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  1. February 25th, 2017 – I went off to a job interview for a web development position. I have to admit, I’ve been excited for this position since I heard about it, but that just made me all the more nervous about getting it. During my interview I was genuinely surprised I wasn’t asked any technical questions or much about my previous experience. However, I was flattered that they liked my portfolio website. Guessing that re-design during my winter break was a good idea! Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Daily Photo Journal:
  2. Thanks Tay! May have taken a while but my face is now in tip-top shape. Just glad the accident happened when the snow was soft to land on. Can't image the damage ice would've done!
  3. Interested in hearing more about your park ranger job. How was your experience working there and why did you make the transition to a more desk-type job?
  4. February 23nd, 2017 - This post is going to be a rather weird one for my journal. I haven't posted in a while and that is due to numerous reasons. The main reason is because of a snowboarding trip I took on Friday. Last week my fiancee and I went on a snowboarding trip in attempt to cross off an item on my 2017 Challenge List. We saved up quite a bit of cash then traveled southward to a fairly cheap hotel to spend the weekend. On Saturday we went off to the resort to go snow tubing and snow boarding. I booked a lesson in advance but had to wait until the evening for them to start. We had a few hours so my fiancee and I explored the town and spent quite a bit of time going tubing. Eventually time came for my snowboarding lessons so we parted ways to do our own things. I learned the basics over my 90-minute lesson and practiced the bunny slope for a little while. I got confident enough to hit up the much larger slope, arguably the easiest one aside from the bunny slope. I made the trip upward(very long ride) and got to the top. I practiced stopping every so often, being careful about going down the slope. Well, I fell down a good couple of times but I nonetheless made it to the bottom of the slope. Perfect, challenge list item completed! 25. Snowboard Down Green Circle Slope Not the end of my adventure though. My ticket was still good for a few hours and I wanted to give the slope one last run in an attempt not to fall down on my butt once. So, I got back up the magic carpet to reach the top of the slope. During my trip to the top of the slope I saw a skier going down too fast then taking a really nasty fall. Maybe something I should've took as a red flag . I then overheard another skier telling a novice snowboarding to practice slowing down. "It may not be as fun, but it's important to learn". Again, another thing I should've heeded. Nonetheless, I got on that slope and snowboarded. I watched others go into an S-pattern to slow their boards down. A move, I admittedly, never practiced but figured I can learn as I go. Well, I traveled down the slope but did not succeed in slowing down. I was going way too fast and realized I needed to stop before I go too far. I kept thinking "Land on my butt, land on my butt", but my heels lifted up and I drove my toes into the snow. I felt myself go up in the air a good few feet and land face first into the snow. I felt my face dragging through that snow 5 feet before stopping. I got up and was feeling around my mouth for any broken teeth. Nothing, thank goodness, but my face felt really wet. I thought it was snow, but nope. The wet feeling all over my mouth and chin was in fact blood(My fiancee described it as someone smashing raspberries in my face). WARNING, BLOOD! I walked the rest of the way down and spent a good while in the restroom. It took a long time for the blood to stop, and I was concerned I would need to get stitches. Luckily, the cuts and scrapes weren't too deep. I found out the inside part of my mouth was torn by my teeth and the upper left portion of my mouth was scrapped up pretty bad. My upper lip was swollen, but I was really numb to the pain. As I talked with my fiancee a bit, waiting for the blood to fully stop, a ski instructor saw my face and suggested I go to ski patrol for a check-up. After some time getting examined the medic told me I would not need stitches but told me to ice my face and expect a few bruises along my jaw for a few days. Fortunately, it was a short trip from the resort to the hotel so after we got back I was able to lie down and ice my face for the rest of the night. Right when we got to the hotel the numbness stopped and the pain hit at me like a punch to the face. It sucked to eat, drink, and speak. My fiancee played nurse for a while(Always lucky to have her) before I fell asleep. The next morning I was feeling very dehydrated and sore. My lip was swollen to the shape of a balloon and my left jaw looked like a chipmunk's mouth filled with food. Sunday was miserably sore, but the pain went down after a couple of pain killers. We left home and spent the day unpacking and resting. I felt extremely fatigue most of the day. Every walk to the bathroom felt like sprinting a mile. I went to bed early, and spent the next 2 days resting. It sucked feeling limited to doing anything for the next few days. I couldn't really do my regular work outs due to the fatigue and I couldn't eat non-soft foods. This feeling of restriction ended up bumming me out and drained a lot of my motivation to do most of my routine. As recovered I took some time to break away from my regular routine and focus on other interests. During the trip my fiancee taught me how to do pixel art. While I iced my face I spent most of the day creating different pixel art drawings. I also took this opportunity to create my 4th crane to commemorate my snowboarding endeavor. Focusing on a creative outlet was just enough for me to regain my motivation and gradually get back to my workflow. A few days since my return I went back to programming and working out(lightly). Right now I am not at 100% but I am feeling really close to getting there. It was a little bump in the road but I am eager to continue moving forward!
  5. Greetings fellow rebels! This is my second 4-week challenge following last month's pretty successful run. My challenge is going to follow suit with a lot of similar things as last months. One of which is that I am going to shoot for and all for nothing rule when completing my challenges. What that means is if I want complete a challenge like waking up at 6:30 AM or earlier I need to do that every single day. Last challenge I managed to 100% 8 out of 10 of my challenges earning me at a solid, self-graded, B+ rank. I am hoping to hit all 100% for this run! I am going to make each post formatted like last weeks and like how I format my photo journal. Each day I am going to snap a photo that relates to some sort of progress or memorable event in my life. To save space, each photo will be put in a spoiler tag. Without further Ado! February Challenges Fitness Challenges Go to Martial Art Classes 3x a week Attend Parkour/Freerunning Classes 2x a week(min.) Weight Lifting Class 1x a week(min.) Practice Sword Training 5 Minutes a Day(min.) Learn to Snowboard on a slope(Not the bunny-slope!) Life Challenges Wake up at 6:30 AM or earlier each day(Including Weekends!) Spend 30 minutes a day programming a personal project Major Quests My goal is to at least complete 1 quest a day from the NerdFitness Academy Quests. However, these are the major Quests I want to complete for February: I wish everyone else participating the best of luck!