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  1. lucid dreamers anyone?

    I have had lucid dreams for as long as I can remember and until recently it wasn't too often. Now it happens all the time. I have been studying Reiki and hypnotherapy for a while and have been using those concepts to dig deeper into the universe - one of the coolest things I have started to delve into so far is accessing the Akashic Records. Seriously, Google it if you're unfamiliar. My lucid dreams are usually driven by my intuition and kinda look like a more upbeat Twin Peaks crime solving vision (no creepy guy speaking backwards). Lucid dreams are also a means for your Higher Self/the Universe/your spirit guides to communicate with your subconscious on the physical plane when they need to; i.e. you've been slacking with meditation practice and playing Overwatch instead. Some things to consider; Dream journals are a great idea...if you use them. Using your phone as a recorder would be better, seeing as how your phone is undoubtedly your alarm clock too. Use your druidy-ness and meditation/self hypnosis/yoga/Reiki practices to examine and fully receive any messages your unconscious mind is telling you. Even if you have perceived control of said dream while having it - your ego is fooling you into thinking you have control in that space - it's best to just go with the flow and observe. There are symbols and metaphors galore that revisiting in trance will clarify. Consulting a professional for advice, training or insight can lead you to new heights of being. If nothing else, go to the library for illumination.