had no plans to continue the internship program once the fall semester begins. It was pretty depressing news to hear that this company I really enjoyed working for was not going to continue with my co-worker and I's employment, but I was stressed out that she had no plans on telling us this until our team lead started asking her about it. I was not very optimistic about transitioning to a new job within the 1 week I had left of working there. It is pretty dang hard to find paying coding internships here in my area, and after talking with the manager of my internship consulting company, I found that chances of finding a job before I graduate(About 3-4 months) is a lot lower than for applicants who have 6-12 months left until graduation. I actively looked for paid internships around the web, found a small handful around the area, and applied for a few that seemed promising. I got a call back from 1 of the companies, a start-up company, but felt very uneasy about the workload demand they planned on giving out for a part-time intern. I do not feel optimistic about finding an internship, but I do not want to go back to my previous jobs either. I was unhappy working my previous jobs and feel like going back would just be going back to a really stressful part of my life. In addition to my employment I had to undergo a lot of different meetings and e-mail exchanges with the consulting company and my advisor. The internship ending prematurely is not going to disqualify me from completing one of my majors, but it will involve having to do a lot of paper work in the next upcoming months. On the bright side, my unemployment has given me some time to focus on other projects that have been building up for a bit. I have this app I've been passionate about programming for my Computer Science major's final project, and have been actively working on it since classes started last Monday. I'm not going to see my unemployment as a setback, but more of opening a new path that will allow me to focus on goals that haven't been getting the amount of attention I want. Well, that's the end of my story. Now to move on to the challenge! With only about 2 weeks left of the challenge I decided to cut back on the amount of tasks I usually give myself. Challenges Run the Zoo Fun Run 5k Practice Guitar/Piano 6 days a week Earn my Front-End Web Development Certification Complete 2 Fitocracy Quests Meditate for 10 days in a row ____ Do not feel like these challenges will be too overwhelming so I'm pretty optimistic! Right now my main focus is keeping up with my physical fitness and studies. The next week is going to be a bit of organizing as I adjust back to the fall semester.