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  1. Badly. Just came back from Iceland where we spent 3 to 4 hours a day hiking around and had far too little sleep... Totally worth it however
  2. Nice. Planning on a trip to Prague myself, but finances are sadly lacking...
  3. Thank you. I hope I will Where in GER did you go?
  4. No particular program at the moment. I´ll start the 100pu program on monday (again) since it gave me good progress the last time. Hopefully I can power through my vacation...
  5. The assassin made his way through the bar and to the front with the silence of an avalanche and the grace of a drunken elephant. He left the building into the night with a last manic laughter and a twirl of his mustache for a group of ladies in the corner. barely out of the door his demeanor changed. Gone was the boisterous drunk and his movements turned fluid and silent. It was always such a hassle to have to meet the runners in person, but the masters would not send him carrier-pigeons any more. You eat one of them and have to listen to them whine for the rest of your life... He would have
  6. Alright, how am I doing so far? I ran the quarter marathon I was preparing for the last 6 months in 57 minutes, so that´s a new personal best. I intensified my push-up workouts to sets of 20 and plan to add 5 every week. No progress on chemistry notes... On a positive side note: After the race on friday one of my friends told me: "You´re a ridoculously handsome guy."
  7. Let´s give this another try. My goals for this challenge: Fitness: Double my maximal reps for Push-ups (currently 20). (STR 1 STA 1) Continue running at least 2 times a week. (CON 1 STA 1) Continue working out while traveling to Iceland for a week and a half. (CON 2) Life-Goal: Finally manage to compile my Chemistry notes into a single folder. (WIS 2)
  8. End of challenge fazit: Go running for at least 2 times a week. STA 3 --> Overwhelming Success. Been running 3 times a week. +3 STA Do 3 unassisted one-leg squats per leg. STR 2 DEX 1 --> Success. I can do them, but barely. +2 STR +1 DEX Run a 10k without stopping in under 1 hour. STA 3 DEX 1 --> Not sure yet. Running test is tomorrow, race on the 22nd. Last few runs were looking good, was always in time for 10km/h. I´ll go with a B. +2.25 STA +0.75 DEX Relearn the italian language to my old level of near fluency. WIS 3 --> Not really. I am a little better than before and keepi
  9. Well, I´m still alive... Had a couple of rough weeks with motivation problems and a death in the family. Still managed to work out everyday save one, but with a lighter load. Trying to better myself though. On the other hand: I manage to hit my speed for a 10k constantly now
  10. Weekend is over. I went running on saturday (new top speed for 8.5 km) and guided 5 tour groups through our exhibition. Made a lot of tips. Apparently knowing a little bit about the stuff you are talking about sets you apart from other guides.
  11. Good so far. Was sick from monday to wednesday, so only low impact yoga workouts, but now I´m back to my usual load.
  12. WEEKEND!!!! Well, friday, but that´s nearly the same. To do today: -Go over homework from yesterday again to weed out errors (Done) -Get small present for my aunt (Done) -Read italian book (Open) -Workout (Done) -Participate in challenge 2 (Done)
  13. Today: -Running, short distance to not make me relapse (Done) -Homework for lecture (Done;my part is written, meeting with colleague also done) -Workout, Yoga and squats (Done) -Study (Done)
  14. Current status: ~90 to 95% Short workout at about 75% volume and intensity. Feels good
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